My Father's Response

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    I really appreciate your message! As much as I dislike it you are right our face to face talks are not very effective. I love you so much! I have spent the last 20 and a half years trying to be the best dad I could despite my flaws. I have always been proud of you and wanted the very best for you. I apologize for the times I have not been the dad I need to be through my actions or words. I need some more time to process and think about your entire message. I will respond soon. Thank you and I will always love you!!!

  • Rachel de Blanc Of course he loves you, he's your Dad. But his processor is slightly older than yours, so it's going to take a little time for him to work through the new data you've just dumped on him.
  • Kati Davies This is such a lovely and encouraging response. Bless him for trying to work it out. You are lucky to have a Dad who is willing to try to understand. Give him all the time that he needs - it will probably take an awful long time, but you'll get there. xx
  • Rose Cox Masi love thats a nice response his love runs very deep and I feel sure that given time he will come round. All the very very best love xxx
  • M G A great response, very encouraging. I hope things are going well. Sounds like a very good start. : )