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What are your med doses?

  • Wow! I am really grateful to you both for your kind opinion and support. I will take your advice and stop chopping and changing preps. thanx.

    So should I have been looking up for estradiol cypionate i.m.? I thought i.m. and depo were the same thing cuz of things like progynon depo and also depo provera?

    The reason I didn’t really wanna take sandrena is that I like my spray body tan too much for when I go out clubbing, so using sandrena is not possible unless i stop my spray tans...( I need my spray tan ) also I wasn’t really over keen on taking pills all the time long term that’s why I thought of taking estradiol cypionate i.m. cuz I thought it would be safer?

    If I am right to think this plz can you kindly let me know what your thoughts are on this and also were would be the best source to obtain it? maybe a good reputable on-line pharmacy? Inhouse don’t do cypionate i.m. just progynon depo.. ha ha!...they call it depo.

    so can i ask this plz...if i take zumenon 4mg in divided doses and also sandrena 2mg in divided zumenon 2mg + 1mg sandrena in the morning and again in the evening should that be ok?...or, would it be better to take it ....sandrena 2mg and zumenon 1mg in the morning and same thing evening? did that just sound really silly?...or would i be better off with i.m.?

    Yeah my figure wuz... hips 38 waist 26 bust waist went up to 28inches but it could be to do with going out clubbing, drinking, and then us all going to the 'take away' at 4am for either burgers and fries or kebabs...ha ha! now i am watching my diet and eating sensibly.

    as for my isn't just my latest's been all of them over the yrs....when i start with a new practice they haven't yet got my notes passed onto them, so when i've gone to see each of them in turn they don't know anything bout me ever. but, when i tell them i need a prescription for hormones they wonder why i need this being so young, then when i tell them they can't believe it ha ha! one doc he almost fell off his chair literally in total wuz so funny....another male doctor couldn't stand up to say goodbye ha ha!....obviously i leave that to your imagination.

    i've seen many female gp's too...most were stunned and pleasantly speachless and had big smiles on their faces really shocked when they find out and some find the whole thing fascinating, some are bitchy, but they say they say they would never have known. one female doc sent me to a gynae for evaluation but didn't disclose anything to her and i had a full physical, she checked down below, my breasts, my neck, tummy area, and wrote back to my gp and said i had developed well as a young woman and couldn't find anything to suggest otherwize, i didn't say anything to her either..but she suggested if i had hormone problems for my gp to refer me to an endo cuz she couldn't find anything wrong.

    i haven't actually seen my new gp in person yet but have only spoken to him about a dozen times on the fone, he's got all my notes and so he knows everything, he is really lovely just like all the others really but has admitted he knows little bout this kinda thing. he has said he would love to see me in person, 'oh here we go again! ha ha! well, when i get the chance i expect i'll make an appointment and go see him. they are all nhs gp's by the way and not private.

    cuz the doc's don't know enough bout this kinda thing i'm not sure if 6mg post op is too high or is ok? also, i'm not sure if i should take a progesterone for at least 10 days of the month to ballance the estrogens? and if so what type to take? depo provera is in the system all the time cuz it's intramascular so not sure if that is a bad thing? i've also heard that provera can cause hairloss?...

    i could ring off a whole load of gp's i have seen to date but not sure if that is wize to do, or i would need their permmission 1st..i don't wanna get into trouble. they are all on the south coast in the uk anyway....i've seen other doc's inland too around the gatwick area from when i wuz there for a short while.

    thanx for caring though cuz it has helped me feel a lot more at eaze.

