I don't recognize this country I live in :(

  • April 13, 2016 12:21 AM BST
    Here's the latest news.

    Mississippi's laws are so bad that its anti-LGBTQ law isn't needed to allow discrimination http://www.vox.com/2016/3/31/11336640/mississippi-lgbt-religious-freedom-bill

    What is happening to this country I live in where I'm more ashamed than proud? (Ashamed: Bush for 8 years, gun-toting fanatics who are against regulations, unlawful wars, anti-LGBTQ backwards thinking people, rampant racism to include institutional racism. Proud: a black/mixed race president, federal law allowing gay marriage--but watch the video to see rampant discrimination even though it is now a right)

    Please go to the site, read the article, WATCH the very informative, easy-to-understand, upsetting video. When it's shown to you like that (the map,etc), it's sickening.

    Regarding the article/Mississippi law, hooray for Bryan Adams for cancelling his tour there. Let's hope celebrities and performers boycott these places...don't give these states your business until things change for the better.

    It's so bad, even something as basic as gender roles could be at stake too. In Mississippi, a boss can fire a woman for wearing pants if that employer so deems, if it is against their "dress code" for women (end paragraph of the article), and no repercussions for the employer. What is this?! The 1950s!

    What is going on America!
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    April 13, 2016 4:41 AM BST

    Yes, it is the 50s all over again!  When I was a child, schools were still segregated, people lived on "the wrong side of the tracks", and black peope were forbidden to date white people, let alone marry them!  Racism and hatred are something children are not born with so what happens is this ugly stuff gets passed on generation to generation.  Jump ahead to today where our leaders sold out our middle class thereby creating a much larger "needy" population and add over hundred other things that have radically changed for the worse over the years and people get very upset and angry.  Who do they vent their wrath at?  Why the black guy running our country!  Toss in the instant means of communication via the internet and now every Bubba, Jim Bob, and Cleotis can sit there all day spewing total garbage all day since they are probably unemployed meth heads.  You have a recipe for continuous bombardment of our senses by agenda driven nut bags that feeds into vulnerabilities to the point where the masses buy in and believe!  So actually, it's the not the 50s anymore, it is more like 1984!


    Traci xoxo

  • April 13, 2016 5:04 PM BST
    I just watched this video and it explains the "bathroom myth" which like you said feeds into vulnerabilities to the point where the masses buy in and believe. http://gendersociety.com/news/31225/how-did-bathrooms-become-a-battleground-for-transgender-rights

    Like I said, I don't recognize this country. I live in a bubble here in southern California, where many trans rights laws have been passed very easily, where the mayor of Los Angeles just recently appointed a transgender consultant/spokesperson, where no one cares if you are LGBTQ, and where there are many outreach programs, centers, nightclubs, LGBTQ-friendly places/cities/locales, etc, for the LGBTQ community. It's a highly Democratic "blue state" and according to a recent report, since 2012, 400,000 California residents left the Republican Party to join other political parties to the left. So while LGBTQ people including activists flock to blue states like California and others to live more freely and justly, the ignorant right wing nut jobs and close minded un-Jesus-like religious zealots are left to fester and grow and spread their hatred, ignorance, and judgement in "red states." This is why the federal government needs to get involved and act now. Vote for Hillary! Or Bernie, I have nothing against him. But Democrats need to go out in droves and vote this November. Then at least there's HOPE that something can change at the federal level.
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  • April 13, 2016 5:10 PM BST
    Up to the minute news! This morning, TV news outlets reported that the North Carolina governor is changing his tune. They gave a generic report as if he's doing something big and repealing the anti-transgender law. Leave it to the TV news to do generalized, not-in-depth, not truly relevant, glazed over news.

    So is the governor changing his tune? Nope. Here's an article from 19 hours ago:

    North Carolina's governor just tweaked his anti-LGBTQ law. He basically changed nothing. http://www.vox.com/2016/4/12/11415774/north-carolina-lgbtq-law:

    North Carolina is in rough shape. Following Gov. Pat McCrory and the legislature's enactment of an anti-LGBTQ law, the state has faced a big business backlash, with PayPal pulling a 400-job expansion out of the state, Bruce Springsteen canceling a concert, and more companies issuing condemnations and threats.

