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  • 29 Jun 2011
    Whilst the current thread is religion thought i would add this. I once got religion, dragged Cass to our local church, We underwent an interview on suitability for acceptance. Pastor asked us a lot of intimate and personal questions, could see he was getting quite excited by our responses, but suddenly he got serious, told us we would have to change, desist from unatural practices and be celibate if we wanted to join his congregation. Reluctantly, desperate for eternal salvation I made the requisite promises, Every Sunday we would troll down to the church, sing and pray and be joyful. After some 4-5 weeks, the pastor took us to one side, and asked us if we were practicing celibacy and abstinence, I had to admit we were practicing but had not perfected it, going on to relate how one time I bent down to pick up a tin of paint, my mini skirt rode up over my bum, revealing my thong clad rear, Cass being unable to hold herself in check any longer, grabbed me and entered me, we had rampant sex there and then. The Pastor exclaimed with some venom and disgust, that we were sinners beyond redemption, after a very poignant pause, he said ''Get out of here, your not welcome here anymore''............................................................................................................ Funny that, thats exactly what the manager said in the Do It yourself store, where we had gone to buy the paint. How does a Bishop fake orgasm? He spits on the Choir boys back.   So if you want a taste of Religion, give you local parson a BJ today
    1041 Posted by Cristine, Shye BL
  • 17 Mar 2008
    Oh lord, Please give me the serenity to accept that which I cannot change. The tenacity and courage to change the things I cannot acceptGive me the guile and fortitude to conceal succesfully the bodies of the people I killed today for pissing me off.Keep me mindful wonderrous god,, not to tread on the toes attached to the arses i might have to kiss tomorow.Should I be tempted, remind me that a man is like mascara, first sign of emnotion and it runs.But fill me with cheer that life is not always an uphill struggle, sometimes we choose the slippery downwards slope and end up back  in the shit we were striving to get out of in the first place.Make me always aware that it take 42 muscles to frown add another 14 arguing, when realy all it needs is 4, to extend an arm, clench a fist and wack the bombastic biggots in the mouth for winding me up.And most important, please confirm that, a profile, saying, guy, looking for convincing tranny, they must be very discreet, can't accomodate, limited travel, your place, = lying married cheating toad.
    649 Posted by Cristine, Shye BL
  • 12 Mar 2015
    How to become the perfect housekeeper. On a lighter more jovial note, transistioning, getting married, suddenly realising that you had better start learning to cook really well or face having sex with your intended on a regular basis. Now that's female thinking.  Right now you're married, it's been a few weeks and the honeymoon is over. Out shopping with a sexually frustrated significant other - "Ooooooooh, look at that dress, I would feel soooo sexy in that!!!" "But it's £200" says the SO, to which you reply "AND"? You can see his brain coming alive in his trousers. Now this is where real talent comes in. Finally he says "Okay, I'll buy it for you."  You get the dress, But then you can't really wear it because you don't have  shoes that match.  Get the shoes.  Then he suggests, in for a penny, in for a pound, what about new undies to match NO!! don't get greedy.  Tell him you really appreciate the gesture but he has spent enough.  When you're home dig out a pair of old granny type knickers.  Don them, put on the dress and shoes and get taken out for a really romantic meal.  Get home and throw yourself on the bed.  He undresses you, sees the knickers and goes of to the spare room to sleep. See where it's leading?  Another day out for undies nighties, etc.  Another romantic night out and a few bottles of expensive anaesthetic. Now we have established a patterm - keeping him just short of enough cash and nooky, so that he can't afford to two time you.  Meanwhile putting into place an appearance of being the perfect housekeeper.  So when he finally finds someone who hasn't got the same expensive tastes as you and is desperate, he cheats, you divorce him and get to keep the house, lol.  (Housekeeper) Meanwhile there is that elligable fit looking guy who is making mega bucks in the city, who's giving you comfort shopping because of your cheating philandering, pathetic husband.  Now go back to the begining and push replay. Cristine Jennifer Shye**
    516 Posted by Cristine, Shye BL
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 985 views Nov 22, 2010
Guinea Pig

well I did it, not overly given to blogging but thought I would take this opportunity to make a start on the new GS.

My GF Cass. also a member, drove me up to Cambridge,   Monday 15th november, to Addenbrooks Hospital, where I had an invitation to participate in gene testing and its relation to Gender Identity Disorders, a seperate issue from my previous visit there for evaluation for Reifensteins Syndrome.    Once again having my head held between my knees, not a pleasant view, while they extracted some spinal fluid.    So hope eventually to find out wether it is all in my mind or an inherant condition.   But you will have to go back to the old site to see my write ups on the various proffesional theories and substantiated claims that there is some relevance.

I will do a new feature article for here as things get going

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  • Katie Glover
    Katie Glover Don't worry Cristine, we will be bringing all the old blogs and forum posts over from the old site fairly soon so you won't have to rewrite anything.
    November 22, 2010