Photo security?

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  • Hi Everyone. As you may have seen I joined a few days ago and posted a photo of my femme self as requested. No problem there but then I became aware that my details and photo were available for non members to see with relevant google searches. Ok I thought , no problem' I'll just tag all my details for members only. Only problem is that there is no tag for my photo so the question is: If I have tagged all my individual details for members only does my photo and name remain available to non members? Pending an answer I have felt that I must remove my piccie since I live in a less than cutting edge English village with more than its fair share of dinosaurs (giving them a bad name actually) and really do not want to be outed to anyone I have not specifically selected.  I know this is paranoid but you can never take it (privacy) back can you?

    If I can get a Yes on security I will be very happy to re-post the previous photo but a No would mean an anonymized photo or worse an icon which I feel sort of defeats the object of joining such a great group of people.

    Anyway hope someone from the moderation team can help and sorry if I'm raking over an old issue (virtually certain I am actually)!?

    Robyn xxx

      December 6, 2017 3:40 PM GMT
  • As far as I know. photo's can only be seen by members, albums can only be perused by full members, BUT

    I know that the public forums can be seen by non members, ie, visitors on line, if you mark your profile as ''can only be seen by members'' then your contributions to the forums cannot be seen by none members.  None members cannot view profiles or the home page, articles or blogs.

    There again I have always thought. well if someone says saw your profile pictures on some weird tranny site, my question out loud, would be what are you doing trolling around on those type of sites.   If in doubt post an avitar.

    Cristine Jennifer Shye.  B/L.  B/Acc
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      December 6, 2017 7:08 PM GMT
  • Hi Christine

    Thanks for that. I guess the sensible compromise is to use an avatar up front and save actual photos to my album. That way members can still get to see the real me if they would like to. To try to make it a bit personal I've chosen a drawing which isn't me but at least I drew it.


      December 7, 2017 9:56 AM GMT
  • Your obviously very talented.

    Cristine Jennifer Shye.  B/L.  B/Acc
      December 7, 2017 12:15 PM GMT
  • Aw shucks - s'cuse me while I polish my ego (even more).

    Point taken - I'll just tiptoe out and find my coat........

      December 7, 2017 1:21 PM GMT
  • 43

    Yes! Gorgeous drawing! Vast approval! :)

      December 7, 2017 2:58 PM GMT
  • Well now that I learned all this, I suspect I'm spread out over the internet like a Hollywood hooker. Lol oh well, better ,now than never.
      December 7, 2017 8:55 PM GMT