    Here comes the damage control. On Tuesday, McCrory announced a new executive order that makes some very small tweaks to the law...
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    April 13, 2016 6:42 PM BST
    The politics of America are insane at best. The central issue is not any one group being discriminated against. It is, instead as liberal ( and she refers to herself as that ) Ruth Ginsberg has noted - ( here I am paraphrasing ) - I see that America was primarily founded by land-holding, reasonably wealthy white males who established rights and rules for their governance and interactions- it is now up to us to have all of us included in this system. - At the heart of why this takes so long is quite simple - the Republican party is still strongly composed of the same type of these individuals who use the imaginary philosophy of self governance and independence in their running for office and passing of laws. they decry the government as an evil that needs to be abolished. Hence they are generating the states-rights versus the federal-government rights debate that stems all the way back to the origins of the US - ( while covertly masking bogotry, misogony, intolerance, hatred, prejudice, science-ignorance, and so on in the meantime ). This only leads to perpetual conflict for not just our generation but for all of time itself. We can elect reasonably-minded people on the correct side of issues only to be overturned 2 to 4 years later by the next elected right wing nut job. The media promotes these things as debates - there are no real debates - can ayone in their right mind argue that universal human rights for all people in a given country is not a reasonalbe thing?! 
    The insanity is a charade. 
    I'm no pessimist, however. Just a blend of a realist and an optimist ( with a flair of being the girl I am, of course ). These actions are good when it comes to the passage of laws and rules in states that try to find a pathway - but that is where social media - such as petitions for positive accolades as well as ones calling for changes to wrong-minded, moronic laws need to be started and circulated. Perhaps GS can be part of that launching vehicle for such measures for the TG community ( ? ). This can include petitions, sit ins, demonstrations, or even positive shows of force by being in the public at sheduled places and times and writing about it and contacing the local media where papers on issues are distributed and talks given. 
    I have a motto I have copyrighted, but feel free to use as needed, : Resolve, Solve, Evolve! 
    All the best - hugs, Briana : )
  • April 13, 2016 11:03 PM BST
    I love what you wrote Briana. I'm not on Facebook or any other social media sites because they are all too fake and superficial and don't delve very deep, plus a lot of people have ulterior motives on those sites, so I joined this site to actually do something meaningful with my spare time, not just browse other people's vacation photos and meet catfishes who have supermodel photos but are really 50 year old overweight mother of 3 behind her computer screen pretending to have a fabulous life! So I would love to get involved more on these social/human rights issues.

    More on the media here in the US. My husband noticed this years ago and actually brought it to my attention. He was watching CNN and noticed how the network tries too hard to make it "fair and balanced" to the point where the real truth gets glazed over, and the pundits are laughing and everyone's getting along. Excuse me, but sometimes the progressives are right, can't you just report and discuss the truth without fearing you'll be judged by other conservatives as being "the liberal media," as they always accuse anyway?

    I recently saw the movie Truth starring Cate Blanchett, it's based on a true story about the media and politics. Anyway, I never knew about this until I watched the movie, I was shocked because what 60 Minutes was reporting was true, but it got all twisted and things got ugly to the point where now I see why the media has become A JOKE when it comes to reporting news. They are SCARED. Scared of creating a scandal that will ruin their network, scared of getting accused of being "the liberal media," scared of people saying that they lean to the left. So now all news networks report very basic, glazed over news that is overly centric. Also, the network CEOs have certain advertisers and financial supporters that have certain special interests, so the news gets filtered based on that as well. The network can't upset their financial providers.

