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  • Topic: What is important to transgenderpersons?

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    • February 12, 2017 6:48 AM GMT
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      Hello, please read this as this is meant to be helpful to transgendercommunity. I study psychology at university and in my bachelorproject I want to write about transsexuality, as I think it is an area I might want to work with when i finish university as i believe the system has a lot to learn to provide proper help and care for transgender persons in need. It is important to me, to work with something that is important to YOU. 
      What are important issues to transgenderpersons?
      What should cisgenderpersons know about being a transperson?
      Is there something you wish you had more help with when you discovered that your biological gender didn't agree with your genderidentity, or when you started "changing?"
      Is there something you wish there were more scientific research about concerning transgender persons?

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    • February 12, 2017 1:08 PM GMT
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      There are many biological studies carried out on tran people, giving logical reasons, for being transgendered.


      We get a lot of people coming to GS to study us, to be honest most of them give up, it gets too complicated and peple can't be arsed, seems we are ''a good and unusual topic' to specialise in.   People threaten to keep us updated on their work, never do.

      Just because someone does not have an as yet proven biological condition does, not mean they are not transgendred, research over the last 50 years is still in it's infancy, advances and the use of technology are resulting in new dicoveries daily,    I wrote my first thesis on my own condition when I was 16.

      Bilogical gender and pysical gender are a misnomer.    One should probably use the terms birth registered gender and perceived gender, one does not have to have a proven bilogical cause for Gender Identity disorders.   The same goes for some people with biological defects that should appear to affect them do not have gender disorders.


      If you are honestly  interested, empathy and understanding is required.   If you need any help, let me know.

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      Cristine Jennifer Shye B.acc. BL (GS Admin) Tongue out

    • February 13, 2017 5:06 PM GMT
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      Being from The United States my #1 wish is for universal Mental Health Care and General Health Care related to transgender needs. Unfortunately we have a dismal system when it comes to our health care system for even the general population let alone dealing with the specifics of transgender people(Hormones, breast exams, blood tests, ect). #2 would be Job Placement help for us. #3 would be Housing nondiscrimination and equality departments. Believe it or not in many states here it is still legal to refuse housing and jobs to Trans people for the mere fact of who they are. Because of this many trans men and trans women who pass stay in stealth once they get the proper name and ID changes needed. The ones who do not pass though don't have that luxery unfortunately. It makes it very hard to be successful. I'd also like to see more support groups. In my area (Washington DC) besides some small LGBTQ places (which do GREAT for what they have)but besides those there is no where else to turn. I did find a meeting place for trans locally but it was at a church and Christian sermons were mixed in too.. .. a little bit of a putoff for those agnostics or of other faiths.


      The science is out there and should be referenced to. It is diverse and not universally agreed upon. There are many different theories and individual stories out there. Basically.. it is vital to me to have some free/low cost/ sliding pay scale for resources that deal with all of the above I listed. Trans people are disportionally poor, mentally challenged due to societies stigmas, homeless, forced into the sex industry, addicted, suicidal, incareated.. you name it and we are shown to be very vulnerable.

      All the doom and gloom aside.. I am encouraged that education of Trans issues overall in our country for the general population is growing. The backlash from the bigots unable to accept this is showing its ugly face more than ever though.

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