Truth is stranger than fiction...

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    May 7, 2015 10:51 AM BST

    A true story.....


    I won a free photoshoot with a professional photography agency but due to the fact that it was a promotion they had very limited availability so I ended up having to schedule my shoot on the same day as the formal induction for my Computer Science Department at Uni. Scheduled it with plenty of time to spare in order to arrive home, change and then go to the induction.


    But the shoot ran late by an hour and we also got stuck in traffic and besides, the make-up artist and hair stylist did such a wonderful job so I turned up en femme to our induction at University dressed tot he nines (and planning to go out later that evening also). Spent some time mingling amid comments of other women feeling under dressed but I ran into and met the Head of Department. He was being a bit of an obvious flirt and chatting me up (much to the chagrin of my Disability Liason Officer who was the only one aware of who I really was).


    Anyway I had a meeting with the Head of Department scheduled for 2 days later to discuss my degree to which I did not go as a girl....


    We shook hands and he said :Nice to meet you..." and I replied "Yes nice to see you again as we met at the induction ceremony".


    It took several moments to sink in....

    At which point he went very very bright red.

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    May 7, 2015 11:04 AM BST
    Life is wonderful when fun times like that present themselves and it all goes well. : )
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    May 7, 2015 11:18 AM BST

    Indeed Brianna.

    I have a few of those sorts of stories, will share more later.

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    May 7, 2015 11:48 AM BST

    Another true one.....


    Was travelling through the Northern Territory (Australia) with my partner back in 2000. If you've ever watched "Priscilla" you will have some idea of the general outlook out that way (its improved these days but its definitely not as liberal as Oxford Street in Sydney). We were planning to stay at a horse ranch/hotel and it was a very hot day (about 40C with high humidity). For the long distance drive to our hotel I ended up wearing a long skirt with dual side splits so that I could protect my legs from the sun coming through the windscreen and also keep cool.


    We arrived fairly late afternoon at our destination where we had booked a room with one double bed. Place was run by a Swiss guy who was undoubtedly very prim and proper.


    The fun started when my partner and I turned up at the reception desk together where the manager was on duty. Guy became all flustered as he thought there was a mistake and that we wanted two adjoining rooms as we'd booked a "Double Room" (one room with a double bed) and there was nothing else available. After assuring him we had booked the correct room and that no, we didn't want a rollaway bed we both went up to our room to freshen up before dinner.


    We had a lovely waitress and wren't doing anything particular untoward. It was lovely romantic setting though. We were a bit surprised then when the manager brought our mains out to us and put them on our table when we were clearly only half way through our Entree. Our waitress hurried over shortly after that and removed the mains and apologised to us saying the manager wanted to get rid of the two lesbians in the dining room. We just laughed, shook our heads and mumbled to ourselves "If only he knew...".


    Well he did find out the next morning as my partner and I woke up late and needed to check out in 15 minutes. I'm sure I still had a bit of left over mascara on but I definitely had nail polish on when the two of us turned up to reception to check out, very obviously one male and one female (I was in shorts and a shirt).


    Poor guy nearly fainted I think but we laughed so hard when we were in the car that we nearly had an accident later, just wish we'd taken a photo.