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    • October 4, 2002 12:50 AM BST
    • Oh Sharon how I love being caught! I have been and the shame and excitement still linger...Maybe I should write about those happy times??!

    • August 4, 2002 3:19 PM BST
    • Lovely. I am sure we all had something similar once with our wife/girl friend/sister/mommy/aunty's panties.
      But imagine how even more exciting it would have been had you been caught and...

    • May 22, 2002 2:03 AM BST
    • My landlady had gone to Asia for sixth months leaving me the run of the flat and I was in heaven, so many nights dressed, so many weekends made-up and being the girl I was inside, or so I thought. Within 3 weeks my freedom was shattered when a woman turns up and informs me that she is a friend of my landlady and has been given permission to stay at the flat. I check and it is true. She is young attractive but a cookoo in my nest!

      Though the next few weeks I fume at the misfortune but she does have one saving grace and that is a lovely, no fantastic, line in undies. How do I know? She leaves them on the washing line, on the radiators in the tumble dryer everywhere I go. She does not even dream of how much these riches fill my imagination, how much the very sight of the silk and lace fire my body with desire, how every time I accidentally brush my hands against them I have surges of lust. There is one set in particular that I can’t stop wanting, a pair of creamy peach panties, all silky and lace front and silky back with matching bra. Oh how I sometimes wake in the night and try to not think of them but I can’t, I really can’t.

      Then this little interloper in my life goes away for the weekend, at last back to normal. There I am on a Saturday night, nails polished, my bra and panties on standing in front of the mirror doing my make-up, I have been drinking. I have been drinking too much. I know this because the thought that I have been fighting re-emerges and it says "I wonder whether Ms X has left those panties behind". I am a good girl, I respect the privacy of others, I will not look.

      I am now in her room "well if they are in the washing basket it is ok…isn’t it?" I search, they are not. There is a lovely pair of black panties which I hold with a growing passion but not "those" panties.

      "Leave now" I think but my body fuelled by beer takes me to her drawers, I open one, two, three and there is the shrine that I worship at…a place of silk, lace and flowers..the panty drawer! "they won’t be there" I think as I gently move my fingers through the magic, but they are.

      I reach in, my body shakes, I am holding them. There is no going back, I will tell you that I tried to resist but it is a lie, I am pulling off my panties with abandon whilst readying myself for this new ecstasy. I pull them over my feet and draw them up my legs, I make a pretence at my thighs that I am not going to cover my by now super stiff master, I know it’s a lie. I pull them up the last few beautiful inches and let go, I am now encased, my whole being is centred around that fraction of my body between my bellybutton and my upper thigh.

      I add the bra, I dress fully, skirt, blouse, tights, shoes, wig, jewellery all the magic stuff but all the time it is all for those panties. I am reliving the very first times when it was so so exciting, I know I am dripping, I know I am doing wrong, and I care nothing. I look at them in the mirror through the tights. I walk about the flat. I go out and walk around the local streets, and all the time I pulsate in that special place.

      I get back to the flat, I can wait no longer. My hand caresses my thighs and then finds it’s way up my skirt, I want to delay it but I can’t. I rub the front of the panties gently, those special panties, "goodness that feels…soooo good!" I can’t help myself I know it is so bad but….I carry on rubbing, I am so close and then…." Oh yes" I thank the panties in the way I know how….

      I am bad I know, I wash them and hope that it is enough. They go back in the drawer. I am guilty but see them again another time on the line, not with me but I remember them with so much pleasure..

    • September 15, 2002 2:57 AM BST
    • I lay back and let the feelings of sensuality and excitement wash over me.  Wave after wave, after wave.  I did not touch myself.  I had no need.  The precome was between my thighs, on my tummy.  Slippery.  My nipples tingled with anticipation.  They were standing so proud. Oh I wanted to feel those rough hands.  

      The thoughts wandered through my mind.  I am here to service.  I am a receptacle.  I am here for pleasure, to give and receive.  My fantasies ran away and I exploded in an orgasm that took my mind to the stars.  Oh to be truly fem, I thought.  I loved the messy come all over my tunmmy.  I wanted desperately to push a finger inside me but alas!  I am still a boy!

      I lay there, exhausted, winded from my psychic experiences.  My panties pushed aside, exposing me.  My bra pushed up in disarray.  Where was my top?  I have no recollection of it. My stockings were undone, falling, loose on my legs.  My hair was everywhere, even my lipstick was  smeared.  My tight skirt was wrapped around my waist.  Oh to make love to my mate.

      My legs, parted in the vee of love, askew, waiting to be taken, again.

