Kim Jon Un, right or wrong?

  • September 3, 2017 12:44 PM BST

    Has anyone considered, he just does'nt want to end up like Sadam Hussein or Gaddafi, while the USA, Japan & S. Korea carry out intimidating military excercises every year just miles from the N. Korean Borders.   His bluster in part and aim to prove he has atomic capabilities in essence is deter any idea of a foreign power to invade.

    Whilst I don't agree with dictatorships and brainwashing a population, spending 90% of a countries GDP on military power, whilst millions starve.    If the Korean population want freedom and a life, including the armed forces they should get rid of their own leader, a peoples revolution, too many times the West has interefered with the internal affairs of other countries and to be honest, failed to improve the lives of the people of those countries, in most cases leaving chaos and anarcy.

    Kim Jon is a well educated man, not stupid enough to actualy fire the first shot unless he feels threatened, provoked.

    The west allowed India, Pakistan, Israel to develope nuclear weapons because it suited our policies at the time, the fear now is if Islamic extremists gain control of such a weapon, especially in Pakistan, with the mind set of those people they dont hold their own lives of value except to die for allah and to cause as much colateral damage to the infidels.   Another typical example of Britains intereference by the occupation of India and then dividing up the country,   Britain creating the state of Palestine, the list is endless.

    Trump was right make America great again, BUT not at the expense of a major disaster, millions of American lives, South Koreans and other countries dragged into an unwinable war,   Kim and Trump are pushing the limits of stupid rhetoric.

    Typical example would show in the case of Russia deploying missiles to Cuba, JFK threatened a nuke retaliation on Russia, Russia withrew, is'nt this exactly what Kim Jon Un is doing now?    Ultimately it is is presumed in a conflict with N korea America would win, leaving america with more than a bloody nose if China did support the north,   China does not want a North controlled and sponsored by America on its borders, Russia does'nt want America as a closer neighbour,   South Korea does not want to encompass the north it could'nt afford it.   As usual the French and the rest of the EU would prevaricate and wait to see who wins.

    If the North have just tested such a large atom bomb, how come the USA and other western countries have not release satelite pictures/images?

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    September 7, 2017 1:50 PM BST

    Hi Cris,The US and others have released Satellite pictures of the North Korean Bomb test site..see bbc news website, 38 North released satellite pictures showing landslides, around Mt Mantap.From these and the seismic data There is a Strong suggestion that test tunnels in the Mountain have collapsed following the most recent Test.

    I would not be surprised, if this information is raised in profile ,as the test site is close enough to the China border .In the article detail there is suggestion that North Korea may well need to do more of these under ground test explosion .This presents China with the legitimate point at which to force ably declare that North Korea should not do any further testing at an unstable site

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