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The law still states we are leaving on the 29th March

  • The EU has handed Theresa May two weeks’ grace to devise an alternative Brexit plan if her deal falls next week after the prime minister failed to convince the bloc that she was capable of avoiding a no-deal Brexit.

    After a marathon late-night session of talks, the EU’s leaders ripped up May’s proposals and a new Brexit timeline was pushed on the prime minister to avoid the cliff-edge deadline of 29 March – next Friday.

    Under the deal agreed by May, Britain will now stay a member state until 12 April if the withdrawal agreement is rejected by MPs at the third time of asking.

    The government will be able to seek a longer extension during that period if it can both “indicate a way forward” and agree to hold European elections.

    In the unlikely event that May does win the support of the Commons when the Brexit deal goes to MPs again on Tuesday, the UK will stay a member state until 22 May to allow necessary withdrawal legislation to be passed.

    “The 12 April is the new 29 March,” an EU official said.


    When did the bill pass through Parliament revoking the Withdrawal Act which categorically states that we will leave the EU, irrespective of any deal, on 29th March? A bill passed into law.

    Does parliament now intend to break the law?

    To revoke article 50, firstly a green paper prepared and presented in the house of commons, after amendments and being passed  then a white paper debated amended before being presented to the house of lords, debated amended and ratified and passed into law.   


    As one EU official has said, "The UK Parliament is unable [or unwilling] to deliver the will of the people".

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