      October 4, 2010 8:29 PM BST
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    Riley, once again I’d suggest you are wrong to associate your “symptoms” with your hormone regimen. Over the years you have tried Premarin, ethinyl estradiol, estradiol valerate, Estrofem and Zumenon (both 17-Beta estradiol), cyproterone acetate, Estrogel, Sandrena, Organon implant, progesterone cream, progynon depo… have I missed anything? You say your vital statistics are now 32/28/38 with a DD-cup, an awesome figure for even the most stunning-bodied supermodel! People can put on a little weight in their 20’s, for a woman to increase her waist by 2 inches would be entirely normal, and is certainly no reason for changing your hormone type or dose. Indeed, as I said, the switch between hormone types and doses is likely to cause minor changes like this; it’s not the new type of hormone that you have switched to, but simply the fact that you have switched that may cause problems. Your body needs time to adjust. As an extreme example - immediately after SRS many patients experience a surge in testo. The testo factory has been suddenly shut down and your body tries to compensate for this by increasing production from the adrenal glands. It’s all to do with the body’s hormonal “feedback loop” (and it’s further complicated by the usual cessation of hormones and anti-androgens some weeks before surgery). You can get the same or other unwanted effects when you switch hormones; it’s practically impossible to exactly replace a particular dosage of one type of hormone with another, so your body will go through an adjustment phase. Having apparently tried every hormone type under the sun, I’m not surprised you are not feeling settled. Two inches on your waist is nothing to worry about, and no reason to think about switching yet again. It may be water retention, it may just be your age, it is most likely the fact that the body does not stay the same forever, nor does the way you feel, the condition of your hair, the dryness of your skin…etc. It's almost certainly not due to the difference between one type of hormone and another. The same goes for facial hair. Sometimes it just happens to women. I don’t believe ongoing facial hair is entirely testosterone driven. In natal males it may only take a year or two of early testo production (which you will have had) to trigger some growth, it could be years before that shows, but the follicles will be "programmed" to start growing at some point. Taking hormones and AA’s during puberty will surely help inhibit this, but it may catch up with you later, especially if you keep changing hormones and your hypothalamus doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. So once again, Zumenon didn’t cause the growth, nor does such a small dose of cpa prevent it.
    You say you have now been on hormones for nine years, post-op for about 3. I don’t believe in pre-op vs. post-op doses; your body doesn’t magically start producing oestrogen after surgery, and the idea of testosterone opposing oestrogen is a misnomer. Oestrogen is opposed by progesterone (the reason non-hysterectomised women on HRT need to take a progestin to prevent endometriosis). The term “opposed” has been hijacked, wrongly, by the TS community leading to the myth that oestrogen is more effective post-op. It isn’t. The oestrogen receptors haven’t changed, testosterone in the body doesn’t stop the oestrogen slotting in where it’s supposed to, nor does it affect the action of oestrogen which is comfortably “slotted in”. You hear many post-ops saying their breast growth improved post-op, they probably also believed that breast growth was supposed to stop after two years (perhaps coinciding with the end of their RLE and therefore their impending surgery). Breast growth doesn’t stop at 2, 3 or 4 years… and after the cessation and resumption of hormones, and the hypothalamus going into reverse then perhaps into overdrive, many are bound to get a growth spurt.
    So you asked if a certain dose was high for a post-op. No, not as such. However, you don’t want to be on a high dose forever, and I’m surprised by your doctor’s attitude here. But I’m not questioning him. All I would say is that if I was a DD-cup I would be lowering my dose, and taking the safest form of oestrogen possible to keep me healthy and prevent osteoporosis in later life. Which is partly why I use both pills and gel. Firstly, why should one not use both? Secondly to get the same dosage with just pills would be considered a “high dose” by my former gender clinic, so my GP is happy to give me the little extra that I want as it’s in a safer form (not that 17-Beta tablets are particularly “dangerous”).
    Riley, you should be taking oestrogen for the rest of your life, which could be another 60 years or whatever. So I repeat, I think you should be looking at settling down to a steady “maintenance” dose rather than freaking out about minor changes to your body, which are inevitable for all living creatures.
    I don’t believe in putting any emphasis on measuring serum oestrogen levels. Doctors’ “target levels” are entirely arbitrary, and not based on any research for TS feminisation. The blood test itself is simply a snapshot of free oestrogen at that moment in time, and will vary hugely throughout the day. Upping dosage when your level comes out low on a test or vice versa is equally nonsensical. What matters is not what’s in your bloodstream, but how the receptors react and your general genetic predisposition, and this will vary enormously for everyone. So, “You should have a level of 600…” is really without basis, and attempting to achieve that through tests and dosage adjustment is ridiculous. But that’s how gender clinics and most GP’s in this country operate, so we have to go along with it to some extent.
    I’m surprised you dismiss your doctors as being unhelpful, especially your current GP who appears to be bending over backwards to keep you happy. No endo in the world can tell you what is the “right” dosage or type of hormone for you, it’s all about experimentation, and it seems you have done plenty of that!
    As far as I’m aware, Serenity Cream isn’t available on prescription, nor is it recommended by the NHS, so once again I’m surprised that your GP is recommending when you should use it. Do you get NHS prescriptions? Is your GP a regular NHS doctor or do you see him privately? I’m also surprised by his thoroughly intricate suggested monthly cycle; I’ve never seen anything like it from any UK doctor or endo.
    There is undoubtedly some truth in the desensitisation effect of continued hormone use, so there is an argument for cycling in some way or other, but there’s also an argument that the constant monthly cycles that women endure is what causes cell mutation and subsequent oestrogen-induced cancer. Sorry, I’m not going to come out on one side or the other here.

