Bus flirt

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  • On my way back home on saturday from the swimming hall I sat down in the bus terminal. A man sat down next to me and when I left he gave me a special look. I gave him back a smile and went out for my bus. Sitting already in the bus I suddenly see him sitting down opposite to me and start a conversation: "I just had to follow you because you have got so beautiful legs". I said thanks and laughed and we had actually a very nice conversation on the way home. He introduced himself, he is an engineer emloyed by the municipality, freshly divorced (of course!) and loves to write and paint...and adors architects and tall women, at least he claimed that. When I was about to leave the bus he said: "What would you say if I invited you sometimes for coffee or a drink?" I laughed: "You´ll find out when you try".
    He was nearly desperate: "But do I ever meet you again?".
    I said as farewell: "We are nearly neighbours, we meet for sure, if it is ment to be that way".
    At home I felt happy. It was so nice to swim and then I get men around me, even with a half-wet hair and without make up.

      February 6, 2006 5:43 AM GMT
  • Don´t worry Sandra

    I didn´t take him seriously. I have already learned a lot as a woman.

      February 6, 2006 7:27 AM GMT