    I haven't even touched on the fact that TV news is all about the ratings, so they have disproportionately shown Trump on air way more than the other candidates, because he creates great ratings. Everyone wants to tune in to see what outrageous thing he says next. So he has gotten an exorbitant amount of free air time. If he is elected president, it will have partially been the media's fault. Everything he says is a lie or exaggeration, and the reporters/news anchor just go, "Uh huh, yeah," and they don't challenge him! Okay, I've gotta go meditate now, I'm raising my own blood pressure!

    Truth the movie: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth_(2015_film)
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  • April 13, 2016 11:11 PM BST
    My whole media spiel--or rant!--was because of your TRUE statement, Briana...

    "The media promotes these things as debates - there are no real debates - can ayone in their right mind argue that universal human rights for all people in a given country is not a reasonalbe thing?!"

    Here here! I second that motion!
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    April 13, 2016 11:13 PM BST

    Love that slogan Bri!!!!  Excellent commentary too...thnx!

    Lisa, maybe I ought to move to California?  Seems a safer environment than living in the south as I am today...but frankly, I have not encountered too much negative backlash toward myself along my journey other than losing a pile of family members from, guess where, southern Califirnia!  Go figurem huh?  LOL

    The internet is both a blessing and a curse at once.  It has become people's "go-to" for fact finding and ultimately decision making.  To me, it is "garbage in-garbage out" and you must take additional steps when following a story or thread in order to determine the type of source you're following.  I'll bet virtually all news stories are agenda driven by those who are trying to sway or capture the minds of others in order to further drive their goals whatever they might be!  Gone is the day when the news was just that, just the real actual facts.  Now everything has a spin on it or is run just for the entertainment value.  

    glad I'm old...hate to see where we go in the next 30 years with this all....seriously, it reminds me so much of 1984 or even Clockwork Orange today!

    That said, I am a very positive person and always try to find the "light" even in the darkness.  There's tons of good stuff out there and hundreds of millions of good people.  It just takes a little initiative to find them...(smile)

    Best wishes always!

    Traci xoxo

  • April 14, 2016 12:58 AM BST
    Traci, it looks like we were both writing our last post at the same time and posted just two minutes apart from each other! And we both said similar things about the media.

    Strangely enough, my dad is a Republican here in California, I could never understand why. And at my grandfathers funeral last summer my white cousin who's grown up here (as opposed to my Chinese cousins if you're wondering why I mention white) said she was super interested in Trump and was going to vote for him. I kept my mouth shut. This was when Trump was not taken seriously and was thought to be a "summer fling." So it's not devoid of conservatives, but go to a big city and you'll be fine. West Hollywood, Los Angeles area, San Francisco to name a few. But get ready for the cost of living, it's outrageous.

    You probably don't experience much discrimination there because no one knows you're a trans woman
  • April 14, 2016 1:05 AM BST
    So keep using the women's restroom, Traci. That's the stupid thing about the law. How can people tell?!?! Is there going to be a trans police a la 1984, peeking through the stall to inspect people's private parts?!

    Keep being beautiful, Traci, with your chic European look. (European is code for bra less...something I used to be able to do, but now I would look like a floozy with the size they are now! I loved our boob talk in my previous post.)

    Edit: I mean previous TOPIC, Caitlyn's lipstick. What do you think?
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    April 14, 2016 4:47 AM BST

    Yes Lisa, we were both writing at the same time and your post hit first...I might have tempered my response a bit or taken a different direction had I seen it though...no biggie, for as they say, GMTA!  (smile)

    I seriously doubt I would move to CA or the west coast even...I have a ton of relatives out there but they basically dosowned me when I came out to them.  These were supposed liberal types too...long story and I am not going to get into it, but it did hurt!  I truly thought I could count on them to be in my corner...oh well, their loss!  Actually mine as they live in the South Bay area by the water...bummer as I always had a cool place to stay on my visits.


    LOL on the boob comments!  Don't you find wearing bras, especially now that yours have grown even more, to be more a nuisance than anything?  I know before I developed breasts, I had always wished to be able to wear a bra.  Now I can and well, be careful what you wish for!  They especially are awful in our summer heat and humidity which can top 100f with almost unbreathable air.  Yuk!!!