    I’m not anyone’s doctor, and I can’t recommend anything for anyone, I can only offer my opinion. As such I think you should be looking at other opinions and ultimately drawing your own conclusions.
    But it’s my considered opinion that if you keep switching between hormones, keep taking unnecessarily high doses, and keep taking dangerous AA’s long-term, you are going to have problems.
    Riley, I’d be really grateful if you could tell me the name of your GP, he sounds like an angel.
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      October 4, 2010 3:46 PM BST
  • Riley, there is no such thing as "depo" estrogens, that might be why you can't find any. Depo Estradiol is a U.S. manufacturers trade name for estradiol cypionate IM, where IM stands for intramuscular.
      October 3, 2010 7:38 PM BST
  • thanx.

    the uk don't do depo estrogens so looks like i will have to try find estradiol cypionate on the net other than flying accross the other side of the world.

    i'm thinking of leaving the uk soon cuz i think the knowledge and little help you get hear is so outdated. thinking of going to the US.

      October 3, 2010 1:26 PM BST
  • Riley, I would be the one here who is getting Estradiol Cypionate injections from my GP. As for where you get the stuff. Your doctor writes a prescription from it and with the prescription you obtain it from the pharmacy. I can't say I have ever seen it available via the internet without a valid prescription. Of course I am in the U.S., so I can't confirm if the method is any different where you are.
      October 3, 2010 1:15 PM BST
  • another thing Lucy,

    i saw somewhere on here you mentioned u know someone who is given estradiol cypionate depo's by their gp here?..i asked my gp and he told me the uk doesn't do this?

    i used to depo wid progynon depo before and i am really good at this..did it for a long time...but my body doesn't like EV 'estradiol valerate.'

    so i would like to find out where i can get estradiol cypionate depo's from? doc said he would be ok wid this rather than me taking lotions..cuz another thing is i did like to have a body spray tan and now that i'm on sandrena i can't have a spray tan anymore and this has really just *issed me right off!...I have been medically trained to do intramascular depo' i can even do upper outer quadrant of the buttocks to myself no sweat lol.

    if u cud advize me where i can get the depo's i can let my doc know.


    goin clubbin shortly in brighton again..brought a gorgeous mini dress today wid some new diamond blings and assessories..can't wait for my mates to turn up...wanna show off ha ha!

