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    • February 13, 2017 10:59 AM GMT
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      Transgendered or leather fetish

      Hi all.

      I am new to the group an a looking for help and advice. I have been starting to wonder more seriously of late whether my cross dressing which I have done since a small kid actually had a deeper underlying message.
      The reason I am unsure is that my fascination started with boots and has always continued in that theme but I developed a love for anything leather too. That said when i am dressed I feel totally at ease but do admit I get a kick out of the feeling too.
      The more I read into this there are signs I guess like always wanting to play computer games as a female. Fantasising about being turned into a goal. Having femme poses without realising and even a high pitched scream when scared. The latest one is the ring finger and index finger being the same size.

      Has anyone else been through something similar that can share their experiences. I can't imagine if I transitioned for example that I wouldn't want to wear boots all the time. Or would that disappear as it would be replaced with other desires.

      Any advice or help appreciated. Would love to meet others to discuss and share.


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