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I can't make this stuff up!

  • Honestly, I couldn't make this stuff up, this really happened!

    After I quit the woodshop, my friend (and former co-worker at a custom boat shop) offered me some work on a 22' catboat he didn't have time to finish. I took the job of sanding the teak and refinishing, and drew a bit of attention from the guys working on other boats. They would stop by and ask about the boat, did I need any help?  "just let me know!  "Rich asked me to do some additional work, replace the cutless bearing that supports the prop shaft in the aft hull. Also, the bearing was so worn, the whole shaft had to be relaced. "You can do THAT?" Oh yeah, I had three older brothers, you know, I lied. They noted the progress and were very surprised!


    So when I completed the boat and was probably not returning, a guy named "Robbie" asked me out! I had to tell him I only dated women, and didn't want to take advantage of dinner on any other pretenses. He was ok with that (i guess), but it felt good.

    Concurrently with this work, I was also helping Rich with his boat, stored at a former co-worker at another boat shop years ago. Rich warned me that "Dave" was not the understanding type and I need to be ready for that. "Ok, no problem."  Actually Dave was nice, and we got along well. He made a "smart" comment when Rich said we coudn't take some long pieces of lumber because Robin doesn't have a rack [on the truck]. Dave goes, "Robin has a rack!" which I overheard and "scolded" him about. Later he told Rich that i was a very nice woman, he liked me a lot, and then said "..she's a lesbian, right?" Rich said yes, she is.(well I am. TG and lesbian; could I make my life any harder?)

        So I meet Rich one afternoon to help him start his engine. It tested out fine, and when we were done, we just hung around the shop door talking; Dave was a bit drunk. He made a few comments to me, a little "crude" but since he was drunk, didn't offend me (he IS kind of a nice guy). I had to pee really bad, so i asked Dave if I could use the washroom in his house. He started to walk with me to the house, and I said he didn;t have to, just tell me where it is. "No, no, I'll be your escort.." I don't remember what we talked about, it was a short walk, when we approached the house, he said "I'd like to pull off your shorts and see what color your panties are!" which got my attention. I said they are lavender if you must know. I used the washroom and did NOT lock the door so he could see (hear) I was trusting him.  He did confide to Rich after I left that he may have been a little rude me, and Rich agreed and suggested he tone it down a bit.  But, you know, women have it really hard out there. I am not nearly as strong as I was, but he was so drunk I could have pushed him down with a finger.  Otherwise....



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  • Traci Lee O'Gara
    Traci Lee O'Gara Looks to me you're well on your way girl! But be careful as guys know! (smile)
    Much love,
    Traci xoxo
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