      October 2, 2010 10:08 PM BST
  • Hiya Marsha and Lucy,

    thanx for your response.

    my doc told me cuz zumenon are pills most of it gets destroyed in the gut and this can lead to lower levels of he told me sandrena absorbs straight into the blood stream and avoids this giving higher levels.

    can i ask you Lucy why u tke estrogel and also pills?...why not just pills?

    the last endo i saw told me he wanted to see an estrogen level of around 600 pmol/L.....but when i looked at medical sites they give what is know as 'pharmacokinetics' Cave Cmin Cmax and i wz told ther Cave should be taken ito consideration as it is the average spread dose......if that is the case the Cave of 1mg of sandrena is 124 pmol/ if i times that by 4mg that equals 496 pmol/ i don't understand how this i gonna get as high as 600 pmol/L?

    Pills like estrofem and zumenon have a Cave per mg of around 102 pmol/L so for me to get about 600 pmol/L i wud hve to tke 6 pills a day? this a lot for someone post op?...cuz to me it seems lke a pre op dose?,,,but the endo said 600 pmol/L is where it should be?

    bout the hairs above my top lip...i never had facial hair cuz i started out so i don't understand why it is happening now?

    since i came off the zumenon and take a real low dose of cpa i am no-longer gettin any hairs above my top lip.....doc says girls who have slightly more facial hair is either not the case wid me!....or, their testost levels are slightly higher...also is not the case wid why did zumenon do this to me?

    I'm wondering if sandrena and estrogel is so good..why aren't all the younger girls like me taking this?...yet they choose to tke pills?

    I have tanner V rib/ my ribcage is very small and my breasts have developed well cuz i am a waist has always been around 26inch and my hips around 38inch. my weight is around 9st. But my weight is still 9st and my hips are still 38inch and my bust is still the same but my waist has gone up to 28inch since i took zumenon and i am still eating healthy foods as before and no more than normal so my figure is npt lookin as curvy as before. my doc has given me a precription for sandrena 4mg a day..but again he admitts he doesn't know enough bout my situation? do i tke this in divided doses or all in one go?...doc said up to me.

    considering i've never had facial hair ever in my life..the hairs growing above my top lip weren't just downy dark hairs, but were developing into really thick course hairs since taking zumenon and someone told me the sweating and fast hair growth under the arms, on my legs and pubic area spreading onto my legs is testosterone driven?,,....I just don't get it ever?

    can alcohol and smoking stop estrogen absorbtion..i know i shouldn't ok cuz i know bout the risks...but just need to know if it can affect absorbtion....cuz i do love my wk. ends clubbing wid my mates.

    Ummm! many questions going round in my head...really am sorri bout that.

    hey...just one last doc now wants me to cycle my hormones as follows:

    days 1 to 3 take nothing

    day 4 sandrena 1mg

    day 5 sandrena 2mg

    days 6 to 13 sandrena 3mg

    day 14 sandrena 4mg plus serenity progesterone cream

    days 15 to 24 sandrena 4mg + zumenon 2mg + serenity

    day 25 sandrena 4mg + serenity 'stop zumenon '

    day 26 sandrena 3mg 'stop serenity'

    day 27 sandrena 2mg

    day 28 sandrena 1mg

    repeat each mth.

    his reasoning is to follow the female cycle to give the estrogen receptors a break otherwize the body become immune over a period of time and the estrogen receptors could become over saturated causing possible (tachyfilaxis)..this causes the estrogen receptors to shut down.

    he said he would put money on it that by doing this...when the levels start to rise again after giving the receptors a break i should feel better and my breasts will feel heavier which will prove the receptors will be craving the estrogen?

    if this is so....maybe depo'sv are a good thing cuz they give a large boost and then tailor off...Ummm?...don't know what to think or to believe anymore?

    the estogen implant i mentioned before wz from 'organon' estradiol only. but when i contacted organon to find out which estrogen it contained they didn'y know?..Huh? they investigaged and called me bck...they said it was i asked which estradiol EV estradiol Valerate...or 17beta?...again they didn't know but called me back again ha ha!..they said it was 17beta estradiol valerate?..Bleh!....even the doc's and endo's don't know which one it what are we supposed to believe?

