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    • January 4, 2018 2:26 PM GMT
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      Going official.

      Hi everyone and happy new year. So having joined this awesome group b4 xmass and checking out all the posts (and talking to Traci Lee - awesome lady) I finally decided to go official and speak to my (v nice lady) doctor about my "situation". Very traumatic waiting for the appointment but awesome to finally talk. I live in UK so this is NHS and  I have discovered the following: First she thanked me for coming and talking before I was ready to throw myself under a bus. (This makes it much easier to diagnose gender issues rather than mental health - which came first situation). I confessed to using herbs for 5 - 6 months prior to my visit and she did confirm some breast growth (a little) so that's nice. She was happy to refer me to one of the 5 or so gender Clinics in England (Leeds approx 100 miles away) but they are so snowed under that the waiting time is at least one year. Having seen the clinics website it is obvious that they tailor fit treatment to the individual and do not expect people to fully transition if the hormone route is prescribed. Its about only going far enough to get the you"right". She also referred me to a local sex psychology councilor (waiting 1 -2 months) to keep me going in the meantime. As part of the referral I got a complete suite of blood tests which have come back normal so the herbs don't appear to have caused issues. I told her today that I would like to try the evanesce herbal route to keep me sane while waiting and she understood but said that the NHS could not officially support such self medication. However she has given me a liver / kidney blood test form to use after approx 6 weeks on the evanesce as a precaution. All in all I can strongly recommend doing what I have done. Its a great relief to be able to chat with a sympathetic professional. I know it's difficult but why not give it a go?

    • January 4, 2018 8:09 PM GMT
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      Untitled title

      Hello Robyn - Super news for you! I am happy for you and all the best in your journey. 
    • January 11, 2018 10:15 PM GMT
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      It sounds like your doctor is really helpful.  I bet you were nervous, but it was worth it and you are on your way now.  





    • January 17, 2018 2:01 AM GMT
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      Hi Robyn!
      I haven’t logged in since New Years and thus missed your post. Congrats on moving forward, but OMG the UK system moves so slowly! Lol.
      As you know, I have been using that herbal protocol with excellent results. My health is at the top of the charts for someone my age. Most will speak negatively about my protocol and I’m certain they have their reasons. I’m not here to promote them and have no vested interest in their company but will also say that they work for some and not so well for others. Many factors go into a successful physical transition. They are far more expensive than a prescription and decent health plan. But for me (and others I have met), they met and exceeded expectations. ‘Nuff said...this isn’t about me but about you!
      I’d avoid using prescribed Spiro as an AA. There are alternatives including the herbal one (their most effective product...). Spiro has too much negative baggage to bother and frankly is not all that effective. See if your MD can prescribe an alternative.
      That said, it must be so exciting for you to get to this point. The mental changes you’ll gain from having your body run on E instead of T will be the greatest gift of all regardless of how much you physically morph!
      Best wishes always!
      Traci xoxo

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