    MAC makes a good product and Jenner's alignment with them is interesting.  I find wearing mauve and lighter berry colors look good with my skin type and coloring and hair and may give some a try.  My daily "go-to" is Burt Bee's Watermellon...simple and supposedly good for the lips too...often, I'll just apply a clear gloss for a shine though...I am not sure her alignment with MAC will improve their sales though as some might stop using MAC in pprotest while others will use it because of her..probably just a "wash" in the end.

    As for the new bathroom laws, it probably will be good for the economy as the gpvernments will have to hire tens of thousands of bathroom inspectors whose job will be to goose people walking in!  Head to a women's room and they poke you and feel a lump, out you go!  LOL  They will be named the "Goose Police"!!!  No doubt there will be many candidates that will apply.  you know, all the pervs that this law was intended to stop.  None of them will be trans though but there is no shortage of ex-clergy and politicians looking for work!  (grin)

    ciao~ for now...

    Traci xoxo

  • April 14, 2016 6:22 PM BST
    Haha! You're hilarious! Glad you can find some humor in this ridiculous situation.

    Ugh, I'm having to wear a bra from morning till night. If there's a heat wave or I'm sweating a lot, I have a hanger of bras in my closet just to rotate them out during the day. Yuck. I should write a new topic on the pros and cons of breast implants one day...

    Yep, even liberals aren't perfect. Your family members, liberal Hollywood studio execs aren't hiring African Americans and other races because they don't bring in "enough" revenue, liberal President Obama was against gay marriage early on (playing the political game, I always felt he was "for" it). Not to mention Democratic congress people don't vote or stand up to important human rights issues, gun issues, etc because they are worried about getting re-elected. So no side is perfect, but the optimist in me hopes for a resolution to this sudden rise in discrimination and bigotry against the LGBTQ community...which by the way began after the president and Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage was legal in all 50 states (plus territories I assume).

    So the "we have the right to refuse service or refuse hiring LGBTQ people for religious reasons" laws, AND the "bathroom bills" against transgender individuals that are popping up in multiple states is the direct backlash of same sex marriage rights. They didn't like the fact that it became a legal federal law, so now they're doing everything they can to ruin LGBTQ lives.

    Strangely enough, although I 'hate' Trump and 99% of Republicans...I find presidential hopeful governor John Kasich the most non-annoying Republican ever! Seriously, I can't help but like him...just a smidge. He has no chance of winning, but if he ever became president, there's less chance of me hiding my face in shame. If Trump becomes president, I'll be back to being ashamed to be an American...

    The first time I voted was in 2008. I was all pumped up, yes we can! However, when reading the provided voting material, I was reading the different parties and the one that I connected with the most was the extreme far left--the Peace and Freedom Party. Rosanne Barr ran for president in 2012. Go Rosanne!

    But because I know a Peace and Freedom candidate will never stand a chance at becoming president, I end up voting Democrat. Obama was/is center left. Hillary is center left, but I think it's time for a qualified, capable female president.
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  • April 14, 2016 6:31 PM BST
    This is the party I feel most akin to. The peace and freedom party. No wars, no invasions, no guns, no discrimination, equal rights for all citizens, help all citizens of the US to include the poor, universal healthcare, legalize marijuana, legalize gay marriage (this was their view always, and it came true).

    From: http://www.peaceandfreedom.org/home/index.php?view=article&id=1030

    Transgender Rights

    By Kevin Akin

    Posted on October 26, 2012 by the State Executive Committee

    Statement from the California State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party

    The Peace and Freedom Party stands by the introduction to our platform plank on sexual orientation, which states, “We work for a society without gender stereotyping or bias, where all people enjoy equal rights and respect.”

    The long-time basic Peace and Freedom Party position is strong opposition to bullying, discrimination, oppression and baiting directed against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals, and strong support for the demand for total equality.