      Enough.  Get on with it.  My mother called up the staircase.  What are you doing?  You are late for school again.  Hurry.  Run.  The bus is coming!

      Another day, a reality I don't want.  A rawness for which I have no need.  Rough school uniforms, heavy black shoes, a shirt like sandpaper, especially on my sensitive nipples.  And the company of boys, thousands of them.

      I return to the life outside of myself, in the form that I am not and never will be.  A boy!  NO!  help me.  I am a girl. Forever.

    • August 9, 2002 8:32 PM BST
    • Julie, honey--

      That's why it's called fiction!  ;)

      Thanks so much for the kind words--I am toying with a short sequel; to see if "happily ever after" really happens in our world or not. In the “real world” that we TG’s inhabit, life isn't always a happy story. That's why I like Trannyweb--at least I know I'm not alone!

      If you have any ideas, etc. drop me a line. You never know…I might just write a totally different story!

      Luv  ‘n hugs,

      Lady Jayne Sakura :)
      “Almost Angel, T-Girl Genius, and Ultra Flirt”

    • August 9, 2002 6:02 PM BST
    • nice story, i wish life were that simple.


    • August 9, 2002 11:21 AM BST
    • Jayne :)

      I´m reading it. You will get my comments later on...



    • November 16, 2001 10:06 PM GMT
    • Hi all!

      Okay, my goof. (sigh... ::)) "GO" isn't part of the address. Try this; it's shorter:


      (Please note: this may NOT be a link. You may have to enter the address manually; so paste the address into your browser.)
      Scroll down to the bottom and find the  
      "Poetry/Prose/Fiction" line, and enter the fiction section.
      (Feel free to read the Poetry and Prose, too!  ;D ) Also...I'm having a bit of writer's block right now. Any ideas would be helpful, as I'd love to finish this in the next ten chapters or so. Especially helpful would be any "adult" scene ideas... ;)

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention--

      Much luv 'n hugs to you all

      Jayne  :)

    • November 16, 2001 7:57 PM GMT

    • hi Jayne
      I tried the link today but it wasn't working.  A lot of trany stuff is being shut down sigh.

      It looks like the word "Go" isn't part of the address.  This one works

    • September 10, 2001 6:05 PM BST
    • Well!

      Ok, my goof.  :-[

      For those wishing to read said story, please check out my website: to poetry/prose/fiction, and click on the fiction link.
      So let's try this again. I'm still interested in feedback...

      luv 'n hugs to all (especially Cathy, tvcarol, and pinksandy who lovingly pointed out my mistake!  ;D)

      Jayne  :)

    • September 9, 2001 7:24 PM BST
    • yes I would love to read your fiction but alas no web site address

    • September 6, 2001 11:51 PM BST
    • Hi there!

      I have a story posted on my website that may well be too big to post here. (It runs 9 chapters already.  ;D)

      If anyone cares to read it and likes it, let me know. I get enough interest, I'll break it up into short chunks and post it here as well.

      Luv 'n hugs to you all,

      Jayne  :)

    • August 6, 2002 1:18 PM BST
    • Well described dream... shame it's only a dream for most of us  :'(

    • February 28, 2002 9:47 AM GMT
    • A great story Susan, I can't wait for episode 4.

      LOL Chrissie ;)

    • February 27, 2002 9:44 PM GMT

    • My whole way of life had become feminine, I watched TV programmes for women, read women's magazines and books, learnt to sew and knit. More that that,  was actually enjoying doing everything as a woman. My emotions too had become feminine and I could watch a weepy film on TV and cry like any other woman.

      I had even made friends as a woman and felt sure that none suspected me of being anything other than female. I started local evening classes for Dressmaking and to learn Greek. It was here that I met and got to know other women, in particular, Ann and Linda, who became close friends. They readily accepted me as another woman and I enjoyed being "one of the girls"

      As well as attending evening classes with Ann and Linda, we would also go out for a drink and to the pictures. I visited their homes and they came to mine. Our converations were typically feminine and I learnt much from them about being a woman. Even my mannerisms became more and more feminine as I copied Ann and Linda.

      It was Ann who suggested that I work with her at the local Oxfam shop, for no wages of course. I started working three days a week and found it very enjoyable. It helped me to meet far more people and all readily accepted me as a woman. This made me feel even more confident that I could pass as a woman anywhere.

      I found it very nice to be able to discuss fashion with Ann and Linda and to get their views on what sort clothes suited me best. They both said that I had a lovely figure and that I could and should wear clothes that would show my figure off.

