The rise of right wing parties in Europe

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    May 3, 2016 7:24 PM BST

    With the current influx of immigrants to Europe there has been a rise in right wing political groups all across the EU. I don't think this comes as any surprise as citizens are beginning to say 'enough is enough' and are becoming fed up of further immigrantion, which has to be paid for by themselves as taxpayers. They would rather see the money spent elsewhere. 

    Europe isn't inherently racist and is used to seeing other nations cross their borders, indeed, it make sa lot of tourist revenue from this, but it is fed up with too many foriegners settling in their respective countries with no intent to integrate but with every intention to get whatever they can from the welfare system. Germany, where I live, is still shaking it's collective head in Angela Merkels intention to allow 1, 000,000 immigrants in, in spite of having 2,5 million Germans unemployed. There is concern over where they will live, how will they work, (Immigrants have to hold a language fluency certificate before they can work), how they will integrate, and the biggest concern, bringing their culture with them resulting in the islamification of Germany (and the West). This is a huge concern to many and is, at least in part, responsible for the rise of the right wing parties. 

    The concern is how this will end. It has already begun to turn nasty and is causiing some politicians to rethink their support for immigration. The problem for them, and for the man in the street, is that by objecting to immigration and it's impact leaves one open to being called a racist. No doubt, some oppositionists to immigration are racist but for others, they are simply holding on to their national identity and way of life. 


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    May 4, 2016 9:11 AM BST

    Recently I was in a Queue in the Bank,in front on me was this guy late 50s shaven head, British bulldog talking to his mate loudly ."You know if we dont leave  the EU with this vote ,then thats it I am off out of this country.I ve had enough .Theres too many immigrants". Everyone in the bank can here this can .I guess I could point out to this guy might well be seen as an immigrant if he does leave.However I kept quiet,afterall I am 6ft tall, and really dont want to draw any attention to myself as a Transgender person if theres a strong chance of being seen as a target for very opionated vocal people.Unfortunately some people vote in a non rational way ,sometimes voting to spite their face, or voting with fear, voting just to be against something.

     In the Uk I think we have a very toxic mix problem with the EU referendum,in that an unsustainable alliance of those with prejudice ,the apathetic,little Britain pride party,and those who have a legitimate well thought reason for voting for the country to leave  may win  the Vote.I deliberately say UNSUSTAINABLE, because after a decision has been made an action has to be made to implement.This cannot happen when people vote for the same thing  but have very  widely differing reasons and views, because their differing views surface after.

    dare i say it, but in the US Donald Trump seems to be pulling an unlikely mix of people that could prove equally toxic and powerful if this results in democracy handing a mandate to a megalomaniac .

    A lot iof progress has been made in the last 55 years ,not perfect ,but I like to think theres a significant amouint of people identifying with common shared human problems.

    I share your concern about the rise of right wing parties,and views.

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    May 8, 2016 5:15 PM BST

    I can certainly see the whole of Europe being affected by this crisis. It's a worrying trend. I personally like Europe with it's open borders and shared currency as, if like me, you cross borders very regularly, it makes things much easier but now it looks as if the price for keeping them open is too high and European states are becoming more secular. Such a pity, but understandable. 

    One can only wonder how the Trump steamroller will end. The warning signs are there.