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  • 19 Jul 2016
    Hello Ladies - Another entry in the ongoing jounral of Briana Q - ( I actually do this as a sort of diary I suppose ). It has been some time since the last entry - much seems the same, yet there are new things afoot. I find time and again how many threads of my past were always interwoven with being myself ( a transgender woman ) and how I ran from it and even outright denied it. Today and for the last several years since ( as I call it ) the bubble burst - I have come to see my true image and self as the woman I am.  A classic example comes from fiction writing I did many years ago from childhood on as a hobby. Two of the key characters turn out to be transgender mtf's hiding in plain sight ( even before I knew that there were transgender people or a term for it ). In writing about them I personally could feel the release, though I kept my personal feelings out of discussion with others who might look at my work. Intentially I even made one female cisgender character my doppleganger - height, weight, hair, eye color, et al - and I have always seen myself as her, but never would tell a soul. Even in the work on the chacters in reflection I realize I always embodied and looked through the eyes of the female characters and strongly identified with them and saw the males as those guys over there.  That whole identiy and identifying thing has been another one of those threads I realized I kept hidden from all others, and tried often to not think about. I have even found myself making face and hand gestures of tv anchorwomen for example, almost unconsciously. I recall being quite yound and watching Barbera Streisand in What's Up Doc with my grandmother - we had a blast - laughing all the time with it. The whole time, I kept wishing I were her ( hope she never reads such a comment - would not want to offend anyone ). Being that young - feelings like that disturbed me a bit. Though I have to admit when it comes to my grandma what was cool was the fact I was the only grandchild with a nickname and it was Heidi - after the Shirley Temple character of the same movie name - that was another great time. - Other things are : Who wouldn't want to be Samantha ( Elizabeth Montgomery ) on Bewitched? - This list is enormous and comes to the present as well - I love the movie Emilie - the moment I saw it, I quickly identified with her and saw myself as her - Audrey Tautoo ( probably misspelled ) as the title character - she is fun, light-hearted, smart, fresh, intelligent, and pretty.  These identy threads were quite common - there was the show Facts of Life about 4 girls at a boarding school and operating a store - I always wanted to be one of them - but I had better ideas than they had for the characters - they had no science/math girl - I wanted to be the geek girl of the group. -- I could go on and on with this ( one day I might ) but sufficient to say I had and have an active mental landscape.  The thread theme is definitely one of the mental images of myself, much akin to a tapestry ( an early and still onging view of myself is as an Irish lass in a gorgeous multi-shade of green dress ). Threads are time too and are both external and internal. It was clear early on to me I knew how I felt but could find no cause-and-effect reason why - that is, seeing myself as a girl. Now all this time later I realize that the external threads all carry the wavelength of my being in my life, my view of myself, as a girl which have been internal all along. Still we are a combination of mostly internal threads and some external ones as well that shape the tapestry of who we are.  As noted in prior blogs I am still on course, still very much balanced - very much in tune with myself and like myself a lot. I do have my dumpy days - envying every cisgender woman on earth - feeling way too fat - don't get me started on my looks ( face , nose, hands, freckles, fat, chin, the never ending list ), having no friends ( tehnically two only and neither can know as they both hate transgender people ) - having no job ( lost after losing a 5 year battle in both the state and federal courts where a corrupt set of people where I worked deliberately destroyed not only my job but my entire career and all prospects to ever work in that area again ) and a very bizarre life that is rather boxed in for many reasons - such as too many chronic illness issues that are a perpetual battle - etc. This along with always being the least pretty girl in the room, falling back two steps with each attempted step forward, etc - amazing I find a reason to smile each day - but there are reasons : 1) alive with reasonable health that I have the ability and rational to deal with, 2) some friends ( despite having no roads to communication or freedom to be me ), 3) finally finding, acknowledging, and accepting myself as a girl after decades of creating every imaginable barrier to those thoughts and feelings. Plus 4) I am a very good person at heart, who is creative and carring , and intelligent. Even with all of that I still stick to my motto of : Resolve, Solve, Evolve - along with being a optimistic realist by nature.  Beyond balance there is an interesting fact - never in my life have I been able to laugh at myself as well as never being balanced - despite being a reasonably positive person to be around. Now not only am I more positive as a whole since fully finding myself, as well as being balanced in myself as noted, but also being able to laugh at myself. I recall the first time more than 10 years ago being on ebay when looking for slide rules and inadvertantly typing in slide and hitting enter. Up came a number of entries, children's backyard slides and a host of 35 mm slides among them. But there it was women's shoes slides - I grinned from ear to ear, my heart beat fast, I felt I had opened a secret treasure chest. I quickly looked about, of course, the normal guilt and fear then crept in - which I always projected onto all others. Now today I can look back and smile, even laugh at my insecure and struggling self - and be okay with me. It is not only transgender moments but my whole self - knowing what I really know and being able to know what I do not know, fully like myself and laugh at myself when circumstances call for it.  I have published 4 books in one year on science and math activities and seem to occupy a special niche in reading since few experiment books give substantitive depth on detail, formulae, and the like whereas I do. Most are geared for the 'wow' science of observation whereas I have crafted work where measurement and analysis of measurement are the goals of the science quest. - Unfortunately I have to use my birth name in publishing ( though I think about a great photo on back with me in a great outfit someday ) but I consider it my nom de plume. - Also there are activities where some of me comes out ( and this is on the web site of the books too ) for example pictures of a pair of my cute tennis shoes, wedges, and heels ( red no less ) are in the book and I declare they are mine. On the web site there is one essay about my favorite slide rule, the pickett B1 in my real name Briana P*** even. As for going out - the frequency is low to me, but that is because I like to and am comfortable with it. The barriers in my life are all external, which is good. In 2016 I have been to the mall a couple of times, walking all about, visiting stores, stopping for a coffee and the lke - this was in the week of St Patricks Day in March. All outings have been quite good and I felt like myself and had a great deal of confidence and energy. Thus far in July I have been to several stores and even the bank making a deposit and looking smashing I might add. The teller on July 19th even asked me - which this is a first for me - what do I prefer in being called and referred to - I noted that the account has a name already ( one I am born with ) - she said that don't matter - so I told her 'Briana' - which she called me. I almost burst into tears ( I seem to have a problem with that from time to time with sensitive movies and the like ). Still a great day to hold near and dear to me. It was like the first time ( the Henry Ford museum trip ) when I asked someone to take my photo and the museum host, a woman at the Fuller house, did this and was quite nice - not to mention a gentleman opened the exit gate for me on leaving - I was startled but walked through and said thanks.  