      The Greek classes also had men students and I even became friendly with some of these. It was very thrilling for me when I realised that one of them, Greg, actually fancied me and was trying to chat me up. It made me feel very warm inside and to my surprise even aroused. It only then dawned on me that sooner or later I could end up in a proper relationship with a man and I would have to be able to respond fully as a female.

      Ann and Linda were forever trying to match me up with some man or other and finally I agreed to go out with Greg on a date, as much to keep them quite as to give in to Greg's persistent asking. It was only after I agreed that I realised that he might want to kiss me and that I would have to let him. I hoped that he would not expect even more!

      To my surprise that first date with Greg was actually very nice and Greg behaved like the gentleman that he was. He brought me a bunch of flowers when he called to the cottage to pick me up and we had a very pleasant meal and a drink afterwards. He was very complimentary about my clothes and said how pretty I looked. The evening ended with him kissing me "Goodnight" and to my surprise I really enjoyed his arms around me and his lips on mine. It made my body ache for something more.
      When I went to bed that night, I lay awake thinking of how my life had changed. I had become so used to living as a woman that I found it hard to remember life as anything else. I realised that I had to make a decision as to whether or not I was going to return to my old life or to continue as a woman.

      I felt so happy and content as a woman that returning to my old life did not appeal to me. But continuing to live as a woman meant I sooner or later I would want to have a proper relationship with a man. I would have to be able respond like a female in every way  and to give him what he would eventually want, a physical relationship. I would have to be capable of having sex as a woman!

      It would be a big step to take. At the moment I could still return to being a man, once I stopped taking HRT my body would lose its female characteristics and redevelop masculine ones. To be capable of having sex as a woman I would need to have the sexual genitaila of a woman. That would mean that I would have to have a vagina in place of a penis. and once gone my penis could not be replaced.

      It was a big decision but I knew I had no choice anymore, I wanted to be able to live fully as a woman and to have a physical relationship with a man which meant that I had to be able copulate as a woman. I went to sleep dreaming about what sex would truly be like as a woman, how it would feel to have a man lay on top of me and penertrate my body with his penis.

    • July 27, 2002 12:59 PM BST
    • yeah, but dont go off like a machine gun, i want to do serious stuff, but keep messing up by following my desire, dressing in absolute rubbish, and just going out not caring. maybe a good attitude but when unplanned can be disastrous, so be carefull with the "strong urge" and temper your rush, plan stuff, and try to not "mess up"

      be carefull!
      oh dear, sorry its another "instant thought" dont want to lecture you!.
      julie.  ;)

    • July 26, 2002 2:00 AM BST
    • it is somewhat so frustrating: the first time i put panties on it was so exciting, but it was not enough. then next step: bra. not enough. stockings and garters. fantastic, thrilling, but want more. dress, shoes, makeup, wig, nails, shaved body, earings. great great great, not enough. want to got out as a woman, live as a woman. so the next thing would probably a walk in the dark hours of the morning.

      but that won't be enough either probably :-)

    • July 21, 2002 12:02 PM BST
    • This was more brave than I could be.
      The nearest I have dared go ,is to drive out into the countryside onto the (for me) local common which also has wooded areas, then the thrill of stripping off all male clothing and dressing in my silky panties and bra pulling on gently some fine stockings and trembling now as I fasten the suspender clips ,reach down and put on my black court shoes, I have to put a silk shirt to try to hide the bra a little then i drive around for a bit stiff and throbbing stroking myself thru the panties going from carpark to carpark hoping to find an admirer or even better ,someone else dressed  ,eventually I have to stop,park in one of the laybys and wank until I cum trembling with the sheer pleasure of the silky undies against my skin ::)
      wishing I could really be this girly with a stiff clitty all the time !!!

    • February 16, 2002 2:06 PM GMT
    • I agree with Emma.  But, maybe that's because you've done such a great job of describing all the sensations that we feel.  ;)

      Will there be more?  Hope so.


