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  • 25 Nov 2016
    My Woman's libido is as soft as a dove with the bittersweet ambiance of honey cilantro, parsley and lemon peels, my heart shaped bottom is the hilltop overlooking the waterfall. the milk from my breast is the pitter patter of light rain gently brushing against my cheeks, the goddess Demetar is my mother, her wisdom is our shared ego. For hours I sit with my aspiration to coax her into laying with me. As the beaches are filled with divine inspiration, and the strength of women like us pour out of photo albums. My story is that I am her bowel fertilizing and cleaving to the Earth, with the untamed  passion of sisterhood being united.Often times I write in my diary how being a woman's private playgirl gives me  a feeling of authenticity. My wife is dominant I am only her Lesbian slave. I look across the forest to see the grasshoppers and lillies spring forth in the bloom of my budding breasts. I see her as the Mother Earth whose blessing overflows giving birth to a new sun set. Warrior women we are, we cryout only for the unyielding kisses to last for infinity. For each moment I am cradled as her babe, I know as a daughter of the Goddess of virgins that my sole being is being held by a power supreme.
    216 Posted by Robben Wainer
  • 10 Feb 2017
    A Transgender Social Contract Just how a Transgender may think or feel in the light of their own Humanism may vary with as many possibilities as the human being can conceive of. Since life formed individuals have been participating and making incentive to initiate their own evolutionary outcomes and what presupposes their own birth rights. In this article I am attempting to find what makes transgender social and political individuals to a greater or lesser degree based on their own individual choice. I will be asking questions based on an overwhelming feeling that to Transgender is in fact becoming one’s own Mother Nature in what governs Human Identity, but we will see that the dynamics of Gender Identity n the broader sense of sexual relationships and sexual identity is in fact an actualization or realization of individual psycho dynamics which govern the personality development thus warranting a transition in ones own expression of personal and human development. Morality- The Transgender man or woman begins to embrace their gender identity normally early on, as they can be made to feel that their feelings, their very likes and dislikes may be appropriate or inappropriate. The example of the Transgender in their role is one that calls for an embrace of their personally perceived gender identity making and creating the normalcy based on their own forms of self perception. In this embrace the transgender walks  accepted by their community not as strange or deviant but perhaps as different, refreshing, charismatic, and attractive. By being honest with ones family in questioning and demonstrating their gender of personal edifice, the family may or may not be accepting of the complete transition, or pronoun preference, but the damage will soon turn to water under the bridge, as the imagination of the transgender takes off, and the family sees their child as the fruition of all of their ambitions, hopes and dreams, from living in the world of their true aspirations. Transgender’s have a great deal of faith in the unknown weather they like it or not, when placing their faith in the spirit of walking at ease in the world knowing that they were guided by  a providence that only opened doors to their inner being, can help a Transgender see that their maybe a divine entity that has guided them across the waters to full approval of their sexual identity. Historically Religions have made room in their beliefs for equality. For transgenders to say I am here I feel loved I am not to be discriminated against is the testimony we make to show our personal moral assets which all governing bodies of religions must include.   Socialization- Are Transgenders a political animal, in answer to the question it may be fair that the majority tend o be liberal, yet there is a fair number who would claim to be conservative. While like any population some may tend towards promiscuity a large percentage would be more oriented toward monogamy. However the truth is Transgenders still are held to be governed by one’s point of view, that labor, and marriage laws seemingly become superstitious in some sense for some transgenders. The History of acceptable Sexual and Gender Identity has changed over time, with new insight into the dynamics of what determines the male and female body. It is thought that being and becoming transgender may qualify as a genetic fulfillment of a variation from birth, such that the mind, body and spirit is one that ought to adjust and readjust to their designed gender let alone their assigned gender. Coming out to the community and society, to employers and spouses is something which is done on principle, and can happen at any time based on one’s own intuition. Yet the principle of coming out as Transgender is still very much of an imperative for understanding what in their past they have chosen to let go of, and what forgotten memories they hold on to, and critically for basing a relationship on an honest appraisal of one’s moral character. living as a transitioned gender may incite one to have questions such as where does one begin, and is this being done for someone else. The reasons and if you like the scrupulous context in which transgenders live as their gender is one that opens the doors for new insight into possibilities, and discoveries that otherwise might not have existed for the individual in society.   Family and Relationships- Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender has certain societal implication that one ascribes to  a community that is accepting of their sexual and gender preferences. Having  a Transgender orientation may have it’s own set of implications for family members that may or may not, but to some degree imply measures of separation.To children of transgenders it holds the question of referencing one’s biological parent, who they are now, and who  the children are now. In all forums of family being transgender  is at root an individual gender identity preference, yet as all attempts lead to stale mate, transitioning will include family with differing degrees of closeness and acceptance of the transgenders identity. A Transgender achieves ethical behavior by including themselves in part of the discussion, stating pejoratives in anything  they seek to accomplish, what their goals are, an in depth look at ones psychology and what all had been their aspirations, helps society to include and welcome transgenders as an integral function of how society can develop. In essence, on a spiritual plane, when the “I” becomes a “WE” society can feel more comfortable welcoming transgenders to include political, artistic, family, and educational principles by seeing that the transgenders orientation is not one to be overlooked based on their demeanor, but radically may serve to help for the great many institutions that welcome such expressions. In sum a Welcoming LGBT family will welcome the gender orientation of their transgender family member when they see that the same governing principles that they abide by also ascribes to them, that the principle of being part of a whole institutionalized world is, and ought to remain the same without question as to gender preference, orientation or identity. Ego and Examination of Self- There is in the course of the Transgenders life the duty to assert that their life is not composed of the same gender assigned at birth. That this revelation, and assertion of ones predetermined disposition will be the very core of the transgenders existence perhaps through out their entire life. The very fact that they live in their world as the opposite sex will become the turning point in how they wish to be seen  by their families, the community and society. The social climate for many transgenders can be very tense, if not anxious and thought provoking. Their behavior may be either risky or reserved. Though certainly not everything the tolerance and understanding to help reassure the transgender in their stages of ambiguity may be an act of saving lives and the incarnations of shattered selves which must come out, and up to the surface to be made anew. Transgenders do not lack faith or belief in themselves, their testimony of absolute conviction which serves as the voice of reason as to the many different variations and developments that serve as their testimony in achieving an appropriate gender expression, that is based on their chosen gender identity. This ability to transition comfortably and respectfully is the mark of humanity that the self governing transgender who lives in society must make to be welcomed by  a society that has it’s history in equality and gender equality.
    192 Posted by Robben Wainer
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 161 views Apr 09, 2017
Self and God

While this blog maybe a little religious for some. Working in an LGBT committee we believe these issues are very important.

Tags: #Faith