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just a thought

  • over here there is a second edition of the highway code for some drivers, tis written in crayon... and normally issued to (in no particular order)

    o - Sales reps with a hatred of pushbikes going faster than them in traffic.
    o - anyone with blacked out windows
    o - people in white vans (i've driven one, they do something to you)
    o - people in BMWs

    this book among other things covers the:
    o - optional nature of indicators, and how once you *do* use them the fact you can do anything you want.
    o - people in 4x4s have right of way
    o - speeding is ok as long as you 'didnt mean to'


    Not the worlds best driver either, but what sets me apart from many of the muppets on the road is i *know* i've still got things to learn.
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      June 26, 2005 6:46 PM BST
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    Did you hear on the "news" the other day that there are more vehicles in the US than there are drivers? Seems weird but that's the way it seems to be these days. Have you noticed that many drivers of pick-ups (nothing personal intended if you drive one)don't bother to follow the traffic laws? Stop signs are skipped; speeding if acceptable in residential areas and yellow caution lights mean "speed up." I can't claim to be the world's safest driver but... Maybe I've got a complex - my second vehicle(giggle) is a roadster. Everyone, even little old ladies, want to pass me by. Being it's a red roadster, I learned to avoid any infractions 'cause the police like to write tickets for little red roadsters.
    just a thought.... stay safe, it's scary out there
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      June 18, 2005 8:43 PM BST