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    • February 3, 2004 2:10 AM GMT
    • Hi Jenny-

      So nice to meet you. I'm a newbie here too, been a member all of a week or so. This is a really great place, finest kind. Nicest people in the world.

      Don't let the age thing bug you, heck, I'm fifty-mumble myself. Oh phooey, I think I already posted it in my intro, I'm 56, but I'm not going to get a day older. So there. I may even decide to get younger. Who says we can't, anyway? <g>

      Talk to you again, soon. Best wishes, take care.

      -Joni from Oregon

    • February 2, 2004 6:17 PM GMT
    • Hi Jenny - can I say welcome and as another 50+ crossdesser it is nice to have a sister join us. Your site is great hon and so are your pics. Will look in again and sign the guestbook etc.

      Pleas join in and take part we don't bite much and there are lots of girls who enjoy chatting and generally gossiping.

      See you around

    • February 2, 2004 6:10 PM GMT
    • Hi girls

      My name is Jenny James and I am a married tranny in my 50's eeeeekkkk. I like to think I do not look my age either dressed enfemme or otherwise, but don't we all. I have been dressing enfemme for as long as I can remember and my first recollection was age 4 or 5 when I used to play with the girl; across the road.

      I will not bore you all with the usual Bio as if you are that interested you can read it on my web site.

      I have been married for 31 years and like so many honestly thought my desires to be a girl would go away. Unfortunately they have become stronger than ever. I am not certain if my wife knows or not, but for many reasons I have chosen not to tell her. I suspect she does know as I shave all body, arm and leg hair and she has found various items over the years. She has chosen not to challenge me and perhaps she does not want the burden of knowing if you understand.

      I have an older brother who at age 53 came out as being TS and subsequently one year later went through transistion. This really freaked my wife and has made life very difficult for me. I was on the verge of telling her but based on her attitude towards my brother or sister I have decided it would be better not to say anything.

      A long introduction I know but I hope to make some good friends on the Trannyweb Site and contribute where ever I can.

      Lots of love to all

      Jenny James.

    • February 2, 2004 7:54 AM GMT
    • nice to meet u joni and welcome to trannyweb , hope your getting to no plenty of us girls , feel free to pm me if ever you want to chat

    • January 27, 2004 3:23 PM GMT
    • Hi, Tina, Jenny and Stevie, it's so nice to meet you. Thank you for the welcome. I'm sure we'll be talking to each other again very soon. Hope you're having a great day.

      Hugs, Joni from Oregon

    • January 27, 2004 6:02 AM GMT
    • Welcome.

    • January 26, 2004 8:56 PM GMT
    • Hi Joni,
      Glad you found us.
      I hope you stick around, the girls on this site are great.
      I wouldn't worry about being too gabby, there's no such thing and everyone here likes to see the forums busy.

    • January 26, 2004 4:13 PM GMT
    • Welcome to the community Joni - as you have alreay realised there are a lot of us about and the more we chat and swap stories the better we begin to feel about ourselves. There's a wealth of knowledge and experience on this site and i hope you find, as I have that the people here are, in the main, supportive and welcoming.

    • January 26, 2004 2:34 PM GMT
    • G'mornin Rachel-

      Thanks so much for taking time to say hi. I just read your profile, it seems we have a lot in common, guess we would or we wouldn't be on this list, huh? <lol>. I still have a 16 year old son at home and I most definitely do not want him knowing about my femme side. The teenage years are confusing enough as it is, so I only dress when I know it's a 100% safe and only for a few hours here and there.

