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  • 08 Jun 2019
    Hi All,   Yesterday, I spent time hiking in a place called "Big Trees National Park" here in Northern California.  My doctor wants me to walk at least 30-45 minutes  a day to rehab my knee.  So I decided to do that in interesting places near me.  Today it was Big Trees.  I am so amazed at how beautiful the place was.  Next time I'll bring a book and just spend time taking in the beauty and reading among the forest.   Michelle Lynn    
    148 Posted by Michelle Lynn
  • 23 May 2019
    Today, I let my inner self out to take over. For the first time in years, I feel an absolutely wonderful and warm feeling all over.  My heart just wants to shout with joy. The real me asked "Why did you wait so long?", you know I've been here all along.   It's funny how we let the day to day business of living drowned out our inner joy and force us to accept compromises. Thats now finished!  As I sit here typing, there is a warmth of knowing the freedom that I can be whoever I want to be.  Sure, there may be setbacks, complications and adjustments, but that should not deter me from being who I truly am.    I am Michelle , a beautiful women. I should stop hiding myself, and start living as my true self. So now I resolve to take active steps to make that a reality.    A Woman bubbling with joy,   Michelle Lynn
    144 Posted by Michelle Lynn
  • 12 Jun 2019
    Hi Girls,     I thought about titling this blog post "A Girl in Heat", but realized thats misleading. It is extremely HOT here in the SF BAy area this week.   Yesterday, it got to 105 degrees f. Today is expected to get to 100 degrees. Unless I want to imitate a strip of bacon, it's time to stay indoors with the air conditioning on, a glass of wine and a book to read.    It does bring up the question:    Is there any kind of makeup that can stay on without running or melting? Any suggestions?   Hugs, Michelle Lynn  
    144 Posted by Michelle Lynn
  • 20 Apr 2019
    Reposting a poem I wrote a few years ago about how I feel inside....
    141 Posted by Michelle Lynn
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 102 views Jul 16, 2019
A Happy Girl

Hi Everyone,

This week has been great for me and it is only Tuesday! I finally had enough money to replace my makeup kit and to get a couple of pieces of jewelry.


The shopkeeper at the beauty store was so helpful. She helped me pick out the right makeup for my skin type and color. She then went on to teach me how to apply it and I ended up with a makeover. Even though I had gone into the shop in "Male Mode" she always addressed me as Michelle.  That made me really happy. It was kind of like having a big sister showing me makeup tips.


I then went to Pandora's to get a cute necklace.  The gal here was so helpful, and addressed me as Michelle at all times (important to me).  She showed me a variety of necklaces until I found the one I wanted.  She also made suggestions on what I might want to get on future shopping trips.  I ended up getting the necklace, a cute ring and two bracelets that I fell in love with.


So now I have most of the stuff I need to start going out again.   It has been a few years since I was able to go out with my Girlfriends/ Sisters.  I'm looking forward to it.


A Happy Girl,

Michelle Lynn

Tags: #Makeup  #Jewlery 


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  •   Karen  Tea
    Karen Tea Wow Hun this is Great ! I too am hoping to do a little "Girl "shopping Soon for a few things . I really like it when you are treated like a "Sister" and not the Husband or boyfriend . I know its a Great ...  more
    Jul 18