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  • Good Morning Everyone, i am sitting here thinking about what to wear for work and while i know i will be dressing as a male today my undergarments will be totally fem. i just...  more
    Last post by Mary Grace - December 31, 2008
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  • Hi Everybody!
    Just finished getting ready for another wonderful week and wanted to share by preparation for the day! Started with a wonderful shower in which I shaved my legs,...  more
    Last post by Former Member - December 29, 2008
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  • Hi all!

    Well, yesterday we had our first snowfall, sevaral inches fell overnight and thoughout saturday so it was a lovely scene to wake up to. e spent most of the day outside...  more
    Last post by Nikki Hollm - November 23, 2008
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  • Good morning!

    I shouldn't really be this perky since I am not sleeping at hte moment, I think I must be on third or forth wind by now,...  more
    Last post by Tiina Tamsalu - November 5, 2008
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  • I've just read in 'Der Spiegel' that the french justice minister,Rachida Dati,has started a new internet
    Strange,but I somehow thought that,on the web,the...  more
    Last post by Andrea Thomas - August 19, 2008
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  • "Golly gee Toto we're not in hell anymore" to paraphrase.
    We're having a cold wave - the temperature today is only 97- a lot less that the 104.
    Thank the goddess for small favors.
    Last post by Rae K - August 3, 2008
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  • I just want to share a short video clip I posted last autumn right after buying a pair of heels. Actually, the post has two clips, my half century old legs appear at the first...  more
    Last post by Glo Glover - February 24, 2010
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  • and he hasnt met me yet! oh, he did say he has met only nice people so far! lol
    Last post by Cristine Jennifer Shye. BL - July 24, 2008
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  • I distinctly remember that during my previous membership, for exactly four years ago, I started a Good Morning thread to wish a happy birthday to the United States of America. I...  more
    Last post by Karen Brad - July 4, 2008
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  • Good morning, all! It is Monday and I am preparing to do the unpleasant action of removing my nail polish. I am terrified of the thought but since I am a big girl I think I can handle it.
    Last post by Tiina Tamsalu - June 30, 2008
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  • Good morning all!

    I was trying to post a piccie of my unfortunate face but I did not find it in the web. My 2 computers are a mess at this hour so I am not going to find anything...  more
    Last post by Karen Brad - June 29, 2008
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  • Hi ladies!

    I am back in Trannyweb. Some of you may remember me. I am looking forward to talking to you.
    Last post by Katie Glover - July 26, 2008
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  • Good morning every one i am happy to say i am well happy and a GIRL yes my grs went well. i am happy to report than i would recommend Dr Kamol to any one he is a wonderful...  more
    Last post by Rae K - June 28, 2008
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  • Hi girls,

    It's Joelle's Birthday today...  more
    Last post by Katie Glover - June 9, 2008
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  • Good morning ladies and gents,
    I hope you are all well and happy today. Well today is my final work day for a while and I have to say it dose sadden me in a way that I am going to...  more
    Last post by Rae K - May 17, 2008
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