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  • 06 Mar 2016
    Thursday afternoon esconced in Betty's for tea; and then Rigby and Peller's expensive Lingerie shop. Nobody in Harrogate seems to notice trans women: rather nice and old-fashioned - like the town. Awoke to thick snow at the Hotel on Friday: so, there was no chance of walking to the shops! The Hotel was snug and warm; so, the girls just chatted the afternoon away. The evening was equaly cosy: and , afer a pleasant meal, we 'retired ' to the bar. To our surprise, the snow was clearing on Saturday,and we ventured out for a short while.    The Hotel was buzzing with stalls selling Jewery, clothes, shoes, wigs etc. Equally, all the specialists were there to give advice on personal matters -  such as make-up, bra-size and 'House of Colour were able to do personal analyses of what we are in respect to fashion colours: I emerged as a "Spring' person with the gift of a colour co-ordination chart. What a lovely, helpful and caring group of ladies! More about the evening when I inevitably sober up! 
  • 05 Oct 2016
    Where I ever concocted the naive and simplistic idea that those Trans people who end up attracted to the opposite and their birth sex must be Bisexual, I have no idea. I married again, after the death of my first wife; and, the relationship was as good as it gets until my obligation to Transition clicked in.   One of the other two girls on our South Coast break, a fortnight ago, became sufficiently unwell to be considered for hospital admission from Casualty. We arrived with her 'things' and plans regarding disposal of her car her car.   In Casualty, we were allowed in behind the curtains to sit and to talk with her. Swiftly shood out by the nurse, prior to the return of the doctor with her blood results; we stood in the corridor as a god-like adonis passed by. Open-mouthed we both simply swooned. The nurses called us back in: she was to be discharged, with a prescription, as the blood tests were satisfactory, she informed us.   Her next remark concerned her 'falling in love with the doctor': you should have seen him, she stated! We informed her that we both had done so, and we were also in love. Her reply: "I saw him first, so he's mine!'   After nearly two years on hormones, I have started to notice attractive men: I would have put money on that "Never, ever happening" to me.
  • 03 Dec 2015
    This blog takes into consideration a) that all textbooks and similar publications on any scientific or medical matter are generally 'out-of'date' at the point of printing b) that I am a Registered Medical Practitioner c) my Pychiatric training was at an under-graduate level d) that bias is introduced to this blog, as a result of self-interest. I am a Transsexual ( Gender Dysohoria, historically described as 'Gender Identity Disorder 0, and have been professionally fully assessed and given the WHO ICD code of F64.0.I will dwell on this group no further. Transgender: This group, and the above sub-division, embrace individuals who assign themselves to the cross-dressing group. I do not propose to dwell on either, but would be plesased to elaborate on my personal views in the future.  In our Trans Groups are a whole spectrum of members, often confused as to which 'box' assigned by a 'well-meaning' Society to jump in to. This 'need' is irrelevant, as we are all 'cast adrift', by the same 'caring Society' in a rowing boat with just a sextant for help. As a senior member of the two groups, I am asked to help, on occasions. My working module is fluid, adaptable in light of new evidence, personal to me: and, open to consructive critisism.For those interested, here it is, naked as the day it was born with all defects, scars and blemishes visible and open to scrutiny: DRAG Individuals: Mainly males having 'a bit of fun' Exaggerated female features make-up and dress a) Queens/Kings b)Pantomine (Travesti) Dames (single sex entertainment groups) c) Faux Queens, females imitating drag queens. CROSS-DRESSER: Not a psychological problem unless it interferes with relationships/work etc. The term implies no specific cause for this behaviour. Accoutrements/clothes are generally associated with the opposite sex in any given society. A) Comfort b) Self expression/actualisation c) Disguise:1/ entertainment plot device 2/ Women wanting employment in men-only occupations 3/ Males escaping military service, Police etc. 4/ Protest (Political or Social) in support of a majority group from the opposite sex (eg. Rebecca Riots). Genderfuck: Males in female attire with noticeable male features, such as a Father Xmas beard. TRANSVESTITISM or TRANSVESTISM (also see cross-dressing, above): Participants may be Hetero-sexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-gender or Asexual. this term is often associated, by the professionals who originally ( unwisely in my opinion ) defined it, with sexual arousal on donning the relevant garments. This loose and ill-defined term is considered highly derogatory by any person whose self (or professional) appraisal is that they have Transgender status. BIGENDER/DUAL GENDER: A high incidence of Bipolar-disorder (9 of 32 in one study) and Ambidextrous nature have been stated. Individuals find the switch is involuntary, in the main; and, occurs frequently when they conciously prefer to be in the other gender/ behaviour pattern.Some identify 2 or more distinct male and female personas, or 2 genders simultaneously.Studies indicate that this is rare in the Gender community (less than 3% males and 8% females: 1999 study from the Health Dept., San Francisco)). GENDER FLUIDITY:Individuals appear generally not to have the 'switch mechanism' of the Bigender group: experiencing an entire range or spectrum of gender identity without jumping in and out of fixed gender identities; and this takes place over an extended period. TRANSVESTIC FETISHISM ( A DIAGNOSTIC "PARAPHILIA"): this is the only Gender Variant presently defined by the APA as a Psychiatric Disorder; and, with this current label, you don't want or need this diagnosis. DSM-IV defined this condition as ocurring only in hetero-sexual males: DSM-V defines it as ocurring in both males and females of any sexual persuasion. Individuals have no problem with their assigned gender. They suffer a) Homovestism ( sexual arousal on donning a sex-typical garment), and b) significant and demonstrable impairment/distress of personal, social and/or occupational interaction, merely as a result of compulsive cross-dressing. if these two criteria are met, a diagnosis is confirmed. Behavioural characteristics ( not exclusive to this group, thankfully, and from personal experience )can include: a) the accumulation of sex-typical garments ( shoes and boots, panty-hose, stockings, lingerie ( including brassieres and slips), night attire, bridal gowns and 'baby-doll' attire. b) dressing in individual items, c) the use of dressing-agencies to source/provide the above items, and appropriate/relevant photography. d) The accumulation of a 'portfolio' of appropriate images for personal gratification ( acting out fantasies ) and subsequent internet distribution. Well that's me neatly summed up in a single paragraph: however, please promise not to tell Charing X GIC! KEY words: APA Americann Psychiatric Association: WHO World Health Organisation ICD International Statistical Classification of Disease and associated Disorders. Harriet: MD ChB (VU) LRCP MRCS FCOphth MRCP(UK) FRCS (Eng) FRCOphth FRCSEd Emeritus Professor of Oculo-plastic, Facial-feminisation and Orbital Surgery SUMMARY: I hope that this, my personal voyage around a constantly changing sea, is of some little help to other members, to enlighten and stimulate further comment, study and research. My life-boat has finally beached off a lovely south facing beach of an idyllic 'tropical island' amongst a lovely Transgender community. Where the Cannibals allegedly live over the far side of the unclimbable mountains on the north coast, and are apparantly incapable of building boats (I hope).   
  • 14 Dec 2015
    One of the girls in our discussion group cheerfully pointed out that she was not a 'Transsexual', but a "Transvestic Fetishist". I was so pleased to explain to her ( and relieve her real, concealed, concerns about her 'Disorder' ) that this further, and as usual totally wasteful, sub-division of humanity does not exist. FETISHISM is defined as follows: A: ICD-10 as a) a reliance on non-living objects for sexual arousal, without this being a Disorder b) when presenting as a Disorder the subject must exhibit most or all the following features: i) It is the primary source of sexual satisfaction ii) it must cause marked distress iii) it interferes with normal sexual intercourse iv) duration of six months or longer. B: DSM-5 as sexual arousal from specified body parts and/or non-living objects. It embraces Paraphilia NOS (non-medical Fetishism), and requires the following features: i) causes significant psychological distress ii) causes impairment of important/essential life activities (work etc). OBJECTS OF FOCUS: A 2007 study examined all internet Groups with Fetish in their title; and, basically, divided the memberships into two groups: a) Body-parts preference - 'Foot' 47%, 'Fluids' 9%, 'Hair' 7%, Muscles 5%. b) Clothes, etc. - 'Stockings, Skirts, etc.' 33%, 'Shoes' 32%, 'Lingerie' 12%. Most Fetishists are male (Ahlers et al.). the 2011 study found that those  males admitting to fetishism  were 24.5% of the population studied; 30% admitted to fantasies, and 45% admitted to it being intensely arousing sexually.   QUESTIONS?: Why is Fetishism rare in women, and does it relate to their alleged life-long sexual fluidity? (Baumeister, 2000) If Fetishism is really attributable to conditioning, why does it not predominate in the population? SUMMARY: The continuing stigmatisation of Fetishists has rightly resulted in demands for the ICD to declassify and abolish the 'condition' of Fetishist Disorder. In contra-distinction to Fetishism, 'Cross-dressing' it is classified in the 'Transvestic Category of DSM-5, and has no relationship to Fetishism My Group member was, hopefully, relieved to know that the DSM-5 specifically excludes 'Cross-dressing' as  having any relationship to the diagnostic stigma of 'Fetishist Disorder' as defined in the ICD-10.  
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 4,316 views Sep 15, 2016
Millionaire's choice of cosmetic surgery

