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  • 08 Nov 2008 it really that long since i blogged? Well, its not been too bad a period for me. On Tuesday, i had an appointment over at the Norwich GIC ( Gender Identity Clinic) with Dr Ted Olive, who i last saw here in Lowestoft back in April of 2006. This time he was accompanied by Barbara Ross who i'd never met before & got on very well with. I certainly gained a lot out of it & knowin that there IS somewhere closer to home is a great help to me, because its hard being stuck out here. But, in just under 4wks time i'm gonna be one very happy girl because my Charllet's coming to stay for a week & just before xmas too. I haven't seen her since mid-july & have missed her so much it hurts. Getting to see her so close to christmas is truly going to be the bestest prezzie EVER!!. There's been some news that everyone in town has been talking about. It even made the local and National news too. Last thursdsay a man was arrested at the train station & it turns out A) he was very drunk & B) he was ONLY carrying two improvised explosive devices ( Bombs) with him as well as certain literature too. He went before the magistrates here who BAILED him, despite him carrying all that stuff with him. I just thank god the MET re-arrested him immediately & he's now in custody facing major Charges relating to terrorism.  I Honestly never thought i'd see that kind of thing here, & thinking what could have happened had he not been caught....well it just doesnt bear thinking about does it?.
    12508 Posted by Anna-Marie Trindall
  • 20 May 2011
    I'm feeling totally fk'd off with things right now. Since January i've had to put up with harassment & Abuse from an idiot neighbour of mine. It started with him ringing my bell at 2 in the morning & progressed to him actually ringing my front door bell in the earlt hours too. Since then, the dirty b*****d hyad left condoms outside my door, thrown eggs at my windows, Shoved some real SICK notes under my door, too sick to even repeat. So i got on to my local council & police ( several times) & to be honest they've done NOTHING to help sort my problems out.  Recently they came & fitted Strong Bolts to my door, then i actually felt SAFE in my own home. But today they dropped a bombshell on me by saying that the door they had added bolts to was a fire-door & they were gonna come and take them off. I have to say i was well & truly p*ssed off as this was the only thing stopping the tw@t from getting to my front door and to be told the bolts were coming off was a real kick in the teeth. Round here it seens like the rights of the abuser come before those of the victiim & that is not fair. The Council even offered me another place & i told them in no uncertain terms i was'nae moving  because they couldn't be bothered to move the Problem. I Have since been to a solicitor who's been a great help, & i've been advised that if this trouble carries on, that they can apply to the courts for an injunction/ Harassment order banning him from contacting or coming near me. I hope this does the trick becuase i'm not sure how much more i can take before i do summat i dont want to. One thing i DID hear was that this t*sser was wantin to move away, i just wish he would & i could suggest a place for him.....10 miles out to sea with pocketfuls of lead.     I'm feeling a tad happier now, but earlier today i could'nae stop cryin.
    2495 Posted by Anna-Marie Trindall
  • 27 Dec 2009
    My christmas hasn't been too bad at all if i'm honest. I went to the midnight church service at a church near me & it was a good one as usual...thats probably why i've been every year for the past 4 years. Whilst there  i did something i have never done before EVER, now i'm not a religious person but i went & had a Blessing done. I had no idea WHAT communion was so i just settled for the blessing & i think it made the night more special for me given the way things had been going. Was Round at mums on xmas day & she had the whole family round & we had a great time, lots to eat & the drink certainly flowed but then it always does when we're all there. Mum did us proud as usual with the xmas dinner and i provided the wine. she was going to wash up too but i beat her to All in all it was a pretty good day & i didnt do too badly for pressies although there was one i'd have given  absolutely ANYTHING for & that would be to have Charllet here to share xmas with. Lets hope i get that next year cos its something that simply can't be beat, sharing xmas with loved ones. I hope everyones xmas was as good as mine wasLove Anna Marie xxxxxx
    2342 Posted by Anna-Marie Trindall
  • 06 Sep 2009
     I'd be lieing if i said i HADNT been thinking about eventually having srs but if i'm honest with myself i can't see it happening if ever. Because at this moment in time for me, its not the be all & end all of things. Life's pretty good right now apart from the job situation. My Family are much more supportive now, not that they weren't before. I've been with my Charllet almost 4 years now & i've never been happier. But its the situation with my dad thats changed beyond belief. When i first came out, he really did not want to know. Infact it seemed he was more worried about what peeps would think of him and the rest of the family & he didnt care about me. Over the years he's slowly got his head round things, knowin i'm still the same person inside. Christmas 2007 was a big step cos it was the first time i'd ever been home  where i could be me 100%. Things have progressed so much now, that if there's anythin i need doing then if its possible then he will.  4 years ago i couldn't have envisaged this happenning but it has. OK im not having srs now, but i'm pretty happy with life as it is now.xxxxxxxxx
    2286 Posted by Anna-Marie Trindall
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What's a Girl to do?

2 days ago i had to do something i never thought i'd have to do. Since 2006, i have been going to see a pyschotherapist at Charing Cross GIC , a Dr Stuart Lorimer & i have beebn doing pretty well with him. But its got to a stage now where i just cant afford £130 for what is essentially a 30 min appt. The last 4/5 times i have been, i've filled in & sent off correct forms to claim my travel costs back and every time i have had nothing back from them. Family have helped me in the past but even they have had to stop as its costing them too. its something thats been on my mind for ages as i really didn't want to stop but i now have no choice but to. Had i been in work it wouldnt have been so bad but i'm not & every trip down is costing me 2 weeks JSA money. A Girl's gotta eat after all, so i have written to Dr Lorimer & explained the situation, i just hope he understands how tough it is for me right now