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Recognized after a year

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  • Yesterday we had a snow storm in Helsinki. I fled into a cafe close to my bus stop and ordered a glass of wine. Then a lady passed me, looked at me and said: "Hey, we had a long conversation here, must be one year ago or so. I´ll go to the ladies room and join you after that if it´s okay".
    She was Leena, a lady in her fifties, and we continued our conversation, mainly about men. She took me for a regular woman, because she referred to my ex as "your ex-husband". And so she must have taken me already one year ago, logically.
    I was surprised that she recognized me after this time, but was glad that we met.
    When returning home the young couple living next door to me greeted me with a smile and hello...and my day was done. Small nice things make the day..

      April 22, 2005 9:15 AM BST