    • February 12, 2002 2:24 AM GMT
    • your story is superb! Please write some more...

      love Suzy

    • September 20, 2001 3:25 AM BST
    • Hi Susan,

      loved this story, but are you sure this is fiction as it sounds pretty true to life. (my life anyway) ;D
      Love emma. ;)

    • September 10, 2001 8:44 PM BST
    • It was 5 o’clock in the morning of a cold winter day and as usual I was up alone and downstairs in the kitchin. On the surface I was awake and about because I was about to go on my paper-round but in reality it was too early for that. No, the reason I was up and about was that I was 14 and lived with my two sisters, my mother and stepfather and it was the only time I was safe from prying eyes. Or at least as safe as I could be in that house. I go to the garage door and as quietly as possible ease it open and then turn on the light. Behind the door is the washing basket and I quickly search in it for the things I have hidden there the night before. Finding them I take them out and go back into the kitchen, watching the dark stairwell leading to the others rooms as I pass  hoping that no one is stirring. In the kitchen I put my treasures on the sofa there and gaze at them with longing - a pair of white Dorothy Perkins panties, all silky and lacey with a small bow at the front, a silky and flowery shortish skirt and a pair of my mothers tights. I am starting to gain that fantastic feeling that this always brings.

      I rid myself of my trousers, trousers and socks and gently lift the panties from the sofa and slip them on, up over my shins passed my thighs and over my by now stiffening cock. My body shots through with pleasure, the way the panties cling to my backside and encase my cock is a feeling I lay awake at night thinking about. These are the panties I will dream about forever, the ones my sister allowed me to wear when she dressed me up, my first pair of silky woman’s undies I had really worn. I then inexpertly pulled on the tights, enjoying the look of my legs in the nylon and the way it pressed the panties against my cock and against my backside. Finally I put on the skirt and felt another thrill as the silky material touched and caressed the material of the tights, this was almost heaven. The finishing touch was supplied by the black platform shoes that were fashionable at the time that could be male or female and in fact where given to me by my mum. The fact that they were woman’s shoes did not occur to me until much later, how ironic that my mother gave me my first pair of woman’s shoes!

      Normally the morning would progress with me staying dressed for a little while, reach a climax and then somewhat resentfully having to and undress in the downstairs toilet but today was different. Today I decided to put on my parka and see how my skirt and tights looked with the coat and then as if I was in a trance I picked up my trousers, socks and underpants and placed them in my paper-round bag. I was being driven my unseen forces of desire and my heart started to beat faster than ever as I turned off the light and approached the back door.

      I open the door, it is black and cold out there and the night wind caresses my legs and brushes against my panties, if I was ever going to go back that feeling stopped any such thoughts. I stepped out, I can hardly breath, I am in the street dressed as a girl. I lock the back door and walk backwards looking up at my parent’s bedroom fearing a twitching curtain but the house is blind at this moment. I turn and walk out the gate and walk quickly, too quickly, slow down savour the feeling, this is fantastic, "god don’t let me meet anyone". I carry on across the green and down the road, the cold breeze is like an aphrodisiac as it envelopes by nylon encased legs and the feel of the skirt touching and gently banging them as I walk is wonderful. "I am free, I am free" I seem to sing inwardly as I walk, to be dressed like this and outside can it get any better?

      I can’t risk being out long, other boys on their rounds might see me. I head to the woods and finding a safe looking place drop my bag and slip my hand up my skirt. I pull the tights down gently, not too much as I want to retain the feeling of them but enough to release my panties and get my cock out. I am wet, so wet it is so good. I caress it but it needs no effort and soon I rock back and forth in muted pleasure as I release my pent up excitement onto the grass. My first time and I know now that I want more of this.

    • July 25, 2002 5:04 PM BST
    • I hope what i am going to write is not inappropriate... And please excuse my spelling mistakes...

      Like many other sissies, i would love to be a maid to a dominating mistress. so
      here i am applying to this position for a TV sissy maid position i found. i
      arrive to the interview already dressed. i shaved completely that morning, so i
      am completely smooth and soft. i am wearing black satin maid outfit, with a lace
      apron, puffed sleeves, black gloves, silk black stockings. under my dress i am
      wearing a very tight satin corset, which gives my heaps a feminine shape. for
      shoes i am wearing 4" heel shoes with a pencil thick heel. i've been practicing
      walking in them before the interview, and feel quite comfortable walking in
      them. i am carying a small handbag with my make-up and nothing else, as the ad
      said that the girl who wins the job will have to leave everything behind.

