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  • Topic: why a driver less vehicle struck and killed a woman.

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    • March 26, 2018 2:19 PM BST
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      why a driver less vehicle struck and killed a woman.


      This poses a legal dilemma, if this happened in the UK! if the car was'nt at fault 



      Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor who studies autonomous vehicles, said: "The victim did not come out of nowhere. She's moving on a dark road, but it's an open road, so Lidar (laser) and radar should have detected and classified her" as a human.

      Their comments came after authorities released the harrowing dashcam video.


      It cuts out just before the woman was struck as she walked onto a street in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, and the second part shows the reaction of the driver filmed from inside the car.

      Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir has said the SUV would probably not be found at fault, but the two experts said it appeared there was enough time and distance to avoid the collision.


      Self-driving car experts today said they are mystified as to why a driverless vehicle struck and killed a woman.

      Two different experts said the Uber car, which had a backup driver sitting in it at the time of the crash, "should have detected" the woman victim on its built-in sensors.

      "It absolutely should have been able to pick her up," said Sam Abuelsmaid, an analyst for Navigant Research.

      Was the back up driver negligent, perhaps on his mobile phone, whatever, it's my considered opinion, that he could not be charged with an actual offence of driving without due care and attention,, speeding, driving in dangerous manner, he was'nt actually driving!

      Somebody has to take the blame, obviously with the level of investment involved, it's going to be the stand in, the person in the driving seat, or is the driving seat going to be renamed extra passenger seat, for someone that sometimes operates the car.   Whats the answer?   Can somebody be legally breath tested and penalised ie drunk driving for being behind the wheel of a car when they are not in charge of the car at the time of the accident or offence, who pays the speeding fines for a ''driverless car''

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