      October 2, 2010 9:51 PM BST
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    Hello Riley. Throughout your post I was thinking exactly what Marsha said, “Welcome to growing up”. In your 20’s, male or female, sexual characteristics continue to develop; they don’t suddenly stop when you reach 18. So if you are noticing an increase in underarm hair, sweating more, pubic hair spreading, even facial hair appearing, that’s all normal. I have a natal female friend who has battled with facial hair, especially above the lip, since her early 20’s. It’s not nice for a woman, but it’s probably not going to be affected by any type of hormones or any dose you try. So the associations you are making, such as, “…on 4mg zumenon i started getting dark hairs growing above my top lip…” are entirely inappropriate; the 4mg of Zumenon was not the cause of your hair growing. I also don’t believe Sandrena and cyproterone acetate were the remedy, I think it’s mere coincidence. Hormones don’t cure these sort of conditions, you shouldn’t be looking to change your regimen every time you notice some change in your appearance like this.
    There is no reason for you to be taking cyproterone acetate. It’s a testosterone blocker, and being post-op you don’t produce anywhere near enough testo to warrant taking it. I’ve heard it can help with acne, but it’s not the safest drug to be taking long-term, and I’d look to other solutions if your skin is a problem.
    “…they told me these levels are good and these symptoms should not be happening…”
    I think what they mean is your symptoms are not caused by your hormone levels, everything is in balance and your hormone dosage is not the problem.
    Fat around the waist – I’d prescribe diet and appropriate exercise, skin problems – diet and the myriad of products available on the chemist’s shelves. When I say diet I don’t mean eating less, I mean examining what you eat and adjusting your diet accordingly. I find some things really bad for my skin, and some food combinations make my tummy really bloated, especially meat and potatoes in the same meal. I lost ¾ stone in 3 weeks just by not eating the two together. My tummy had not been so flat since I was in my 20’s. I’m not religious about it now, but try to avoid this bloaty combination. This by the way is one of the basic principles of The Hay Diet - avoiding carb’s and proteins in the same meal, but I find starchy carb’s are the worse culprit when combined with meat.
    You mentioned a “hormone implant”. Just out of curiosity could you be more specific? What type of oestrogen is it?
    Yes there is a slight difference between Sandrena and Oestrogel, the reason I take Oestrogel is just because that’s what I get on prescription. I don’t think one is “better” per se, just that 1mg of Oestrogel is not necessarily equal to 1mg Sandrena.
    My hormone dosage is still the same as it was when I made the post here in April 2006. My breasts are now B-cup and with any luck in another 4 years they might be C-cup! Effects, for me at least, are slow and accumulative.
    I think you should be looking at settling down to a steady regimen. Trying everything on the shelf and spinning your dose up and down like a yo-yo can cause these and other problems, so when you change you need to give it time, like years not months. Your body needs to settle down, so what you put into it needs to be settled too.
    Oh to be 22 again… I’m 47, all these things you have described, they are part of life for a normal human being. I don’t want to be the harbinger of doom but body hair, odour, skin quality etc doesn’t get any better as you age. Enjoy your youth, look after your body, but stop looking at hormones as the cause of all your problems.
    Post-ops need to take a steady, sensible dose of the safest possible form of oestrogen for the rest of their lives in order to stay healthy. That’s how you should be approaching your hormone intake, not seeing it as cause/effect or remedy.
    <p><span style="font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino; font-size: medium; color: #000080;">"Stop aspiring to be other people and start being you."</span></p> <p>Gok Wan</p>
      October 2, 2010 1:27 PM BST
  • Riley, welcome to growing up. Let's start with the hair on the upper lip. If male puberty started at all in your younger years it could have signaled the start of facial hair and hormones do not stop facial hair development. That is why you hear everyone talking about either laser of electrolysis facial hair removal. There are also gals out there, typically dark haired that genetically as sad as it sounds, develop facial hair. Again nothing to do with hormone levels. When I was a teen, well before hormones, I rarely had to shave and it wasn't until I was closer to 20 that I was able to grow a mustache.