    We hold as a fundamental principle the equality of all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We do not believe that any group is inclined to be more intelligent, moral, or worthwhile, or any less so. While we organize against acts of exploitation, we reject the notion that any group is more or less likely to be sexually exploitive than any other.

    We have recently been asked to clarify our position on the rights of transgendered people in public facilities. If restrooms are labeled "men" and "women," should self-identifying females who retain male sexual organs be allowed to use the ladies room?

    We say, "Yes." Since public restrooms bear signs allowing attendants of the opposite sex to accompany disabled people into those facilities, how can the presence of a different sexual organ be in itself harmful? On the other hand, we can think of plenty of cases in which a person's outward physical appearance of being a member of the opposite sex could cause great danger to that individual. If deranged sports fans attack people wearing regalia of the opposing team at a ballgame, imagine what they might do to a person wearing lipstick in the men's room. We must protect the rights and safety of transgendered people by allowing them to use public facilities as they see fit.

    Gender identity and sexual orientation are among the issues that are used to divide the working class. We need to unite against the real exploiter, the capitalist class, that controls our lives and throws our social relations into turmoil.

    Kevin Akin is the 2012-2014 state chair of the California Peace and Freedom Party.
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    April 14, 2016 9:32 PM BST

    Now you are the funny one!  Rosanne for president???  OMG!  LOL  I'd prefer Melissa McCarthy though...as for Hillary, she is a total phoney and is the wrong woman for the office, especially for a first time female president.  He isn't a whole lot different than Trump or Cruz in my opinion and will say anything to get elected.  I really do not trust her at all.  Yes, Kasich is likeable for the most part.  None of the Republicans stand a chance vs. Hillary though.  *gasp*  I'm getting a passport and will consider becoming an ex-pat and migrating to where there are lovely beaches, warm climate, and where I can wear skimpy two piece bathing suits, or at least the top all day long!  (grin)

    While the Peace and Freedom party seem to have awesome values, we both know how that is going to end up.  Actually Rand Paul talks pretty much the same talk as they do.  He too makes far too much sense to get elected!  LOL

    Girl, you HAVE to have a sense of humor to be us today.  I'm actually more like a feminine Don Quixote in "The Man of LaMancha" with my eternal optimism for the world as I see it.  I try very hard to find the light on a dark day and seek the good in others before I allow the negative to clutter my brain.  I live by a daily goal of trying to make at least one person's day better esch and every day.  It could be as mundane buying some goroceries for an elderly person in our neighborhood or taking their dog for a walk on a rainy day.  But it does make me feel good to see others feel good and it also has the side benefit of making it very difficult for others to dislike me or people of my kind. (smile)  And every country, state, race, and nationality has their good people and their not so good people.  I'm not ignorant of that, but it does serve me well to always be cognizant of that as I plod thru life one day at a time!  That's what ticks me off by all of the negative backlash exhibited by others towards the muslim people.  I know a few pretty well and the people I know are wonderful.  I also know my share of rednecks who are total jerks, but know far more who are terrific folks.

    Anyhow, life is good...it truly is a gift and to waste a life by walking around filled with negative things to me seems a shame when it doesn't have to be this way.  I love our country and the true core values it was founded on and I see far more people living accordingly.  So for me, there is really is hope...we got this! (smile)

    Love your posts!!!!

    Traci xoxo

  • April 14, 2016 10:42 PM BST
    I love your posts too, Traci! I think you mean Ralph Nader...Rand Paul is a libertarian ('softer' side of the right wing) who according to Wikipedia opposes everything that has to do with LGBT rights..."Rand Paul opposes protecting sexual orientation or gender identity at the federal level" was just the start of the Wikipedia paragraph on his closed minded LGBT views. Looks like he also opposes a woman's right to abortion. Oops. Here's Nader's info...let me see, what's a good site...http://www.peaceandfreedom.org/home/about-us/historical-information/campaign-2008/2008-presidential-campaign-candidate-profiles/104-ralph-nader