      I've often wondered what it would be like to come out and be able to be Joni full time or at least when I want for as long as I want. I don't want necessarily want to be a fulltime girl, well maybe sometimes, but I often wish I could be Joni for more than a few hours at a time. What would it be like to be a girl/woman all day long for a week or a month or six months or longer? Don't know, but I'd like the freedom to find out. Oh well, maybe someday before I'm tottering along in 4" heels and a walker. <g>

      The town I live in is very small so I would never, ever, ever chance going out en femme around here or anywhere in about a 100 mile radius. Being outed wouldn't be the literal end of the world, I wouldn't get ridden out of town on a rail covered in tar and feathers (tastefully, I would hope), it would still make things prettty uncomfortable. Like you I hope to make it down to SF sometime, maybe this spring, for a makeover and full overhaul, just for the fun of it and just to see what I would look like when worked over by a pro. I'm a fairly new member of the I Love It Girl list and am going to try to make one of their Wednesday nite socials soon.

      Rachel, I take your point about the "neck up" thing. I'm pretty sure other x-dressers and trannies must do this, too, but when I'm out and about I study women, how they dress, how they walk and stand and talk and gesture, how they do their makeup and on and on. Some of it, of course, is the male side of me enjoying looking at girls, but a lot of it is me as Joni wondering, "how does she do that?" I've seen lots of g-girls that would make a dog bark (that sounds mean doesn't it?) but they get to walk around in skirts and panties and cute shoes, makes me so darn jealous I could spit!

      Well, here I am rattling on. If I were a g-girl I'd be such a motormouth. Thanks for your note, it's so nice to be in touch with other girls of our persuasion. Take care, have a great day, talk to you again soon.


    • January 26, 2004 4:04 AM GMT
    • Hi-

      I just joined this list a couple of days ago and have been browsing thru the various fora and threads. This is such a nice place, I'm so glad I found you all. If it's okay, I'd like to tell you a little about myself, about Joni that is, who is really me or I'm really her or something. It's so confusing to be a sometimes girl and have a femme name and talk about that other persona as if they were someone else.

      Anyway, before I start rambling too much, my drab name is John and I live in a very small town in Central Oregon. The town I put in my profile is the nearest town of any real size that someone in the US or at least from Orygun might recognize. I've been crossdressing since I was in my very early teens and have come out to a couple of former girlfriends and my wife. I've never come out to any male friends and only ventured out en femme a couple of times when I lived in a much larger town (Sacramento, CA many years ago). Right now I'm cough-mumble years old, I mean I'm cough-cough, oh hell, I'm fifty-six, there I said it!

      As a guy, I'm tolerable, but as a girl I'm down right frightening (at least I think so), I don't think I'll ever pass, but I do love dressing and being Joni even if it's only around the old homestead. I'm six feet tall (make a real tall girl in heels) and try hard to keep the pounds off. From the neck, down I don't look to bad when dressed, or at least so I flatter myself. As I mentioned, my wife knows and tolerates it and even sometimes joins in a bit, helping with makeup and wigs and trying not to giggle too much. She's known about Joni or me and Joni or whatever for several years, sometimes she has her misgivings, but we love each other and she accepts it as part of who I am. So, I guess in some ways I'm kind of lucky in that I don't have to try to keep my girl side hidden from my SO.

      Well, given half a chance, I'd just ramble on and on, so I would just like to say again that I'm so glad I found this site and hope to be a participating member of this group. From your posts, you all seem so understanding and helpful, I hope to get to know you better in the future and vice-versa.



    • January 28, 2004 11:36 PM GMT
    • The only reason to have large files is if you want to print photo quality pictures. Screen resolutions, even with modern screen do not give the definition necessary to need large files. If you print out the two files i provided you will see a difference but if you look at them on the screen there is no discernable difference.

      To help Katie out it would be a good idea if all of us girls who have photos on the site made them as small as possible in memory usage - by the way if you have a site which uses large pictures then your bandwidth increases as you increase in traffic which incurs payments for each megabite over your alloted monthly use - hence Katie has to pay for all of our use of this site.

    • January 28, 2004 10:40 PM GMT
    • Katie to the rescue - but not for a little while...

      We're looking at getting something called iResize installed, which will resize images uploaded to the galleries and so on, to a particular size which will load quickly.

