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Adventures of Robin in 'da hood

  • Hi Everyone, You know I have been with out a computer for a few weeks (!) and was using the computers at the library to pay a couple of bills that i pay online. So anyway, this guy sits next to me and i glance over and i have seen him around town before. He has a severe leg disability and is a bit, well, homely. So after I did some bookkeeping, I searched for computer deals while i was there. I soon become aware of heavy breathing, and, well, figuring the guy probably had some other ailments did not pay too much attention. As i was logging off, I notice the breathing was a little more, er, heightened? i glance at him when I got up to leave and only his left hand was onthe keyboard, the other hand was, ummm, under his coat!? He gave me this lonely/pleading/pensive look.....I smiled weakley and bolted. "Why me? Whay is it always me?" (Capt Binghamton, USN) I remain, Robin, in 'da hood.