Today - 7/28 - Another great day out - went to the mall on a warm day in one of my favorite skirts - I call it 'my fiesta' - was complimented, spoken to often and I stopped and helped to other ladies setting a sign at a store. The manager says 'you people are so kind' - I took it very positively and recognize I not only represent me but all of us TG gals when out and it makes a difference - always be the best you are! hugs, Briana : ) On 8/I don't recall - A day at Meijer where I went in my white crinkle fabric with leaves and floral pattern skirt with a cute green top and bought some nail polish and lipstick - a fun vanity day out. : ) Another day on on 8/23 - a grand tour of the local mall. Wearing a great outift and the weather was perfect. A lot of window shopping and strolling through the indoor mall - a favorite of mine sinece childhood. Stopped for coffee at my regular coffee shop and had some homemade cookies with me too.  ( I have been to this mall repeatedly, in fact as noted above as an example ). Looked in a few stores at great items ( don't we all wish to be wealthy ) - even bought a couple of maxi skirts at jcpenny that I have been admiring on line for some time and were now on clearance ( hurray ). Sales associates were helpful and overall a super time and experience. BTW the skirts look great! : )  On 8/30 decided to wear one of the new skirts to the mall, do some window shopping, stop for coffee and have some of my homemade cookies. It is the purple one - also decided to wear my white wedge sandals with it - looking pretty and it was a very nice time. En route to the mall did some grocery shopping and stocked up on necessities ( shaving cream, nail polish romover, et al ) as well. All in all a great day! : ) Another new adventure on 9/23 - All in yellow - skirt and top - out to a major store ( Meijer ) and combed it all - needed some cosmetics, cat treats, and silk yogurt among my items so I was everywhere. Prices are aweful and one has to be the savy shopper. Also - I've definitely put on weight over the time and some of my clothes are a bit too tight ( ouch ) - yesterday wrestled my way into and out of several dresses that were good a couple years back, but that's not so good now - even today I put on 3 outfits to settle on the yellow sun look and still am disappointed in myself as fat. Need to work on that one. Overall a very good time, however despite personal criticism ( trust me that list is way too long ). Always with a smile, good thoughts, and a happy heart. : ) Another outing today : 10/26 - went to the grocery store and the bank. I wore a burgundy top with a long black skirt and black hose and basic black heels. I needed my black jacket as it is a bit cold, cloudy, and starting a light rain today. At the bank the teller I had some time back who asked me what I wanted to be called was walking by and said 'Hello Briana' - I quickly turned my head ( interesting to note is that I know who I am, I just never realized I know it so well ! ( wow )). This was a great highlight today. Out once again on 11/15 and in a new skirt recently purchased. A red and black plaid with a cute red top. Went to my usual place - the mall - several good walk arounds and store visits with a stop for a coffee and some brought along cookies. Being the time of year it is, Santa is now there and even waved and shouted 'hello' - makes a girl smile.  Updates from 2017 : Times out and about :  1/18 - Went to the mall in a nice red - scottish pattern skirt and did a walk about, had coffee and window shopped 2/17 - Went grocery shopping in the same red skirt noted prior ( it is great for colder weather ) - had booties on with hose 2/24 - Though a bit brisk, it seemed to be nearing Spring, so I decided to go to the grocery store in a green dress ( my oldest piece and the one I wore to the museum a few years back ) 3/1 - Went to the bank and a majore big store in a red skirt 3/14 - Grocery shopping in a cute pair of jeans, sweet booties, nice feminine top ( bra and all ) with a wonderful scarf 3/29 - Much more like Spring, so I went with  my new floral skirt, red top and red flats - went to the big store ( Meijer ) and the grocery store. I was even complimented by a passerby on the skirt. Shopping was for all sorts of items so I was all over the store in each case.    Makes me reflect on childhood and the fact I never liked guy references, such as boy / man / prince / handsome - yet always liked and wished to be referred to as a girl - woman - cute - pretty - and princess. Finally makes sense.  More to follow on this one - many new ideas and adventures as myself await.  Take Care Hugs, Briana : )  
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  • 11 May 2018
    Hello Ladies - A new entry from the Cosmic Girl, Briana Purcell ( Q ) and her quest at being herself! Wow, it has been going on 8 months since starting hormones at this writing and again wow - there are many things to talk about. The dosages have been increased a great deal and I am more and more being seen as a woman even without makeup ( yipee ). My numbers are awesome - I am in some sort of mid range for most women in terms of estrogen level and my testosterone level is extremely low. I certainly need a bra, which is one of the clearest and obvious things that are changing. As noted by many other girls here for those looking at such things, yes there is some level of aching and sensitivity, particularly the nipples. My butt is certainly bigger and I needed new pants! ( Yikes ). My skin is quite smooth, soft. I seem to have a bit of a curve to my body too ( I have always been such a pencil - I am so happy at this new development ). There are many subtle and small changes but I really notice a difference as do many others. I seem to look years younger for example. I did have to buy a few new clothes as I went up a size or so ( oops ).  I have posted some of the new items over the last few months ( take a look and let me know ). Like many girls have noted in their hormones over time, there are some times of crying over some things - I am a bit of a softie and always have been. It can be pictures of animals, scenes even in a TV show which of course is fiction yet when two people touch in a needed hug ( I am definitely a hugger ) I have a few happy tear problems.   I remember when I first came out to myself 5 years back and have only been happier and evolving into the person I have always been in my mind. At the time I came out I considered a coffee/tea party with cookies and crackers for guests in my announcement. With all these things happening, I am considering it all the more these days. - I am definitely a bit of a girly girl and I love it. This includes not only clothes, but music, jewelry, shows I watch, et al. I will return to many things in a moment, but I will also note some interesting things. I ask myself, did I suddenly gain personal confidence, a clear sense of self? I notice I am extremely clear-headed, level-headed, very perceptive on both objective as well as emotional levels and issues in myself and others. I notice I clearly understand and am my identity as a woman. This was a conflict all through my life from childhood - seeing a given girl or woman on TV in a movie, as a news anchor et al and suddenly inside I'm saying to myself - I like that outfit, her hair, I love that personality. Instead of any conflict or question, the interesting thing today is this : I am who I am, a woman, simple as that with my own philosophy, personality, likes and the like. - To see more look to my earlier blogs in this evolution and the need to be and finding me.  Also in regards to the confidence, one day I simply decided to put on a bra, as it is needed and wear it regularly - even around many of the people I have yet to even come out to and discuss these matters with, such as my parents. I rent from them in the some home and see them, therefore, quite regularly, yet they are perfectly fine without even asking with me - I have come to find out that my brother even knows. Thus far there is reasonable peace in the valley, fingers crossed. An interesting thing in telling someone occurred when I was at my parents place itself when they had a cousin who does repairs over. He has known me from the past, so clearly this was new, yet he said nothing, so i asked him 'any questions' - he said 'nope' - I of course noted I needed to come out and be myself - he noted that we should all do what makes us happy and he is okay with it.  