    Next is the fat around the waist. It happens, again genetics play a factor. Your body is maturing and has typically stopped it skeletal development around your age range. Physical exercise to give your midsection a workout may help. There are plenty of women with "apple" and "pear" shape bodies.

    And as for pubic and underarm hair. Again welcome to growing up. Here is a chart with female development.

      October 1, 2010 10:54 PM BST
  • Hiya Lucy,

    I joined here cuz i waz searchin the net to find out the difference between estrogel and sandrena and came across this site.

    I read what u said bout the difference wid estrogel and sandrena and u said sandrena seems to be the better of the 2....yet i notice here u say u take estrogel? So confusing me now? but havin said that i lke wht u write cuz u make a lot of sense.

    i started out real youg just 13 and had grs at 19 and looked natural as a girl...but the last 2 yrs i've been havin problems...been to see so many doc's who referred me to so many endo's and none of them seem to get to the bottom of it ever?...or maybe i get the impression they just can't be bothered so it seems to me.

    i've been precribed every prep goin.

    when i started out i wz put on low doses and then slowly built it up to prem 7.5mg plus cpa 100mg......then after a few yrs i wz put on ee daine 35 x 2 a day........after my grs i wz put on the same thing....but after a while the doc put me on ev estradiol valerate 4mg and i felt estrogen they gave me the hormone implant 100mg which wz to last 6mths...but i mth into this my hair went reallt greasy and i felt again estrogen they gave me another 100mg implant jst a month after the 1st one.

    6 mths later although i looked really natural and good...i felt lousy! over the last 2 yrs they put me on estrogel x6 pumps in divided doses 3 mornings and again hair went really dry and brittle and stated falling the doc put m on zumenon 6mg but the same then i wz put on estrofem they tried to reduce the dosage but i felt estrogen low.

    i don't know what is going on wid these doc's and i have since lost all faith with all of them recent doc admitted gp's in the uk don't know enough bout my condition and therefore don't know how to treat me?...he even suggested i go google and try find someone he can refer me to.? bleh!....i'm done wid them now!

    im not looking as pretty as i wz before and also fat is startin to go on around my waist and not around my hips and thighs as it did before...yet i'm only 22 now and this doesn't make any sense to me and i am starting to feel really scared and depressed about it all cuz i don't know who to turn to for help anymore.

    the other month i waz put back on zumenon 4mg only crazy things started happening.......for th 1st tme ever in my life i started to sweat so much under my arms and got body odour there and also the hairs under my armpits were growing so fast i had to shave daily......also the hairs around my pubic area started growing so fast an strong and were spreading out onto my inner top part of my thighs and this really scared me....also.....i never need facial hair removal ever cuz i waz so young when i wz on hormones...yet on 4mg zumenon i started getting dark hairs growing above my top lip and they were getting stronger each day and i had to shave them everyday.........

    i told my doc this but he showed no concern at all even though he could see i wz really seems th doc's here are all as bad as one another cuz they don't do anything for me.

    i'm now on sandrena 4mg in split doses and now having to take a small dose of cpa 'cyproteroneacetate' a 50mg pill cut into 16ths and this has stopped the hairs totally growing above my top lip.....but i can't understand why i should have to take cpa cuz they did a bllod test and my testosterone and free testosterone was at the lowest end of the female estrogen level was 770 pmol/L which is 209 pg/ LH 2...FSH 3....prolactin 111..........and they told me these levels are good and these symptoms should not be happening.....and they just leave it at that?

    so now i feel real down in the dumps cuz my skin is not as good and my body fat is starting to go not too good as before?

    all my mates who are natal girls and don't know bout how i wz born ever can all see i am not th same anymore cuz i feel constanly down cuz i am so worried cuz i have no-one to turn to for help wid this.

    i wud even be willing to go to the US if it mesnt me gettin 'Proper' help but it might men i wud hve to sty there a while for repeat tests and i dunno if i can afford this.

    i did go see an endo at st. georges hosp in london to see an endo dr, leighton seale....but he just suggested giving me another hormone implant? i asked him if he wz gonna check this out and do tests to find out what it happening wid me and he never bothered to get back to me! gp wrote to him and still leightn seale didn't my mom and dad put in a complaint to the hospital bout him.

    so now i am stuck and got no help to resolve this.

    why am i gettn all these sypmtoms?

    plz can u advize what could be wrong if u ever heard of this before with a young post girl?