    However, head over to Wikipedia, and it's quoting his dislike of Hillary Clinton:

    In February 2007, Nader criticized Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton as "a panderer and a flatterer."[99] Asked on CNN Late Edition news program if he would run in 2008, Nader replied, "It's really too early to say...."[100] Asked during a radio appearance to describe the former First Lady, Nader said, "Flatters, panders, coasting, front-runner, looking for a coronation ... She has no political fortitude."[101] Some Greens started a campaign to draft Nader as their party's 2008 presidential candidate.[102]

    Come on, she's not that bad. I 'like' her (hey, the same thing I said in my Caitlyn post...a soft like). I'm not in love with her though, because she's too center, she is the status quo, and she doesn't have a strong message like Obama did. But I'm already getting myself used to the fact that she will be president. I like that she's a strong woman who is experienced when it comes to politics--Senator and Secretary of State. Move out of the country because of her? No, Traci, don't do it. Like I said, she's not that bad. If Trump becomes president, PACK YOUR BAGS AND BOOK YOUR FLIGHT TO CANADA, PRONTO
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  • April 15, 2016 1:59 AM BST
    I meant to say Canada for me and Panama, Nicaragua, or the Carribean for you

    And Melissa McCarthy for president with Oprah as her Vice President! Just please, Kanye, don't run, you're too egotistical with a god complex to boot
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    April 15, 2016 6:05 AM BST

    Nader is pretty cool and dead on correct about Hillary.  I used to live next door to a secret service man that had a lot of interaction with her.  Actually, it was her doing all the talking for she more or less told him to eff off every time he'd try to say something.  His description of the manner in which she treated those around her is not fit for even the worst animals on the planet.  She presents one face while actually being something else.  No, she is not the type of human I'd want leading us.  I could go on but it serves no purpose.  It is just my opinion as we all have opinions....no biggie...oh, I will not leave our country regardless of who gets elected.  But some candidates are going to make it really tough for us going forward.  I do not care for Kanye either!  LOL

    What is ironic is that I rarely discuss politics with others.  And here I am opening up to others on my thoughts about things as if I were some kind of expert in the field.  I really much prefer discussing music and the arts and anything that others do that can open my eyes to bigger and better for our future.

    Sooooooo....do you play any musical instruments? (smile)

    Traci xoxo

  • April 15, 2016 2:05 PM BST
    Well, now you tell me you have the inside scoop! Someone like me who just channel surfs the news thinks she's okay because that's what is presented to me, so I didn't know any better I forgot you live so close to Washington D.C., the White House, and the C.I.A. Do you know how many movies I've seen that are set there? Too many to count!

    I play the piano/keyboard very rudimentary. I'm a complete amateur. I taught myself to play by ear in a very basic way since I was a child. A few formal lessons, but I couldn't hack it because I had already taught myself by ear, I didn't want to practice scales, and reading music seems impossible. I created many simple songs in the last five years. Again, extremely basic. I sang in choir and show choir (singing and dancing) in high school for two years. THAT was fun. I'm a pretty good singer, if I don't say so myself! My mom was a night club singer and MC in Taiwan when my dad took some R&R while serving in Vietnam. They became pen pals, then she came to the states and after some years, wreaked havoc on him and all of us kids! She was not the demure little quiet and compliant Asian girl. Very dominating, domineering, controlling, hot temper! But very motivated, ambitious, and aggressive and became a super successful business broker. You think she was a high testosterone woman?! She passed it on to me but I'm nothing like her. I'm sweet
  • April 15, 2016 2:12 PM BST
    What instrument(s) do you play?

    I will be posting something more on the arts (an upcoming movie--foreign film--I just read about) that I NEVER heard about...it has something to do about gender...that's my teaser to you! But I spent time late last night reading Wikipedia all about this. It's unbelievable. That's it for now...Love, Lisa
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    April 15, 2016 3:03 PM BST

    Interesting to hear y'all tearing your country's political system to pieces, and very intelligently too.

