I’ve uploaded a new profile photo but I can only see the old one

This is a caching problem.  Instead of being made up of static web pages that don't change very often, our pages are actually created on the fly, every time they are requested.  The data they contain is constantly changing too.

It's most likely that your web browser is set to look at copies of web pages from the cache on your computer which is why you are seeing old information.


Back in the old days, when all web sites had static pages that didn't change and everyone connected to the web with old fashioned phone connections, keeping copies of web pages in a cache on your computer saved you having to download the pages again from the web on subsequent visits. However, nowadays most everyone connects with fast DSL or broadband connections so using a cache is no longer necessary.


So, assuming that your Browser is Internet Explorer, you'll find the settings for this in the Tools drop-down menu.  If you use a different browser, there will most likely be similar settings somewhere in its option or preferences area.


Anyway, in Internet Explorer choose "Internet Options" from the Tools drop-down menu and then under "Temporary Internet Files", click 'Settings' and then make sure that under "Check for newer versions of stored pages", "Every visit to the page" is checked.  Click OK to save your changes, reboot your computer, then try logging in again.


In future when you change your profile pics, they should update straight away.