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    • November 24, 2018 3:02 PM GMT
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      GO FOR IT, support


      At last, and I hope the police do get immunity from prosecution and lawsuits for compensation.

      If someone is mugging me armed with a knife, a police person uses a taser to take down that thug and the thug dies of a heart attack, will I feel any remorse that I was partially responsible for his death? No.   Should the police be made culpable, for not having done a risk assessment, enquiring into that thugs health circumstances and making sure he was not susceptible to violent electric shocks due to a heart condition?   Could the same be  said for the same person being chased down the road fleeing an assault, stabbing, and suffering a fatal heart attack due to over exertion or stress, of course not.

      Already the snowflakes are  saying knocking robbing knife wielding thugs of their bikes could be tantamount to assault, resulting to criminal charges of ABH or GBH being brought against the police.

      Using reasonable force against someone fleeing arrest or resisting arrest, to me this is reasonable force , tit for tat,

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