A Female Voice

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    January 23, 2017 9:34 PM GMT

    I have read with interest articles about this weekend's Trump protests marches, and of how women have garnered the conviction to voice their views.

    Two thoughts for discussion here;

    Firstly, I am envious of the conviction, confidence and basic drive that women across the world have and reflect upon the absence of a masculine equivalent. Obviously feminism exists due to the absence of equivalence and has been provoked here by an uninvited grope from a dope, but it's a gender that feels clearer, more coherent and frankly awake than its masculine opposite. I am envious and applaud not from a desire to be an active participant but just for the commonality courage and compassion that is evident.

    Secondly though, I reflect upon our community and of how we may or are judged by all including women and feminists. Do you aspire too and feel that trans-women can be accurately defined as feminists, would you describe yourself as one and have you been confronted with warmth or the cold-shoulder by women who define themselves as feminists?

    So Trump and Greer in one posting. Ambitious, naive and a faintly ridiculous pairing.