      It won't be here for a while though. I'm still saving up for the chat room upgrade and messenger which will cost over a thousand dollars of mostly my own money.

      Won't be too long though.



    • January 28, 2004 9:40 PM GMT
    • Thanks, Tina. I see what you mean. I did an experiment on the "party girl" album with different kinds of connection and found that while broadband was quite quick (less than one minute), the modem connection took around 8 minutes to load the album fully.

      I think the answer may be to have two albums, one with larger files for broadband and another with smaller files for a dial-up connection. Interesting to see that no-one else has done that.

      I'll make the change as soon as I can.


    • January 28, 2004 4:41 PM GMT
    • Sorry these files should have correctly uploaded.

    • January 28, 2004 4:35 PM GMT
    • Fantastic pictures and well worth the wait - one small problem I can forsee - the pics are all quite large - for people who have no broadband connection then download time for each picture could be upwards of a minute - you will not get as many people looking at your pics if it takes a long time.

      Example given below hon - sorry I have coppied and changed the size of the files. The original is the largest from your gallery the other is the same file compressed at 60% - download time is one fifth of the original and quality degredation is not too noticable.

      I hope you don't think I being an interfering so and so I'm just offering advice - have had the same proble with pics on my website.

      Ignore the files in this post they are corrupted - incorrect upload - see below

    • January 28, 2004 6:54 AM GMT
    • Katie, you're a star. Prolonged hugs I've created three photo albums (as there were three different looks).

      Stevie, makeup and photography were by Pandora de Pledge. I don't know the names of the individual staff members.


    • January 28, 2004 12:50 AM GMT
    • Katie always gets results.

      Catherine, I like the photo of you looking at your reflection in the mirror (a6). That's a very cool, romantic effect.

      So, who's the photographer?

    • January 27, 2004 9:36 PM GMT
    • Hooray! The photo uploading problem has been solved so now Catherine can go ahead and create an album.

      Can't wait to see it. I've taken the liberty of uploading one of Catherine's pictures to my Test gallery just to make sure it can be done.

      There are still a few issues in the galleries, with links that don't go anywhere but we should have those sorted out soon.



    • January 27, 2004 6:16 PM GMT
    • You look great, even better than your icon, it seems odd that you can download the pics to the forum but can`t create an album.
      Maybe you could get one of the other girls to transfer your pics from the forum to a temporary album until the problem is fixed.

    • January 27, 2004 5:50 PM GMT
    • Thanks Katie. To be considered a "real babe" is the highest compliment one could wish for!

      I use an Apple PowerBook G4 for most purposes, but I have to use the family PC for the chatroom as this is not currently available on Safari (the Apple browser). I'm looking forward to chatting on Apple sometime soon.

      Stevie, thanks for the advice and for speaking to Katie about the problem. I was sure it wasn't the pix themselves.

      Joni, I'm glad you like the outfits. I went to a professional dressing service and helped myself to their wardrobe. It was the first time I'd done this and it was a real pleasure to be able to try on some sexy female clothes. By the way, the red dress is actually two separates bridged by a black corset. All in PVC.

      Rachel, I got your post this morning on the way to work and it really set me up for the day. Thank you so much for your comments. I hope the photos will encourage others to go out and have their girly selves captured on film. It's so much nicer to see a real picture of someone than a standard icon.

      I'll put all the pix into my photoalbums as soon as the site redevelopment is done.


    • January 27, 2004 11:07 AM GMT
    • Hi Girls,

      I promise we have nothing gaianst Macs here - I like Macs!

      We're in the process of installing and configuring an upgrade to the software that runs Trannyweb and unfortunately this has introduced some new bugs into the system.

      I love your pics too Catherine - you're a real babe!

      We'll have the bugs ironed out soon - honest Mr Gates!



    • January 27, 2004 5:58 AM GMT
    • Cool pictures.

      Hmm... they're all JPG files, and they seem to be reasonable sizes (KB-wise), so everything should work. I told Katie about it, so maybe she can find the problem (could be a server issue).

