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    December 28, 2015 8:35 AM GMT

    Hello! Um... being asked to introduce myself is kind of a chore for me, but I will do it anyway since I feel like it's pretty much needed. So, my name is Felix (and maybe one day Felicia), I'm 19 and I'm from (the french speaking part, AKA Quebec) Canada. To describle myself, I would say that I am a really sheepish person. I'm very shy, often doubt about my abilities and lack of social skills. Yet, even though I'm like that, I can hear people say that I'm charming or adorable from times to times. I'm actually in a relationship with two other men, which I both love and hold dearly. <3 As for my hobbies, the ones that I mostly enjoy are drawings and videogames. I do also enjoy doing crossdressing and cosplaying as female characters from times to timse.

    The reason I wanted to join this site is because I need some help. I need some help to find myself, as in, who I am. Because since a somewhat young age (About 13-14 years old) I've been having doubt about my gender identity and such and between age of 16 and 18, I started to deny those issues, trying to tell myself I would be just fine as a male. But all this changed this summer, shortly after I turned 19. I started having doubts again as the idea of me living as a man started feel "false" to me. All the issues that I've had before with my gender identity came back, but harder, if that's a way of describing it. I also got mistaken for a woman at least once a day for the whole summer at work. I don't think that really did something about me having issues again, but I've definitely enjoyed it.

    Yet I am not sure of what I should do. I think I would really feel better if I could live my life as a woman, though, I am scared of the outcome. Such as a failed procedure and the thoughts of my surroundings (family, friends, etc.) scares me the most. And that's why I've decided to come share this on the forum, hoping a few people will help, well, somehow.

    Looking forward into meeting you,


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    December 28, 2015 2:25 PM GMT

    Welcome Felicia

    Finding out who you are is a very hard thing to do.   No one can tell you.  Some will try.   If they find you are a t-girl, society will tell you that you are a fringe member at best or a monster at worse.  You are neither.  Here on the forum you will be told you have to be true to yourself and transition.  That may or may not be true.  I once felt I had to transition.  There were no doubts in my mind and had I not been told to explore myself first and really look at my life I would have made a mistake.  

    Looking back I think it was because I was denying my female side so much that when I finally let my true feelings come out, I felt so good that I naturally felt I needed to go farther.   I wanted to tell everyone but at the same time was scared spitless to do so.  I wanted to feel like a real person as Maggie. Validate myself.  I wanted to go out dressed and have fun.  I wanted to find a man to make me feel as much like a woman as I could be.   

    There is a very real chance you will need to transition.  Many of us do.  There are a few of us who can be very happy just being t-girls.  I have discovered that this is what I am.  This has its ups and downs.  I found I really feel the need to become a true woman after buying clothes.  Or putting something sensual on.  So I monitored my feelings and found I could control how I felt to a degree.  I do not deny what I am and I think I am being as true to myself as I can be.  There are things that are very important to me that I would have to loose if I choose to go down the transition path.  If I denyed the importance of these things, then I would not be true to myself

    You will hear it lots.  Be true to yourself... Find a balance...  These are not as easy as they sound but they are attainable.

    Best to you and again welcome to the forum.


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    December 30, 2015 2:08 PM GMT

    Be true to yourself..

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    January 19, 2016 9:32 AM GMT


    It may take a little time but you will find yourself.   The Gender Society is a good place to start.  I started later in life and it took me longer.  The person I was when I joined is hardly recognizable, but nothing important was lost in the process.   Only one thing really matters.  Accepting yourself.  Learning to love yourself.

    Here you will find a vast repository of thoughts, facts, feelings and support.  There are excellent SRS surgeons in the world and "botched" surgery from these doctors is essentially unheard of.  Today's post-op transwoman can hardly be detected by a gynecologist.  We have many happy owners, of first-rate girl-parts, as members.  The first stem-cell clone parts have been successfully implanted.  A functional penis in South Africa.  Similar work is being done for a functional uterus.  There are limitless possibilites for future medicine.   Money will be an issue but not insurmountable.  Get an education and a good job.  Do not mess with hormones on your own.

    It is all here.  Knowledge is power.   Years past, when I joined this site's older sister, I felt recurring sadness for many of the people who came here...but the future grows brighter every day.   Be of good cheer.   It is now The Age of Hope for TG men and women.  Confusion is normal.  Self-acceptance is the goal.  With that, everything will start to fall into place.  The brain is plastic.  Shape yours in your future image.  Welcome, Sister.   Hugs.

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