      i knock on the door and wait. no answer. again, and once again no answer. after
      standing out there for 15 minutes the door open. a TV maid in pink uniforms is
      at the door. she shows me to a waiting room . there are no chairs in the room.
      there are 6 other maids in the room, apparently all have applied for the job.
      they are all standing, their heads down, hands behind their back back, and their
      panties down to their ankles. it shows clearly on some of them that their
      clitties are hard from excitement. the pink maid grabs me by the elbow and drags
      me to the wall. she orders me to pull my panties down. i do so, but when i want
      to get
      up she shouts "stop right there, until i tell you to get up!". goes behind me
      and examines me: my legs, my skin, my ass, my sissy cunt. i hear her dress
      ruffling as she moves behind me, and start caressing my ass with one hand while
      her other hand riches between my thighs and start milking my clit. soon i become
      very hard.
      then she stops and order me to straighten. she ties my hands behind my back and
      says: "the Mistress will start seeing you girls soon. you are to wait here for
      Her standing, exactly as you are. when each of you goes into the interview room,
      you will walk in as you are now: tied, panties down, head bowed, and clit hard
      and erect. if any of you feels she is getting soft, she must notifying the sissy
      next to her, and she must get on her knees, and suck your clit until  you are
      hard again. no cumming is allowed needless to say. failing to get to the
      interview hard, or cumming without permission, will fail you. understood?"
      we all reply "yes ma'am". she then leaves.
      after standing there for few minutes, they maid next to me says in a quite
      voice "please help me, i am getting soft". i immediately turn to her, very
      clumsy because i can't
      really use my hands and legs, kneel down between her legs, put my head under
      her skirt. with my tongue i find her clit, take it to my mouth and start sucking
      it. after several minutes of sucking she starts moving and she is practically
      fucking my mouth. i stop, get up and assume my position again.
      this goes on for about 30 minutes. during that time i suck her 2 more times,
      and once more another TV maid who came to the room. i myself go soft once and
      have a pretty maid dressed in red licking my clitty. the pink-maid then comes
      in. without saying a word she goes to the first girl, puts a collar on her neck,
      attaches a leash to it, and takes her out. they both disappear. after few
      minutes we hear a whip slushing, a painfull scream, followed by a yell : "one!
      thank you mistress! please give me more for i want to serve You as a maid!".
      once again the whip goes, and once again she screams in pain, thanking the
      Mistress and begging for more. it goes until she counts to 25. then it stops.
      after a few minutes she appears, sobbing, and says "Mistress Adriana instructed
      me to tell you the test is made of 4 parts: First: maid manners: courtesy,
      walking, tone of speech. Second, giving sexual services. i served head-maid
      cleo. third, corporal punishment" (which we all heard), "and!
      forth and most important performing maid duties".
      i look up and see she has starts tidying the room and dusting the windows,
      obviously starting the 4th part of her test.

      to be continued...

    • February 25, 2002 11:55 PM GMT
    • OK Sisters,   :(

      Let's give Susan some positive feedback here!  :D

      Don't be so  :-X

      I, for one, would like to see where this goes and how it ends.  One can really have the vicarious experience here!

      So, Susan, please write on or I'll be so  :o!

      Hugs and Thank you,


    • February 24, 2002 9:36 AM GMT
    • I put on my new coat and slinging my handbag over my shoulder went out of the cottage to have a walk around the garden and down by the lake. I knew it would be some days, at least before I ventured in to the town and I wanted to get really used to walking in high heels.

      It was quite thrilling to feel the light breeze around my legs and to hear my heels clicking as I walked. I had been practising walking in a feminine way and now I made a conscious effort to do so. I wanted to do everything as femininely as I possible could and to do it instinctively.

      That evening I began to settle in at the cottage. I took care to ensure that whether I watched TV or read, I chose things which would be appropriate to a woman. I had bought sevral women's magazines and books with me, including books which a young girl would normally have read. I had a lot of catching up to do.

      When it was time to go to bed, I removed my make up, undressed and put on my new nightdress and dressing gown. I had only female clothes in the cottage now that I had burnt the clothes I had travelled in.

      I went to sleep that night very much aware that from that evening on I was to live as a woman. Officially I was now a woman. I had arranged to have all official records to be amended to show me as female, my bank account and credit cards were now in my new name of "Susan" and the only ID I had showed me to be legally a woman.

      I fell asleep dreaming of how it would be for me as I got used to the day to day routine of being female.

      For the next few days I just stayed around the cottage. I walked in the garden and after a couple of days even ventured down the quite roadways around about. At first my legs ached with wearing shoes with even a small heel but gradually I began to get used to wearing high heeled shoes. I practiced walking and moving as femininely as I could and soon it became second nature to me.

      I soon got in to the routine of washing, dressing and putting on make up and of removing my make up of an evening. I even got used to managing with long finger nails and at having to sit when ever I used the toilet.

      By the end of the week I felt quite relaxed and confident in my new feminine way of life. I was begining to actually be interested in things from the feminine point of view and this was reflected in my reading and the TV programmes I watched.