    • January 27, 2004 2:48 AM GMT
    • Catherine-

      You are soooooo hot. I love that black dress. Oh, and the red one, too.

      -Joni from Oregon

    • January 27, 2004 12:10 AM GMT
    • OK now I've been to all this effort can I have my own photo album please?

      Catherine (happy now)

    • January 26, 2004 11:57 PM GMT
    • Thanks Gloria so do I. These are prob my fave so far.

    • January 26, 2004 11:51 PM GMT
    • here are the last ones from this photoshoot

    • January 26, 2004 11:49 PM GMT
    • Part 1 of 2, these are from the final set called "eveningwear".

    • January 26, 2004 11:45 PM GMT
    • Gloria kindly posted these for me. Included here for completeness. Next set coming soon.

    • January 26, 2004 11:29 PM GMT
    • I think I'll have another G&T

    • January 26, 2004 11:25 PM GMT
    • I rather like these ones.

    • January 26, 2004 11:22 PM GMT
    • Thanks. I will be creating my own website just as soon as I can get round to it. More pix coming soon on the forum.


    • January 26, 2004 11:19 PM GMT
    • Wow Catherine fantastic pics hon - I am sure that you should be able to put them in a gallery. over 20 girls have.

      Have you thought about your own website. Not too difficult to start up nowadays with all this 'helpful' software. It can be quite rewarding and you can add as may pictures as you like providing there is space. Just one problem depending on your website provider will depend on how many people can look at your site without you having to pay for the privilidge of letting them see it. The more pics you have the more they look at and the more it costs.

      Don't be put off by this. I have my own site with lots of pics and it does not cost an arm and a leg to run - I just have to take in washing

    • January 26, 2004 11:09 PM GMT
    • how about these ones then?!

    • January 26, 2004 11:02 PM GMT
    • and another...

    • January 26, 2004 11:01 PM GMT
    • here we go...

    • January 26, 2004 10:49 PM GMT
    • I expect the software for this site was personally written by Bill Gates so as to frustrate those free spirits who prefer Apple computers. (Because they just work.)

      Anyway, since I'd like to show you what I look like, I'm going to try to attach a picture to this message. If it works, I'll post some more. If it doesn't...


    • January 20, 2004 11:05 PM GMT
    • giant step for girlkind!

      Today I decided that I'd waited long enough and it was time for action. So I walked into a tranny shop in London and tried on a few things. The staff were friendly and there weren't many people there. 45 minutes later I walked out with two black minidresses, some nice legwear, and a pair of shoes that I'm going to have problems walking in.

      It was a strange feeling, trying on girls' clothes in a supportive environment and without feeling guilty.

      Now I'm home and thinking of places to store this gear. I won't be able to try it all on at home for a few days but it will be great when I can.

      It was really just a first step as I know I need lots of other things - some accessories, some makeup and a decent hairstyle for starters - but it felt like crossing over to the other side and starting to see the world differently.
      Pix will follow, in about a week's time I hope.


    • January 16, 2004 10:21 PM GMT
    • Hey, years ago, I used Geocities, too. There's nothing wrong with that, to get you started.

    • January 14, 2004 11:35 PM GMT
    • Hiya' All,

      Been looking for a new brain challenge: think I just been given it - gonna turn into a techy nerd xxx.

      In the meantime I'll still be playing about with the geocities site.

      Take Care

    • January 14, 2004 8:28 PM GMT
    • I have Dreamweaver, and it's probably the best program out there for web designing (especially if you also have the other programs in the Studio MX package from Marcomedia). However, I normally just use Notepad (comes with Microsoft Windows) and do my own HTML code. Of course, now it's XHTML. Things are always changing.

    • January 13, 2004 12:55 AM GMT
    • Hi,

      thanks to everyone for your comments, they truly are appreciated xxx.

