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Advice to STraight Friend

  • Is you GF gay friendly, if so take her along with you one night, perhaps he will then get the message.   I have a couple of Gay friends they are touchy feely, but it's all harmless, that' just how they are 

    Cristine Jennifer Shye** Beware the toes you tread on today, they might be attached to the arse your forced to kiss tomorow. Contenplating involvement with a man? Make sure you can cook realy well or face having sex on a regular basis. Men are like paving slabs, lay them properly, they will stay put and you can walk over them for ever.
      February 27, 2018 6:15 PM GMT
  • Hello there. My name is Mark and I am seeking some advice for a situation.

    I am a straight man. My older brother is gay and I accepted him wholeheartedly when he came out. I've gone to bars with him and consider myself very open minded and gay-friendly.

    My situation is this: I recently became friends with a guy I work with and through him met his younger brother who just turned 18. I've become friends with him as well since we all work together. I like the kid but it is pretty obvious that he is in the closet. I know better than to confront him. A person has to make that journey on his own timetable.

    The problem is I think he has a crush on me. Several times he has greeted me by saying "Hey Beautiful". He's always touching my arm or shoulder in a way that straight men usually don't. He looks at me when he thinks I can't see. There are other signs as well, which I consider flattering but not reciprocal. He knows I'm straight. My gf and I have been together for four years.

    I want to discourage him without making him think what he feels is wrong or bad. Should I say something overt to him or just let it go until he says something to me? I don't want to stop hanging out with him and I want him to feel its OK to come out when hes ready, but thats not a road I want to go down.

    Any advice? Does it sound like he might be into me? How can I discourage him?

      February 26, 2018 8:42 PM GMT