I walk in the neighborhood, go to the store, pharmacy, the doctor's, the bank, et al as me. I have done my nails, and I mean toes and fingers ( i like many spent years doing toes and keep them rather hidden ) and thankfully the weather is nice enough to have open toe shoes, so this girl shines! One of the tellers at the bank even notes that red must be my color when I saw Jennifer and she calls me by my name, Briana, when I come in the door - she even asked me two years back what do i call myself by name. At the doctor's office ( and I see a few of them for various things ) docs, nurses, et al see me as me - way cool! : ) Interestingly I did a rather long search on facebook the other day. I am considering telling my oldest friend from high school, but still have worries - though he is a great guy. Funny aside story is that we were born a day apart in the same hospital and graduated valedictorian ( him ) and salutatorian ( me ). Nevertheless, I write to him each year with birthday wishes, much like the girls here, and I send it the day before, I am an old school girl with timing where I want to give one the time to look at it then, or the day of their birthday or when they find time. As I signed my name, I wrote my name ( Briana ) - I had to fix that but that has become a bit more common these days. In the case of his facebook entry and considering to tell him I wanted to know more about him and who he knows. I researched his friend list, traced it back to a discussion group of people in high school and viola I came across a person with a girl's name but a last name of a boy I knew in high school. This put me on a longer search and I found an older listing and her newest one when she emerges - she is gorgeous, successful and a great gal. I hesitantly left one question after another and finally said I need to know, were you *** in high school - I need to know as I too am transgender! - She wrote back, we are now friends on facebook, exchanged email addresses, et al - life is too beautiful  sometimes.  There are many things yet to do ( personally of course ) and with regards to finding friends and coming out to a few key people yet, but these areas are strongly in development. A fun thing I did was get a calendar and I put information on the dates on there when things happen ( note I use it for all years, so I put down the year too ). This year is a continuous stream unlike the periodic pieces in the past. Nothing is better than being yourself.  I bought a great book, though written for kids, Be Who You Are on Amazon - I smiled and cried looking at the cover where the young person sees the girl she is in the mirror, it reminded me of me so much. I even have a write up about that and the book on Amazon in a review and give my name. These sort of books give me hope for the future. I have even did a dress and slippers reviews on two different sites with my name and pictures even. I regularly sign various petition letters on matters on health care, children, education, the environment that go to various US Senators and the like, they write back, use my name - I even sent a personal email to one telling her that I came out this year - her letters always start 'Dear Briana'. I have applies to jobs as myself, receive mail in my name quite regularly these days, and it continues. Nothing yet on the jobs front, but who knows? Still searching. I will clearly add to this entry as time goes by and even write further ones - the items are too numerous in terms of changes, events - I plan to do some scoping ( using my telescope ) in the front yard - totally as myself in the near future ( really a Cosmic Girl )  for example. I am thinking of visiting a few of those sewing and hobby stores to look into thing I like - I am not only thinking of trying but also joining small groups of women in these things. Sounds like fun.  I cannot thank this place and the people here, particularly my friends here enough for their support, it has been a great source of strength, inspiration, and I have hopes for all of us girls here. Great Health, Hope, Harmony, and Happiness Always. All the best in your journeys! Take Care, Hugs, Briana Purcell : )  
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  • 29 May 2018
    Hello Ladies - This is the most monumental post I have ever had! I came out in a big way - I posted the following post on my facebook, which has been under my birth name as it had to for many complicated reasons ( and probably won't be for much longer I suspect ).  Nevertheless, here it is : I’ll begin with Hello. This is a conversation I have reflected on for the past 5 years. It is about a secret I have held for more than 40 years prior to that time – even longer than I have known all of you and even before I lived here where we went to school together. I suspect many of us have a side to ourselves that is relatively secret, private, et al. I am fortunate in one respect I have only one thing in my ‘closet’ per se ( which I have called the bubble for more years than I can count ).Somewhere between the ages of 7 and 10 I made a private vow over this secret, the rule, as I called it – ‘never speak of this, never write of this, ever’. It held fast for nearly 40 years.On that day, when I came out, it was like any other but many of the external pressures were non-existent in my life – I only had me to look at in the mirror for the first time. I will reintroduce myself so as to avoid any more inquisitive looks or boredom – honestly I do drag on a bit.Hello, may name is Briana Purcell. I am a transgender woman. I have seen myself as a girl since the age of 5. It is something I denied, lied, and ran from for decades. It was easy actually. In life we have only two critical questions to contemplate and act on : 1) Who am I? and 2) What do I do? I chose to mostly focus on question 2 for the bulk of my life. All of you in thinking on me might think of these things : She is a bike rider, academic, science geek, diabetic, writer, et al – all things I do – but I would avoid the question of how I see myself, the who am I part of it. I thought very long on this moment – do I say something or do as I have always imagined – one day move away to somewhere where I walk in my door as me and just measure time from that moment on? By pure chance I find myself at this moment – where I have a handful of facebook friends and even after I came out to one among you in an emotional search I see I have a choice to make. Let things go as they are, ie pretend, or allow you to see and know me, decide for yourself am I a friend you wish to have, and move on in time from there. Interestingly facebook has presented me with one of the considerations I have had – say for example there is a class reunion – in the last 20 years I have had no interest in showing up due mostly to this battle and now that I am just me, I thought about it – but have terrible fear. Independent of all things I realized I will always be me, Briana, regardless of who I meet, know, the things I do, and the places I go. Never in my life have I felt as balanced, whole, fully happy, and empowered. Some of the first words I spoke when I broke the rule standing in from of the mirror 5 years ago in a summer dress were these : ‘so this is how it is, this is who I am, … it’s okay…I’m okay’. In a single bat of an eye a wave of energy passed through my body and I felt electric and alive and elevated. It felt as if a large cement weight lifted off of me. If someone were to describe such things to me in the past, before this, I would just nod and say ‘sure, sure, understand’ when in truth I had never had such a feeling. It was easy trying to be what I do – seeing myself as arrogantly smart and not just being myself – a smart girl who can easily admit I most certainly do not know everything. In fact, believe it or not, when reflecting on my battles through the years with myself – nearly caught wearing this or that and the like, for the first time in my life I could laugh at myself. Things are moving along and quite nice in my part of the universe at present, more or less. I see doctors and the like and so far all is good. I still am looking for work, though there seems some barriers on that front – suggestions are welcomed, I have the books ( which clearly have at least one more editorial revision to make, namely author name ), and I have a deep-seated wish to have a few gal pal friends and so on.I could drone on with a million memories, events et al, but maybe I’ll write a tell all book one day ( lol ).Recognize I am still on the earliest of steps of this – there are those who have little to no information on this and must be kept that way due to life’s complications – unfortunately theirs and not mine. So I ask some discretion in your ever sharing of this. Thank you for listening ( ie reading ) and spending some time. I am glad to have come back across all of you. Note I may change my name on fb and the like too, this is all quite new to me - so some nervousness. thanksBriana : )     Note the inclusion of photos and all. The reaction has been priceless - I have been crying on and off through the day. Hormones can be a bit pushy. I had the oddity of coming across and being asked by a dozen or so high school friends - only one who knows - until now, at least. It was like going to a class reunion.  I will add to this as needed. Wow, wow, wow. All the best to everyone here.  Take Care hugs, Briana Purcell - the Galaxy Girl!!  
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Society Girl's Personal Blogs 410 views Jan 24, 2019
The Galaxy Girl's Continuing Tale

