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My Makeover including pics

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  • Well ladies where do I start. I arrived a little before 11am this morning and waited for the allotted time to roll around, getting more and more nervous by the second. Eventually unable to contain myself any longer I went in and spoke first of all to an intercom and then navigated my way up some stairs only to be met by Sharon. Casually dressed in slacks and top being closely followed by her little dog. From this point on Sharon made every effort to put me at ease. She showed me to a bedroom and asked me to change into my underwear and she went and got me a beautiful French lace gown to wear once I had my stocking and underwear on. I went prepared and was wearing my underwear. A quick dump of my male clothes and within 5 minutes I was standing in shoes and underwear {including breast forms- hers) ready for makeup and wig. We went into her massive bathroom and she took about an hour to do my makeup and we chatted the whole time.

    She was very patient, firm in what she needed me to do, diplomatic and without doubt really wanted to put me at ease and make me look my best. Sharon has had an extensive career in the fashion industry, bridal makeups, Television, beauty, deportment and the list goes on. She provides a complete one stop affair including the sale of clothing/wigs/makeup. In fact (and I can’t blame her) she tries to put you in clothes that flatter you and “make” you want to buy them although she made it quite clear she would be happy to see me anytime if I wanted to buy clothes. There was a particular dress that I fell in love with and felt really comfortable in. Sharon offered to sell it to me and I will probably buy it off her. She didn’t seem to want to sell it to me today as that was not what today was about but asked me to e-mail if I wanted anything.
    Once she had the makeup complete she would not let me look in the mirror until I had a wig on and then I had a look…so what did I really think? Drag Queen was my first thought but as she said to me before I looked, this makeup was for photography and certainly not “everyday makeup”. After seeing the shots I see exactly what she means. It was way more than I would have normally worn and I think it was the lipstick that really shocked me more than anything as I have a slightly crooked lip, so she ignored the natural lip line and made a much fuller lip line than I would have thought. But it seems to have all worked in the photographs.
    We started with a couple of my new dresses and then moved to Sharon’s extensive wardrobe where I started with a casual Skirt and top with the same wig. We then changed wigs and I wore a slightly more revealing {leg wise) dress with a bolero top. This was followed by a really simple but nice black and white horizontal stripe dress with an empire waist. I loved this one the most and I think out of the 5 outfits I wore I seem to be the most relaxed and enjoying myself in these photo’s. It is the way I felt as well. The shorter wig was a surprise but it seemed to suit me well. Sharon seemed very taken with the way it looked. She had told me earlier she had one wig left for sale that I could have if I liked it. It was nice and the second one I tried on for the photo’s. But when she saw this one on me she just told me that it was just perfect and that if I wanted it she would sell me this wig….I got the feeling it was more out of a sense of wanting to make sure I looked good in any wig she sold me even though this particular one I was wearing was not actually part of the “for sale “stuff. It was really inexpensive ($50 Aus. about $28US) great quality and feels great on.

    All the way through the session Sharon was giving me little tips wherever she could. Not intrusive or commanding but friendly and helpful...more like I would imagine a big sister. As I came into the bedroom to change Sharon helped me with my second dress and said to me on the way out the door…”You need to keep your head up, you need to be proud, You have spent too much time looking at the ground, you look like you feel you are doing something wrong…and you are wrong you should be doing this, its you or part of you so be proud and keep your head up. You have everything to be proud of”
    I could go on and on but I guess you all get the idea now. The talk of selling was a very minor part of the entire conversation. She made it clear to me that she would happily sell me anything from her wardrobe but it certainly wasn’t a requirement. She offered to have me come over when I get my breast forms for a proper bra fitting. She has vast knowledge and fantastic attitude with a great sense of humour. Did I get my money’s worth? I think it is all relative and feel I got my money’s worth and also potentially made an ally if not a future friend.
    I have photo’s I would love to share with you all but I was unable to upload one for my profile picture the page just never finished refreshing, so will try and attach some to this post. Hopefully the issue will be sorted soon


      July 30, 2015 9:15 AM BST