      After a few days I felt confident enough to go out for drives in the car. The next step was for me to drive in to town and walk around the shops amongst other people. The only person I had seen since I had arrived at the cottage had been the postman and I had spoken to him only briefly. Even so he had appeared to accept me as what I seemed to be, a woman.Saturday arrived and I dressed carefully in a black sweater and a black and white check skirt. I wore tights and court shoes with a 2 inch heel as I knew I could walk in them easily. I took extra care putting on my make up, not too much and brushed my wig with care. The wig was expensive and I hoped immpossible to detect.

      After I had eaten a light breakfast I put on my long coat and picked up my shoulder bag, took a deep breath and left the cottage to drive in to town. I intended to just walk around window shopping at first and if I felt confident I might have coffee in a cafe.

      In fact the day turned out even better than I had hoped. I parked the car in the pay and display car park and wandered around the shops just looking in the windows. Passers-by did not even give me a second glance and I felt sure that I was accepted as a woman without question. I found it really thrilling to be able to look in ladies clothes shops without anyone giving me a funny look.

      I had a coffee in a small cafe by the lake and even though it was the first time I had spoken to anyone as a woman I confidently spoke to the woman behind the counter and appeared to be accepted quite readily. I suddenly realised that I needed to use the toilet. Of course I had to use the ladies and did so without any problems. I even put on took time to fix my make up before leaving.

      Feeling so confident I decided that I could even go in to the clothes shops and buy some clothes. It gave me a thrill when on entering one shop a man held the door open for me and smiled. I had no problems at all when I went in to another shop and bought a new skirt and underskirt. I even tried the skirt on in the shop and there was no suggestion that anyone guessed my secret.

      When I returned home I felt really pleased that I had been able to pass as a woman so easily and that I had even been able to buy my first clothes as a woman.

      Over the next three months my body really began to alter. I was taking HRT and at the end of the three months I had developed a fine pair of breasts and could now wear dresses or blouse with even a low neckline revealing my cleavage. My hips and bottom had filled out and my exercise had resulted in my waist becoming acceptably smaller. Overall I now had a figure that was shapely and very feminine.

      At first I had worn pads inside my bras to give me a feminine shape but as my own breasts began to develop I found that I actually needed to wear a bra for comfort as much as anything. I soon got used to the fact that my breasts affected the way I did things, like crossing my arms and reaching forward. Naked or with just my nightie on my breasts looked firm and ample and my nipples were so sensitive to the touch.

      In fact my breasts were so ample that there was no way I could hope to disguise them even if I wanted to. My whole body was becoming so femininised that I even dressed as a man I still looked female.

      My facial hair had long since ceased to grow and I no longer needed to shave or use creams to remove it. I no longer needed to wear a wig as my own hair had grown rapidly. I travelled to a special salon in London where I had it cut as a woman for the first time and dyed Auburn. I had my ears pierced at the same time and could wear any earings that I wanted to.

    • February 24, 2002 1:09 AM GMT
    • It was something that I had always wanted to do and now I had both the opportunity and the money to do it. It had taken some planning over several months but the time had now arrived for me to put my plan in to operation.

      I had rented a holiday cottage in the Lake District. The cottage was in a secluded spot aside  Lake Windermere and had no nearby neighbours. I did not want any unwanted visitors until I was fully ready for them. I had taken the cottage for 6 months and had received the keys in the post. It was fully furnished and I had asked for it to be stocked with food for several weeks. It would be some weeks before I would need to go shopping and I could always order over the telephone if needs be.

      The previous week I had taken all my new clothes over to the cottage and put them in the wardrobe and chests of drawers. I hoped to be able to buy some more clothes later on but meantime I had sufficient to get by with.

      I had informed my neighbours, friends and relatives that I was going abroad for some time and I had even arranged to rent my own house out while I was away. This had been done using a local Estate Agent and any further dealing with them could be by telephone.

      All that was left now was for me to pack some last minute items in a small holdall and drop the keys off at the Estate Agents, I would then be on my way to fulfil my dream.

      I locked the door behind me, not knowing if I would ever return, and drove to the Estate Agents and put the keys trough their letter box. Taking a deep breath I set off to drive the 200 miles to the cottage.

      While I drove I thought over all things I had done to make my dream come true. For the last month I had taken the tablets as directed, and I had used the creams to remove the hair from my face, chest, legs and arms. My body was now smooth and soft just as I wanted it to be and I no longer needed to shave daily. I had let my fingernails grow and had manicured them only the night before. I had even filled in several forms which would officially record my change of name. I had already received a new driving licence in my new name and it sent a tingle down my spine whenever I looked at it.

