having faith

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    I 'm still a wee bit sad that i Couldn't go to the funeral today, but my mum came round earlier this evening & she was telling me how things went.

    Apparently everything went fine, service was a nice one by all accounts There were quite a lot of people there which didn't really surprise me, but what DID surprise me was the  fact that so many peeps  were asking why i wasn't there. When my Mum told them the reasons behind it & why i wasn't there, they were genuinely appalled!!. They all said that i had every right to be there.

    It seems that my fears about people's attitudes towards me were totally unfounded which kind of surprised me , given a lot of the cr@p i've faced in the last few months.  One good thing to come out of all this is that my Cousin is getting married real soon & she told my mum to tell me that she'd like me to be there( good job she didnt ask me to be a bridesmaid...lol). Not just for the reception but the church service too, which i thought was nice of her to say. This one thing has proved to me that people's attitude, in particular  the wider family, have changed for the better. . However, i do still have one little problem.....what DO i wear to the wedding cos i have NOTHING to wear......hehehe