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Review : Divine Collection Aphrodite Breast Forms

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  • Rating : 4.5/5

    + Self adhesive back
    + Natural feeling shape/material/look
    + contoured back
    + Excellent quality and presentation

    Negatives :
    - Somewhat expensive
    - Adhesive not strong enough to go bra-less
    - Semi puckered nipple may not be to everyone's tastes

    One of my better breast form investments over the years with excellent quality and a self adhesive back allowing for ore flexibility forwhat you wear under your clothes.

    Review :
    I've owned a few forms over the years including a pair of Helena forms (attached with a triangular piece of velcro), a pair of Amolux self adhesive forms and severeal cheaper brands. I have large A cup natural chest size so finding forms that fit properly has been a bit of an dilemma. Pictures ina dvertisements I ahve found a bit misleading and trying to get the edges to disappear has never worked for me (especially on the tear drop and triangle shaped forms as the top edge/corner tends to stick up off my chest).

    Not anymore......

    At first sight......& touch
    These come in a lovely double sides box (to put extras underneath) that's about the same size as a pair of knee high boots. This does present a problem for travelling as you will likely want to keep the forms in the moulded plastic for protection during transit. So for those of you who travel frequently you might want to maintain a more travel friendly option.

    I ordered medium and upon opening the box thought I'd purchased them too largeĀ  but this impresion has to do with the moulded plastic the breast forms sit on. Shape is nice and the nipple looks quite realistic. Feeling them is a little disconcerting at first as the material has a different consistency to what you might be used to with traditional silicone forms. There's no plastic covering (which means they are more of a matte luster). The texture I can't quite describe properly but it's a little like feeling a bag of naturally wet clay. You can poke and prod them and they will return to their normal shape but they aren't as "bounce back" in the consistency that a pair of silicone forms usually has.

    Getting them on...
    They do require a little bit of preparation including anti-perspirant (provided in the box) and you can use the provided wipes to produce a bit more stickiness on your skin (which you may want depending on what you are wearing). So I'd say allowing 30-45 minutes for preparation including a bit of time to allow them to settle with a bit of pressure placed on them (lying on your back).

    They fit very well on me and the seams are almost invisible except that the skin tone doesn't quite match mine (for the price it's a bit of a shame you can't select your own skin tone). I came out as a large C so I'm happy with the result in terms of size as well (my Amolux ones were too big and therefore hopeless for remaining attached).

    Getting fitted...
    So what about walking around with a bra (or without one... L) )?
    Bra choice is wide open here, I think you could evven get away with a 1/4 cup bra if you so desire. The forms wills tay put so long as you have some amount of pressure on them such a bandeau type shaper will suffice. Any relatively tight dress will hold them in place (and leave your nipples for everyone to see also). Personally I prefer a balcony/balconette/1/2 cup bra with these and they come out nicely with the top part of the forms being visible. Dresses with sweetheart cut necklines become a reasonable possibility if you have the confidence. A non-wired bra is also very comfortable with these and once in your bra they provide a slight "sag" to the bottom edge providing a good and rounded out appearance (as opposed to the often full perky sticking out of you chest and defying gravity you sometimes encounter with other forms).

    You can sleep in these but unless you lye flat on your back all night you will likely need a sleeping bra under your nightie/pj's.

    I can't say how successful they would be but definitely not in a skimpy, no support, bikini. Something like a tight and supportive one piece swimsuit might work however.....

    Are you excited?
    Nipples on breast forms are a little contraversial and some people like them and others don't. There are various benifits to having separate nipples but we won't go into those here. These forms have nipples so like a woman you will have to deal with the consequences.... :)

    They are crafted in a lsightly puckered style which provides a nice feel. They are pretty good size wise (not overly large or really small) but be warned... They will stand out if you wear a tight dress/top and no bra (or a sheer one). Invest in a decent t-shirt bra like any good girl :) (or not if you're that way inclined).

    Good for wearing with...
    A lot of clothes will work these. Even the lower cut type of tops and dresses (sweetheart, empire and other low cut styles are feasible). Strappy or tight strapless numbers are possible but if you're planning to wear and hang a heavy strapless ball gown off your new assets then I wouldn't recommend (you'll likely end up with the dress and your tits around your ankles).

    Final comments
    I really like these and I only have a couple of whinges in relation to the inability to choose skin tones to match (see Realbreast if you wish for this) and the fact that you probably can't go full braless although it will work with something that generates a bit of pressure. They are the most natural feeling and "part of you" forms I've had the pleasure of owning and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

      December 9, 2018 2:50 PM GMT