      It was late by the time I arrived at the cottage and I quickly unloaded the car and put it in the garage. I made myself a cup of coffee and put on the radio while I went up stairs to get changed and have a bath.

      I undressed and tossed my clothes and shoes on the floor. I used the cream to remove all traces of hair from my chin and cheeks then had a long soak in the bath. It was nice to be able to use baths salts. When I had dried myself I went in to the bedroom and took out my new dressing gown and slippers from the wardrobe and put them on. I quickly gathered up my clothes from the bathroom floor and put them in to a bin bag and went downstairs and out into the back garden where I burnt them in the incinerator.

      Returning indoors I went back upstairs and laid my new clothing out on the bed before removing my slippers and dressing gown. I stood naked in front of the mirror and as I rubbed body lotion in to my skin I marvelled at how much my body had already began to change. My skin was soft and smooth and already my body was beginning to look much more rounded. My hips and bottom were noticeably bigger and even my nipples were beginning to swell. In fact my nipples had become quite sensitive, especially when my shirt had rubbed against them.

      Before I began to dress I took a tube of "Superglue" and taking the end of my penis between my thumb and forefinger I pulled in down over my testicles and glued it in place. I waited a few minutes to make sure that the glue had dried and that my penis was now flattened between my legs.

      I then picked up the first item of clothing, a pair of 15 denier tights which I carefully slid over my smooth legs and pulled them up tightly around my waist. It was nice to be wearing tights now that my legs were smooth and free of hair. The next item was a white lacy body shaper. I stepped in to it and fastened the gusset between my legs and pulled the straps over my shoulders. As yet I still had hardly any bosom, so I slipped a pair of false silicon breast inside the bra cups.

      I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased to see that although my body had changed only slightly so far, I was starting to develop a more feminine figure.

      Next came a white silk full length underskirt, a white silk camisole top and a black and red flared skirt. Around my waist I fastened a black elasticated belt to help pull my waist in a little more.

      Sitting at the dressing table I applied foundation and powder to my face, put on some eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. I had practised for weeks at putting on make up and now felt quite confident that I could do so very well.

      To complete my dressing I put on a long Auburn wig and brushed it so that it fell about my shoulders in a very feminine way. Finally I put on a pair of black high heeled shoes with a 2 inch heel and then my jewellery. I had bought myself a selection of rings, bracelets and earrings. I intended to get my ears pierced later on when I had settled in to my new way of living.

      I took a final look in the mirror and was more than satisfied with the attractive young woman that stared back at me. I twirled around and was very pleased at the way my skirt swished about my legs as I spun.

      The very last thing to do as to varnish my finger nails. I took care doing this and was pleased at the feminine look of my hands when I had finished.

      I went down stairs and picked up my handbag and put my keys, purse, make up bag and driving licence in it. I glanced at my new driving licence and read my new name, the name that I would be using officially for the next 6 months at least.

      My new name was "Susan" and I was about to live my dream of being a woman!

    • February 23, 2002 5:03 PM GMT
    • Hi,

      Just the same way you posted your question.

      If you've written your story on your PC, you should be able to copy and paste it into the message box.

      Hope this helps,

      Katie   :)

    • February 23, 2002 1:57 PM GMT
    • How can I post a story I have written?

    • February 7, 2002 3:46 PM GMT
    • An excerpt from my current manuscript-in-progress entitled:


      Once you stop wanting
      what you absolutely cannot have
      you can have
      anything you want


      First Rites

      I awake in a blackened thicket
      of bitter laurel and thornwire.
      Every day jabberwockies abduct the sun.
      Every night I hear their hungry eyes
      growl and hiss in ever ready circles.

      Every night I hide in a concrete bunker
      where virgin gobblers sway upside down
      and flap mulled wine into tin chalices
      dangling from the open throats.
      Every night I must hang the blood red harvest
      on a chestnut limb and recite
      the ransom incantation ...
      mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa ...
      and each new morning, the sun is released

      I return to the bright woods daily;
      disguise my makedness in gartered-silk,
      precious frills and eyelet-lace
      and parade in mock celebration.
      The drained chalice swings stiff in my trembling hand,
      glistens like slippery quick-silver
      as I slip into sunny sleep.

      Every day I dream the fully-engorged eyes
      in the thicket smile and whisper ...
      sanctus, sanctus, sanctus.