      To answer a couple of points: the style is I guess an homage to punk/new wave fanzines of the uk in late 70's & early 80's but I can see I've overdone it! Confrontational - maybe? I hadn't seen it that way. Spiky - yes, Direct - yes, but confrontational,I think it's both good and bad but on balance my initial response probably is I think it's a good thing and considering that recent news has given us an Italin TV beaten to pulp within an inch of her life and a young english TS pushed to drink, drugs and death by the hatred and prejudice of her neighbours perhaps theres a place for sharpening the nails a bit, maybe we need to find a Boudicea!!! But if its offputing or over the top p'raps I better get a sharper Editors Power Suit!

      As to who I'm trying to get to view the site, I'm not sure to be honest, other tv's looking for a familiar story, curious passer's by, people looking to understand and also to save my breath trying to explain myself to people - yeah all of those but my main point in doing the site is to try and develop my writing voice really.

      The content will expand over time and will be both blog and resource so the points about structuring and order are gratefully received and i'll work on it - a useful counterpoint to my chaotic nature!

      Stevie - another T girl NMA fan????? Superb!!! Check out the Strange Brotherhood album (esp: track called No Pain - it's awesome)

      Ricka - I luv that BG too xxx. However I have no idea what you are talking about re:wysiwyg ???? I'm a total virgin about web site publishing, the site was done on the free Yahoo pagebuilder thing !

      Thanks again to everyone

      Take care

    • January 12, 2004 7:28 PM GMT
    • Just looked at the site which contains a lot of written information but which is a little too hard to read due to choice of colouring. As it is a personal site I too have no problem with the language but it is not clear from the site what you are trying to achieve.

      There are an awful lot of sites out there, many of which use set styles and formats, mine is probably one of them, so yours wins because it is different in many respects. It does not necessarily follow the rules. In your face is ok if it hits the spot and achieves what it is supposed to. The question to ask yourself is does it do what I want it to.

      Most people putting up a site, be it tranny or not, do so because they want other people to look at it and keep coming back for more. When designing a site you need to keep this in mind. People visiting need to know what to do to navigate. Not everyone on the net speaks English or can read English. Using buttons as well as text is helpful to those people.

      However I must applaud you for being so forthright and up front in providing information on the web. Keep on improving.

    • January 14, 2004 11:34 PM GMT
    • Looking forward to it Leanne

    • January 14, 2004 8:30 PM GMT
    • Catherine, I'm sure there are things that I want to do that are illegal, even at 37.

    • January 12, 2004 11:10 PM GMT
    • Gloria, your pix are just great. You make an interesting point - if they're the real pix of you, what would unreal (or artificial or pretend) pix look like? And how would anyone know these pix were the real you? (unless you told them of course).

      I still haven't got any pix to post on the site, but when I do, they will be pix of Catherine rather than my (nameless) male alter ego. And quite right too because it's Catherine you want to see, not Mr X as we shall coyly refer to him. Which pix are the real me? If being transformed outwardly expresses what I really feel (and each time I imagine this, it makes me shiver with excitement), then even though I'm biologically male, isn't Catherine who I really am?

      yours thoughtfully

    • January 12, 2004 10:59 PM GMT
    • Stevie, if you're only 14, some of the things you might want to do are probably illegal!

      I don't think I've declared my age so far. And why should anyone believe me anyway...however I am old enough to have got married so there's a start.

    • January 12, 2004 8:33 PM GMT
    • Hmm... maybe I should stop telling everyone I'm 37. From now on, I'm 14.

    • January 12, 2004 7:48 PM GMT
    • Thank you for your kind words girls. Unfortuanately, those pictures were taken many years ago, when I had a more youthful look. The light and a skillful make-up artist helped too.

      These days, I may look a bit "long in the tooth". Although I've always listed my age as 28, I am actually (believe it or not), a bit older. A lady never tells her real age!

      I'll see how my girls night out goes this week and if I get away with it, perhaps I'll think about doing a new photo shoot.