Hello Ladies - Galaxy Girl's annual post to wrap up 2018 and look ahead to 2019 - wow does time go by and Super wow, what a year 2018 was. I do not even know where to begin - At the start of 2018 I had one friend on facebook, a dear life-long friend who I did not have the nerve to tell my secret to. I had just told my doctor and therapist in 2017 and was now on hormones for 4 months at the start of that year - and things were certainly a changin' as it is said. More than physical it was emotional, even philosophical - I somehow had gained enormous confidence in myself and was quite out daily - nails were done, only women's clothes daily - even when encountering my parents ( that tale requires its own blog - it's weird ). I had gone to bed in Dec of 2017 with a single prayer - crying i asked for just one friend. Due to circumstances that science and probability cannot explain I stumbled across another tgirl and would you believe - she is in my graduating class and lived 3 blocks from me growing up! With now 2 friends on facebook and 1 who knows and 1 who does not, suddenly - before revealing myself a dozen or so high school friends requested friendship - I hesitantly said yes telling myself I want them to see my published books and maybe I can sell some. Deep down I knew this to be a lie. In my mind's eye I could see a table of a dozen of us there and only 2 know my secret - I couldn't deal with that and hated the lie - so best to do - read my last blog is it he letter I posted with pictures and the world has never been the same. 