    Here in the UK there is considerable disbelief that a nutter like Donald Trum is being taken at all seriously, but then again, we have Nigel Farage...

    The religious fundamental basis for the ridiculous bathroom laws is second only to that of groups like Isis and the Taliban.

    But now another pop star has followed the lead of Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams, and Ringo Starr will also be boycotting North Carolina on his US tour.

    And they're not the only ones boycotting the state, here's the most recent list I could find:

    Ringo Starr

    Bryan Adams

    Deutsche Bank


    Bruce Springsteen

    Michael Moore


    Joel McHale

    General Electric

    the Dow Chemical Company



    Hewlett Packard

    Choice Hotels International

    Whole Foods

    Levis Strauss & Co.


    And that list is going to get bigger. At some point North Carolina will be able unable to continue with their legalised discrimination policy.


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    April 17, 2016 5:52 AM BST

    Lucy...I truly believe the governor will repeal that insane bill as soon as he is advised in how to gracefully bow out of it while "saving face".  NC is feeling the impact already in their pocketbook and far too many people are getting mad at it, not just our community.

    Trump was initially refreshing with his outrageous attacks on the extablished political system.  So many people believe we have a corrupt system that only serves to enrich those who are in it.  Even thos who earn a good living are agreeing.  But he has gone beyond the lines of decency with his continuous spewing of hateful remarks and like an old, tired comic act, has worn out his welcome so to say.  He offers no solutions, just a lot of rhetoric that only serves to inspire feeble minded people who are easily led.  He will not win the election no matter how much he says he will because even his own party do not want him elected.  What is even scarier than Trump winning is the thought that a religious fanatic like Ted Cruz could win!  He represents all that is bad about religion using the bible and fundamentalist view points to drum up interest in him.  Are you familiar with the extreme right religious movement called dominionism and the seven mountains?  It is scary to think that we're heading in that direction because it aligns itself with hardcore extreme right christianity that reads quite similar to sharia law and their like.  In a nutshell, he and his lot are no different than ISIS and other whacked out people.  The USA was supposedly founded as a country that separated church from state and was one of the reasons so many fled the UK to our shores way back in the day.

    Lisa, like yourself, I never learned to read music but instead play guitar and harmonica by ear.  The harmonica is very easy to master if one has a good sense of timing and tone.  The guitar does require knowledge of chords and notes but can be picked up pretty easily as well, at least to about the intermediate level...but if one has the inate gift of "feeling" music, this is not as difficult as you might think.  I believe the keyboard could be mastered in the same manner.  Lucy is an awesome keyboard player and her band sounds really good.  I've seen some videos and they cover a wide array of cool stuff!  I run into many trans people who play instruments pretty well.  Must be a special thing our maker was kind enough to allow us to have, huh?  (smile)  And your mother must have been a handful to deal with, right?  When are you going to tell us about the film????

    Traci xoxo


  • April 17, 2016 2:25 PM BST
    Thank you Lucy, for posting your thoughts. I love hearing from a multitude of people, each with their own viewpoint. But unfortunately, not too many people want to post things here in the forum. I had to look up Nigel Farage.

    Traci, I never heard of dominion and the seven mountains and will look them up next. I wrote about the film here
    and I also added my personal story and how it somewhat relates on a particular gender level. I also added army photos of me at 19-20 years old--21 to 22 years ago, my how time flies. You can see my flat chest that served me well back then. You can also see my feminine and masculine traits, even posing kind of girlie in some...you can put me in the manly uniform, but you can't strip me fully of being me
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    March 18, 2017 9:05 PM GMT
    I taught students with Special Needs for a number of years and unfortunately I acquired a sixth sense of being able to spot a person who didn't get the help they needed. Sadly, you see these people everyday - driving too fast, not observing stop signs and being down right rude. You shrug it off and say to yourself "there for the grace of God, go I." These people usually get killed through their ignorance or stupidity. I feel for them but when they get elected to public office - I get fearful. Please have pitty on us in the USA - we're not all Special Ed.