Questions, therefore not to be quoted as a scientific study, submitted to a random selection of Transgender female adults. If you had serious wealth and momey was simply no object, would you go for which of the following surgical proceedures.......?

Surprisingly, the survey did not include:-

 - Elevation (subtle) of the eyebrows and reconstruction of the orbito-frontal area

 - Capillary Micro-transplant Surgery

 - Feminising rhinoplasty (may be nose remodelling)

 - chinplasty

 - Tracheal shave



Survey results:

Fat reduction                54%

Wrinkle eradication       26%

Breast Enhancement *  19%

Nose remodelling      *  18%

Lip enhancement           7%

Buttock enhancement    5%

Vaginal modelling          4%

Simply no idea              2%


* may consider


  • Traci Lee O'Gara
    Traci Lee O'Gara Crissie, your idea seems wonderful, but probably not going to fly as most in our community struggle financially. (smile)
    That said, if money was not an object, I might invest in procedures that would "soften" my features. Breast enhancement is a...  more
    September 15, 2016 - 4 like this - Report
  • Donna V
    Donna V Its interesting , The Blog Title is Cosmetic Surgery,but the list is stated as Surgical procedures..but does not seem to include basic GRS .So I think I agree with Cris that this is Plain Vanity.From a Personal Perspective I am awaiting Surgical...  more
    September 16, 2016 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Cristine Jennifer Shye. BL
    Cristine Jennifer Shye. BL Traci, try using Charles Worthington Volume and bounce Shampoo, 6 days a week, then use a realy cheap shampoo and seperate conditioner on the seventh day, dont use the conditioner with the volume shampoo or overdoo the conditioner because it make the...  more
    September 16, 2016 - 2 like this - Report
  • Traci Lee O'Gara
    Traci Lee O'Gara Thnx Crissie...xoxo
    September 16, 2016 - Report