Out with Emma

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  • Yesterday I took the train downtown after the job and met my daughter Emma in a cafe. We wanted to be a bit together before our trips. We leave next week, on the same day, she for Africa and I for Thailand.
    I had a capuccino and Emma took a giant sandwich and light coke and we TALKED, laughed and talked. After one hour Emma suggested we should move to another place for a drink. And so we did, we went to a belgian pub (EU influence?), she took a belgian apple cider and I took a perry cider. And we sat down and continued chatting. About just anything what two grown up women can talk.
    We have very much the same sense of humour, bit sarcastic. So we laugh at same things. And we look alike. Anyway people say that.
    Oh, it was just GREAT. And then we gave each other a great big farewell hug.

      September 22, 2004 10:08 AM BST
  • i'm so glad you had such fun laura...keep it going hun! love maria xxxxx
    "When the world gets in my face i say HAVE A NICE DAY"
      September 22, 2004 10:18 AM BST