      October 1, 2010 10:09 PM BST
  • 134
    Hi steffy, I think the reason a lot of people take spiro is
    1) its been proven to be relativly safe even in large doses and
    2) a lot of the girls posting here are in the states & cyproterone acetate isnt aproved there so they havent got the choice of that more powerful anti androgen.
    Angel xx
      October 9, 2006 11:34 PM BST
  • Hormones are less dangerous than usually thought. But nevertheless, don´t take them without medical supervision.
    I have had hormones four years long and my dose has been after my srs daily 6 mg estradiol and 10mg progesterone.
    I´ll keep progesterone still for some time and then continue with estradiol only and the final dose will be probably 4mg a day. Lower than that I will not go.

      October 4, 2006 5:41 AM BST
  • 134
    yeh, everyone is different but Id say those doses were way too low! Im currently on 200mg spiro & 2 pumps of estrogel a day but i think i will go back to my original regime of ethinyl estradiol & cyproterone acetate again as I got much better results with that. They are meant to be more dangerous tho that was why I changed.
    With those meds I took them as Diane35 @6 per day & got 38B tits less than a year. they have shrunk a bit since i started the new meds
    Take care!
    Angel xx
      September 29, 2006 11:11 PM BST
  • Thank you for the input all. I do have a doctor that writes my scripts, but I do not want to seem, or BE impatient. He has had other patients that get really impatient, and he has no tolerance for that. (Intersesting sentence, wouldn't you agree?)

    I have a doc because I figured naturally he would know best. I am just trying to obtain as much information as I can, so that I can be "In the know" as well.

    Thanx again!
      April 20, 2006 11:53 PM BST
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    Hi Jamie.
    Those doses are about as low as you can get, though it’s always best to start low and “ramp up” to a higher dose. I got up to 6mg Estrofem (same as Estrace) and also took 100mg spiro for a year, even 200mg for a while. I’m now on 4mg Estrofem and 3mg Oestrogel (estradiol in gel form) and have stopped the spiro altogether, without noticing any detrimental effects or return of virility, as I believe my estrogen intake is high enough to sufficiently suppress testosterone production. I also take 100mg micronised progesterone for 10 days per month.
    I started the estradiol 18 months ago, effects are noticeable but not dramatic, probably how they ought to be given my age, though if course I’d like to see more breast development, wouldn’t we all…
    If you want full breast development then perhaps you need to start thinking about increasing your estrogen dosage. Precautionary blood tests would of course be a good idea.
    <p><span style="font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino; font-size: medium; color: #000080;">"Stop aspiring to be other people and start being you."</span></p> <p>Gok Wan</p>
      April 20, 2006 1:41 PM BST
  • Jamie,

    Is always best to do this with a doctor as Gloria siad. Everyone's body is differnt and reacts differnt. With tests the doc will do the doc can perscribe what it is YOU need... and is safe for you! You're health is nothing to play with. Be safe

    ~Valerie x x
      April 20, 2006 3:09 AM BST
  • Hello all, I am wondering what the average HRT doses are. I am on estrace 1mg daily, and Spiro 25mg daily. I have seen a little development, but nothing significant. I have been on HRT for 1 year 8 months. The doses I have seen are much higher then mine. And if the majority of development occurs in the first 2 years, I am going to be very disappointed. I have had some fat redistribution, but I have not seen any changes in months, and my nipples have not changed at all.

    I was hoping it would go better, but thats life for ya! I suppose it is still too early to say though. I was assuming that it would be a 5 to 8 year process.

    Thanks in advance,
      April 20, 2006 1:07 AM BST