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  • well I did it, not overly given to blogging but thought I would take this opportunity to make a start on the new GS.

    My GF Cass. also a member, drove me up to Cambridge,   Monday 15th november, to Addenbrooks Hospital, where I had an invitation to participate in gene testing and its relation to Gender Identity Disorders, a seperate issue from my previous visit there for evaluation for Reifensteins Syndrome.    Once again having my head held between my knees, not a pleasant view, while they extracted some spinal fluid.    So hope eventually to find out wether it is all in my mind or an inherant condition.   But you will have to go back to the old site to see my write ups on the various proffesional theories and substantiated claims that there is some relevance.

    I will do a new feature article for here as things get going


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  • Katie Glover
    Katie Glover Don't worry Cristine, we will be bringing all the old blogs and forum posts over from the old site fairly soon so you won't have to rewrite anything.
    November 22, 2010