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  • If is a very small word , even I can spell it . If is hypothetical though , the world is full of if's.

    If I were rich would I be happier? No money does not buy happiness.

    If I could change the way my life has turned out would I ?. No I would not.

    If I had the chance to start my life over again would I ?. No I would not.

    If I had the chance to had been born a genetic female would I have taken that chance? No I would not because the odds of being happy are just the same.


    If all of the new members who join this website weekly actually stayed and joined in would I be happier? . Yes I would because this website deserves more than the few dedicated members who join in here.


    If those few dedicated members all decided to just give up this website would be dead.

    If I said Thank you to those few who do care would anyone mind? . Well it is tough if you do because I am saying Thank you to those of you that take the time to keep this website going.


    You all take care , Julia xx

      April 9, 2016 5:07 PM BST
  • IF I could change anything it would be in other people, their bigotry and failure to accept.

    Julia, for the way you have been depicted, portrayed on here by a few, singled out at times, nearly led me to leave, I know you care, there are a few that still need honest and dedicated people for support. to learn from, that have experience and some knowledge of what's, what.     The people you helped, you found someone a home, and employment, when they were rejected and cast out.                           

    Cristine Jennifer Shye.  B/L.  B/Acc
      April 9, 2016 5:52 PM BST
  • Thank you Crissie. I still have the screen capture from that day I was deleted from here , and so called Bad Girl got to stay.

    I cannot turn my back on people if I can do something to help. Sammie who is no longer Sammie is a totally new person. Her sad puppy eyes are now bright and her future is looking bright too. I was pleased I could made such a big difference to her life.


    I know you tried to delete your account after so called Bad Girl posted this website will not rock untill Ford and Shye are gone , I so am pleased the system prevented you from being able to do it.

    Well Bad Girl who as you know was friends to us both once was very wrong. It is not you or myself preventing this website from being much more than it could be and still can be.


    IF you had been able to delete your account this website would have lost a very big heart , it would have lost it's heart too. It is very easy to see who only cares about themselves here or anywhere.


    Thank you for everything.


    Julia xx

      April 9, 2016 6:32 PM BST
  • If I was rich would I be happier? Yes, absolutely. Money does unfortunately make the world go round and when you don't have constant worries over how to pay your bills, things are nicer. I have been very poor, and I am in a much nicer place financially now, even though I'm not rich and I would choose the latter every time. 

    Would I live my life differently if I could go back. That's difficult to answer. I really enjoyed my time in the military and I would not have been able to do that if I had been born as a genetic female. I may have had children but they would be differnt too so that would be like saying I would be okay 'changing' my children. No way. 

    I would have transitioned earlier but that not as simple an option as it sounds since the issues were not as open, understood and supported by medical professionals as much as they are today. But in an ideal world, yes. 

    I would have also have stayed in the military for longer too I think. 

    Other than that, not much would change. 

    Every woman is beautiful, some show it with their faces, others show it with their hearts.
      April 12, 2016 7:28 PM BST
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    IF is a BIG word. I've been through the "what ifs" and I chose my own path - so I live with it. Luckily I usually land on my feet. I'm not rich in the sense of having money but I'm rich in many other aspects of life. Can't knock it. I'm coming up on another birthday and I'm feeling fine. I somtimes get the impression that I'm expected to behave in a particular manner. My answer to that is - who am I being compaired with? Is there a rating scale I don't know about?
    I have fun - lucky me -I like it here - hope I have made some friends.
    To quote "That's my story and I'm sticking with it."
    <p>If it isn't fun - don't do it.</p>
      April 12, 2016 9:31 PM BST
  • Firstly Nikki money does not buy happiness. In my past I had more money than I knew what to do with , I was not happy though. Happiness comes from inside not by how much cash you have or possessions you own.


    Yes Mary if is a big word in certian terms but as it is only 2 letters long it is seen as small. I hope you have a very happy birthday when it arrives. Thank you for your responses.


    If some members of this website do not get their acts together soon and start responding or creating forum topics this website will die. If that happens it will be a very sad day.

    Once this place is gone all that will be left is inferior ones and sex sites/dating sites (both the same). We owe so much to the members that try so hard to keep this place going and I thank you all from my heart. Think of this website as a shop! With no customers it will close. I seriously hope I am wrong but the future of this website is not looking good. Any members reading this and doing nothing please post something. There must be something on your minds that someone here maybe able to help you with or you maybe able to help someone else , it is not a one way street.


    You all take care xxx



      April 13, 2016 6:45 PM BST