Friends have been enormously supportive, communicative, and we interact often - I even see my high school physics teacher at one or more restaurants monthly with conversations that last for hours on every topic imaginable - he is deeply caring, philosophical, intelligent and has the soul of a saint. My other friends have many similar tales of restaurants and such - this is a big thing to me - I'm totally out and they are there with me - great talks, hugs, conversations of jobs, kids, homes, pets, health, hopes and fears, and all other things too. One friend is a the dearest - she not only wanted to get together, she then asks 'so when is the coming out party' - which we organized at my parents house - can you believe it - my father even took pictures of me with my gal pals which we are the group that sees each other often. We went to restaurants, shopping, even have a cookathon at one of my friend's homes - note I have done of these things ever - I have not been to a restaurant in over 10 years for many reasons for example. My really close friend even bought me a dress ( after measuring me in a bathroom at one of our restaurant outings - teehee ). These friends have helped me mentally, emotionally, motivationally, and energy-wise beyond my imagination in more ways than I can even tell all of you here. My sister in law even whispered in my ear on Christmas Day - I have always wanted a sister - can you believe it??!!

The year of 2018 I fully to my soul, my core, and my whole being I became and am Briana - the girl I have always been since age 5 and struggled with for over 40 years from that time until I came out to myself in 2012 and  began the progression to where I am today and ever moving forward. Last year was the quantum leap that solidified my whole being. 