    • November 17, 2001 8:51 PM GMT
    • For all fans of TG fiction I would like to recommend a site with more than enough stories for anyone.
      It can be found on then follow other links,miscellaneous links to Fictionania.
      You'll find everything from short stories to almost a novel,catering for all tastes,with reviews and selctable categories.
      Happy reading. Love, Sue.XX

    • September 26, 2001 2:08 AM BST
    • Something tells me to finish it, sometimes it is the ache which has become unbearable, sometimes the fear of the approaching daylight or a mixture of both. I find a darkish corner and then with my eyes continuously watching the world around me I slip my hand up my skirt. Touching my tights as I pass or the naked thigh if I’m wearing socks and up until I can feel the contours of the stiff, slowly pulsating penis that lies beneath the silky and lacey material. I know that there is a growing damp and sticky patch in one corner of the panties as my body screams it’s pleasure at the situation it finds itself in. My fingers find the best place to touch and with an attempt to control my breathing I pull down the tights to release the panties into the cool air.  I give myself room to manoeuvre and slowly slowly (I want this so bad but it is pure pleasure) I touch the panties, a tremor passes through me as I feel the little bow that has shown me the way in the dark. I let the master out. My fingers grip gently, I love the wetness the warmth and the way it seems to push against my hand. I move my fingers gently, I try to make this last, it never works. My back starts to arch inwards as the spasm fires through me and the master pumps it’s pent up joy into the night air. I try to avoid any of my joy getting on the tights and panties, already knowing that there is a bit of work there to deal with, whilst also trying to enjoying the moment.

      It is over and the guilt has come, it comes even before my joy has been fully spent. Now the fears come, Why? Why? I wish I hadn’t done it I wish…. I will never do it again. These thoughts assail me as I make my way back to my hiding place. This time is the last time.

      I know that by the time I am in my first lesson of the day I will be dreaming of reliving this experience tomorrow.

    • September 26, 2001 2:05 AM BST
    • It had been months since I had rushed out, dressed as a girl, at an early hours of the morning for the first time and now I had become more sophisticated. I knew that the biggest danger I faced was being seen by members of my family as I left the house and so was now working a set plan, it’s funny how we can become devious when we need to.

      Each night I would, if I could, steal some treasures from the wash bin, my Sister’s or Mother’s room and hide them down the side of the bed between the covers and the mattress. I would aim to get a pair of panties, a skirt, some tights or my Sister’s knee length school socks. I needed all of these if my plan was to work. This hiding operation occurred during the early evening and my heart was always in my mouth as I snuck the treasures from their place of origin to my little secret place. What could I say to anyone who asks about why I’m holding a skirt, tights or panties?

      For the rest of evening I would be tense, knowing what was hidden in my bed and dying to touch and wear them, "oh why can’t I have them always?" When it was time for bed I couldn’t just have the pleasure of them as I shared a room with my brother and had to wait in the darkness, passing in and out of sleep, never really relaxing. I would wake, it was too early to get up but I could hear my Brother’s breathing and knew when he was asleep. I would then let my hand quest down under the covers and into my treasure-trove, what a luxurious moment as my hand touches silk. I pull up the panties against my body and let my fingers quest for the sign, the sign of the bow! The little bow that in the dark tells me when I have the front and using this I can slip their loveliness over my legs and up to my master, it loves it, I love it. I lay breathing as quietly as possible listening for any noise from the other bed. Satisfied I slip on the tights and then the skirt and just lay there waiting, enjoying it, this is great, my master pulsates and lets a little joy emerge like gently squeezed spit from firm lips. Now I wait for the morning, the dark where I can be up.

      When morning arrives, I go down stairs, put on my treasures, my sister’s or mother’s panties, a pair of tights or knee length white socks and a skirt. Then once dressed this way, with my normal boys T-shirt and jumper, I would put on my trousers and socks over the top. It was fortunate for me that at that time the fashion was for baggy trousers as I couldn’t have got away with it if I had to wear tightly tailored ones. I would leave my house and make my way to the local shops, not far but with the advantage of both darkness and lights whenever I wanted them. Creeping passed the bushes I drop down behind some stairs and here, with my heart pumping as if I was running, I will slip off my trousers and socks and feel that beautiful feeling as the cold air touched my legs. I take my boy’s clothes that are no longer wanted and put them into my paper-round bag and then hide this in the bushes. I loved the feeling of my stockinged feet against the cold street as I stood hiding my other person’s clothes. Putting my girls shoes back on I would then walk around the shops, living in that strange world of wanting to be seen but scared of being caught, an experience that lives with me now. I would stay out as long as possible, emerging into the light every now and then to glimpse myself in the windows of the shops; how marvellous to see yourself in a skirt and tights or girls socks, knowing that they hide the lovely panties and stiff, wet master that I must obey.