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  • 25 Sep 2014
    Language is confusing - I'm not referring to foul or abusive language but just everyday spoken language. I was with a group the other day and this subject can up. It brought to mind that if we're taught a language other than what we speak we don't get the whole picture. Language is like a virus it evolves. For example we can read a book written one hundred years or more and understand it. Yes, there maybe some words we'll have to look up in the dictionary but we can understand it. But the fashion or style it's written in is not how we speak. Another example is I can read a newspaper from another "English" speaking nation and understand most of it but not all - the idioms are different from place to place. Just though I'd get that written - deep thinking?
    1516 Posted by Mary Grace
  • 14 Dec 2009
    Some people evidently love labels - they just throw them around. Thinking back I 've been called everything from gay, commie to just plain stupid. Does that bother me - yes. I'm being judged by people who aren't qualified to judge. That's my thought for the day.
    1415 Posted by Mary Grace
  • 31 Dec 2009
    I realize there is a difference between speaking and writing. When speaking the listener can interpret what's being said by watching body language, facial expression and also listening to the tone and loudness of voice. The written word can be easily misinterpreted. Unfortunately, the reader applies the written word to their own demeaner and sometime completely misses the train of thought of the writer.Perhaps this has been a problem from the time mankind started writing things down. I understand that Plato didn't like writing because it would stop people from memorizing. Maybe language is going through the same transition with the advent of texting and tweeting. We'll see.PS I neither text nor tweet. Guess I'm a misanthroupe
    1317 Posted by Mary Grace
  • 19 Dec 2009
    I must be one of the world's worst gamblers. I've played in Vegas - did ok. Played in Reno - did ok. Played in Tahoe - did pretty good. BUT played on TW - ooops.I getting the feeling that the computer has a superiority complex and knows a succer when I go to the tables.
    1267 Posted by Mary Grace
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 1,367 views May 03, 2015

Lately I've been questioning myself about my painting. I have always painted what I see or what I feel like painting. I'm not a commercial artist -I don't make a living painting. I just do it for self satisfaction. Recently I've been looking at other people's painting and they are making a statement or expressing their feelings in their work. That idea shatters my concept of why I paint - should I express my feelings? Do I have anything to say? Does anyone care about what I think. Should I care about what others think?  I don't express my opinions openly for fear of getting things thrown at me....or some such reaction.

I think I might try it but what if I become an outcast?  I think I have always been the "odd person out." So, I think I'll start expressing my opinions about my life, my community, my country, politics and possible religion. I'm not certain about religion because that really rattling the cage - so to speak. Well I glad I got that off my chest and I appreciate the opportunity to.....?


  • Amanda Bruce
    Amanda Bruce Of course you must express your feelings. Othetwise, you might just take photograph. Of course, if you are painting a commission, then the person who commissioned the painting will have certain views, so if you need a sale......

    Otherwise, sod them. ...  more
    May 3, 2015 - 1 likes this
  • Mary Grace
    Mary Grace Thanks Amanda I have been told that my paintings do reflect how I feel about the subject of my paintings. I guess my mood wigles onto my brush. I know that the attitude of a portrait subject can affect the painting. I once attempted to paint a man whom...  more
    May 8, 2015
  • Hannah Ceridwen Eluned Cavendish-Grosvenor
    Hannah Ceridwen Eluned Cavendish-Grosvenor I agree entirely with Amanda. Painting is all about expression of feelings: otherwise, you may as well just take a snap-shot with your camera, and then copy it on canvas ( as many very competent painters do ). If a painting does nothing to the emotions...  more
    May 22, 2015