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Adventures of Robin outside 'da hood

  • Well friends, i have finally returned from surgery in PA. After surgery. in my hotel room adjacent my MD's office (i had two follow appts w/ her, so stayed close by), i was feeling a bit nauseaus from anti-biotics and could not find anything to eat that appealed to me. A box of jelly donuts lay unopened (yuk), bangers and mash did not sound so good. Ahha! Pizza! I called to have a pizza delivered adb anxiously waited its delivery. One slice up to my mouth, one bite....nope, this was not on the menu tonight. So the pizza and donuts stayed stacked on a table for a day or two before the sight of the boxes made me sick, so out into the bed of my pickip truck they went.   

         I left for home on Friday, exactly one week after surgery. It is a long 6-hour drive from PA to Mass, and I stopped in CT at a rest area with a restaurant and gasoline service. I lay in the front seat for 40 min to get off my sore butt area, then got a coffee. As i exited the shop i noticed a mass of seagulls swarming about the parking lot. "OMG! The pizza!" As i got to my truck, there were at least 10 - 12 gulls IN the back of my truck, trying to hoist a fully frozen platter of 7 slices of a pie, or a frozen jelly donut (must have been 8oz each they were so big!), and dozebs flying above. I shooed them into the lot, cars beeping at them as they walked about the lot, not wanting to leave the pizza i had thrown into the parking lot lanes like a frizbee! Luckily, no "stains" on my truck from the little fellows. It looked like  a scene out of "The Bird's!"