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    • February 13, 2017 5:57 PM GMT
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      Had a little angry moment this morning. I met so many wonderful people here and made friends with them as I was going through the beginning rough and tumble stages of my transition. Back in the days when it was Tranny Web which was changed over to Gender Society..I still sort of adore the term tranny.. lol to me it's cute and using the word freely takes away the haters power who use the term to belittle us. Politically correctness though .. ya Gender Society is better choice. I guess I'm just having found memories of those early days on this site. Anyways....... We had some amazing times in the early years here. Great convos, good forum posts , population and activity was high, silly fun in the chat room yet it was often very educational being able to chat real time with others or go into detail about issues in forums with other trans people going through similar situations. Well.. today I realized staring at my facebook pages with many of my old friends from here that I friended on my facebook page that something is missing there for me. I really needed this site for support. It possibly saved my life and I'm not even joking. Facebook is ok but support wise.. just doesn't cut it. Seems the hard stuff about being trans gets glossed over there. Lots of funny shares, political shares, little type updates in everyones daily rountine.. its nice, I get some laughs and a few tears with good stories of touching things shared but it still lacks something. The support aspect is not the same as here. I miss sharing struggles with other friends I made here. Also making new friends. I think you can be more nitty gritty about things in an open honest way here. I'd never post this on Facebook probably for example. It'd be just be like creating waves where they aren't needed. I was wondering why this is this morning. Did everyonel just grow up and now their trans lives become simply marvelous and easy. Why do I still struggle and get bouts of depression being trans? Why do I still face serious obstacles? I can't answer it but I do know I'll be coming around more often here and hoping to help others, make new friends and help myself while I do it. Hope I made some sense.. maybe a rant.. but maybe a real issue concerning facebooks format.

    • February 13, 2017 6:18 PM GMT
    • (Moderator)
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      Geat post, and appreciated, I could never understand the people that left here, quoting they did not like the new FB type format and then immediately became very active on FB.    It's posts like yours that keep me going. the people on here that are here to support other people do need a bit of recogniton and support as well, otherwise what's the point. a little thankyou a reponse to a forum post is so welcome.


      Cristine Jennifer Shye B.acc. BL (GS Admin) Tongue out

    • February 14, 2017 9:37 PM GMT
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      I think part of the allure of FB vs. Gender Society is that FB offered new and fresh faces and they (FB) FB sort of better than Gender Society does a FB format.  Like Jessica alluded to, there is a lot more posts albeit political, recipes, music, etc. than what is posted here.  And in FB, it is all on the home page news scroll.  If you wish to read more about someone, you can scroll easily thru their personal page and catch.

      But yes, the old "Tranny Web" used to rock!  Chat was like walking into a crowded pub ay Happy Hour with so many conversations going on.  And the small group conversations were truly enlightening for so many of us regarding our personal journeys.  Then at times, it was like sitting at a stand up comedy club with everyone's sense of humor flying about....(smile)  I miss that piece the most, the kidding around, the silly jokes, and also hearing of online friend's success stories as well as their struggles.  I too gained a lot of knowledge on how best to proceeed with my journey in transition as well as what to avoid and have even met a couple of my new found friends from here.  

      I would still use chat if my old iMac was capable of entering the room, but alas. my OS is so old that I cannot upgrade to current "horsepower" necessary to get in.  I'd often just "sit" in chat until others showed up multitasking whiloe I waited.  Soon, others would join in because of who was there with me...bext thing you know, the room was filled and the banter began in earnest.

      I do miss that lots!

      Jessica, feel free to reach out any time when you need someone to bounce stuff off of...I'll always be there for you GF!

      Traci xoxo


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