Now at the start of 2019 - Looking to a job - I have even applied to nearly 10 posted positions at 4 universities and guess what - as myself - Briana no less!! I have been and am on hormones for 1.3 years as of this writing and it certainly shows - the early photos long ago and now - I smile from ear to ear with sheer delight at all of the major and even minor changes - plus the overall total balance of my being - the serenity, harmony, overall sense of happiness and well-being that is through my whole person - I have no negative element in me at all - it is awesome.

I have a number of friends from here on facebook - if you like - look me up and ask - that would be really cool. 

This year has not only a job hunt and believe me success in the future but then on to other things - my therapist and another one for my letters for the operation and electrolysis and all things. Always reaching for the woman I am and living as the woman I am each and every moment of the day and in all years. 

Always embracing great health, hope, harmony, and happiness that I often wish others. Always living as I have seen myself, the woman I am, Briana Purcell, the Galaxy Girl all my life. 

Thank you for the time in reading this. Thank you Gender Society which I recommend often to others as I encounter them due to your support and the great people here that gave me the initial confidence I needed so long ago and has helped me arrive here and move ever forward. All the best to each of you in your journey. Note there are days I feel sad, blue, and there are some bumps in the road hither and tither but at the core I am always myself and you know what? That is all I need and the knowledge that the sun comes up again tomorrow. In the long run all the good will outweigh the bad because I only radiate positive vibes all the time. 

I find myself in a state of happy self all the time - fully being the girl, the Galaxy Girl at that, has been the single most important thing in all of my life.

Hugs, Briana Purcell : )


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  • Briana Purcell
    Briana Purcell Thank You Lucy - I find myself in a state of happy self all the time - fully being the girl, the Galaxy Girl at that, has been the single most important thing in all of my life.
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  • Gerri  Kay
    Gerri Kay Very happy for you!
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  • Briana Purcell
    Briana Purcell Thanks Gerri - I see you as my sister!!
    January 25, 2019
  • Briana Purcell
    Briana Purcell Hello Michelle - Thank You for the like and the comment. Thus far 2019 has been quite eventful and a lot of effort. I will be posting on this soon. I have applied to 12 positions all still open and active at 5 universities locally for a number of...  more
    May 6, 2019