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Quick Beauty Tip - Moisturising

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  • Moisturising your body can e important ut it also can be a it of a drag if you want to do it properly and you often miss spots. Here's a quick, fu, easy and relaxing way to do it and it'll even soften up those nasty hairs....


    1. Run a bath, not too high.

    2. Place 1 teaspoon of grapeseed oil (or Jojuba is also nice but grapeseed oil is much cheaper and doesn't react with much).

    3. Swirl the oil around a it so it lightly covers the surface of the water (it should sit on the top)

    4. Get in the bath (carefully) rolling over occasionally and lifting your limbs up and then down again through the surface of the water.

    5. Stay as long as you like.... :) . 

    6. Gently dab yourself dry when you get out but try to let as much of the oil soak in properly as you can.


    For some aromatherapy you can also add a couple of drops of Rose/Jasmine oil (anti-depressant) or Lavendar Oil 9a relaxant).


    And if you have issues with ingrown hairs?

    ut a few drops of St Johns Wart oil into a base Vitamin E cream (store in fridge).

      July 18, 2015 6:56 PM BST