The Gullable and the dissapointed.

  • June 16, 2017 1:16 PM BST

    I am not realy a staunch conservative, always hoping that one day we would have a labour government that was both practical, sensible and worked for the disadvantaged and the poor, instead of conservatives that seem intent on selling off everything the british tax payer owns, cheap, as in the banks that wrere bailed out by the then labour government.


    Dissapointed that Corbyn who had no chance of ever winning a majority promised to basically tax the investors in the economy, who provided jobs and security to the nation and price them out of business,   when you are not faced with sticking to  imposible pledges and illogical promises you made during campaigning, no worries, BUT the younger people, stupidly thought Ah ha this is for us, lots of freebies.  (the old saying there is no such thing as a free lunch) unless your getting it on expenses in parliament.

    May needs to choose her advisors better, personally I think she is a reformer, willing to change direction if she is advised fairly, trouble with a lot of advisors in both parties, they are tainted with the outrageous excesses of their own parties views, and feel forced to stick to traditional aims.

    The tower block fire was horrendous, extremely sad, May was condemmed for not talking to the people there, perhaps she was overcome, did'nt want to be seen making political gain by this tradgedy, Corby was right up there on the bandwagon blaming the concervatives for their short comings for not providing adequate safety,   most of these high rise blocks that have had this type of work done, has been done in Labour held bouroughs, To my knowledge risk assesments are done before this work is passed for implementation, blame the risk accessors.   blame the individual people who passed this type of work for ignoring advice they were given, not a political party as a whole.    PM.s and ministers are not experts in a given field, they rely on advice and instructions from people who are suposed to know these thing, probably why May lost so many seats, she relied on the inept and greedy traditionalists, time to sack them.


    I honestly believe she is a caring sensible person, people just cannot get the point she is not a loud mouth sensationalist, last time a labour government was booted out of office, the  secretary to the treasury, left a note on his desk, ''ha ha there is nothing left, we spent it all''   Probably a lot went on Corbys jaunts abroad chummying up with filthy rich despot leaders of starving countries.    Corbyn will be at the airport welcoming back fleeing members of ISIS from Syria, Afghanistan, where ever.   Corbyn is a dangerous radical, implausable and reckless.

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  • June 23, 2017 10:21 PM BST

    Tests being undertaken at the moment prove, over 600 tower blocks have the same flamable meterials and design

    I am horrified that Corbyn has jumped on the bandwagon blaming the conservatives over the tower fire, blaming austerity and lack of public funding, when the majority of these tower blocks were refurbished under a labour government when it was spend, spend, spend, even during the liberal conservative era, even under the conservative government  labour run councils  ignored the recomendations of specialists and authorised the use of cladding and designs, which have been banned in even 3rd world countries and banned in the EU, so much for Corbyn and his rush to blame an individual political party.   The most blatant disregard for honour, taking advantage of a horrific disaster for political gain.   This stupic reckless man, runs of at the mouth, promising the earth and an everlasting money tree.   Same with imigration, 500,000 a year, who is going to foot the bill, for the increasing demands on the NHS social housing, education? imigrants, refugees most of who cannot work because they don't speak english, who is going to pay for their housing and needs? anyone with any money is going to leg it.   


  • July 1, 2017 9:39 PM BST

    He spouts all of hus non-sensical ravings because deep inside he knows that he will not get into power because there are far too many skeletons in his closet. He attempted to bribe the 1st time voters with promises of free this, free that, These gullible fuckwits, yes I said gullible fuckwits ate up his promises without having all the facts such as those who are older would likely feel the pinch more or the eldaly too. Beleive me when I say this if Beatnik Bill had won the election within 48 hours he would have been removed by military coup due to his dubious association with paramillitary groups both home & abraod & his insistance on decimating our armed forces & the only defences we have being trident. He is far more untrustworthy than blair & brown put together