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  • Girls, I just have to share a story that made my day.

    For the last 2-3 years or so I've been wearing women's panties, almost always a thong. I started with women's panties. I've worn a bra as well, off and on over that time period, but recently I wear a bra more and more when I go out and about. I've been wearing women's slacks, tops and shoes in public for years too. Lately, I mean all the time! I don't often do skirts and dresses and never in public. I'm now at the point where I have more women's things than men's. But most of what I own and wear could pass for men's clothes unless you know what you're looking at. I do my nails and often wear makeup on my lips, eyes, and face. I love going out to the grocery store in full makeup, polished nails, and dressed in nothing but girl clothes. I often shop that way in women's stores and other places. Lately, I've been dressing in attitude too. By that I mean that I just think up an aura around me that says, "I AM GIRL" and I feel so feminine, glowing feminine from the inside out.

    It was on just such a time, just the other day, that I went to the grocery store to stock up for the weekend. I was wearing a nice red lace bra, a red satin thong, a lavender colored drop stitch top, tight black pontie pants, knee high black nylons and some sling back black sandles. And attitude, lots of "I'm a girl" attitude. I walked through the store with my head (and chest) held high and met every eye and felt wonderful the entire time. I knew I was being looked at and felt good about it.

    When I finished up my shopping I got into line for the checkout. Things proceeded normally, until I was all checked out and paid my bill. The person packing my goods into plastic bags had just finished the last bag when it happened. As she placed the last bag in the cart, one bag shifted and the packer tried to stop it from falling. In doing so, she lost track of another bag and that one fell to the floor. When it fell to the ground there was a crash of broken glass. Broken glass and spilled olives had made a mess on the floor. The cashier asked the bagger, "What broke?" and then it happened. Just like that, the bagger said, "Her olives, the jar fell and broke." Let me say that again, the bagger said, "HER olives..." She said, "HER olives..." I could only smile and say that it was alright. I had, at least for that very second, passed in public as a women. I was so proud. I think my breasts grew a least one cup size as I waited for the bagger as she went off and fetched another jar of olives, nothing but smile on my face. It was my first time passing, an acknowledged passing, and I was walking on air.

    Now girls, here's the thing. If you were to look at me you would swear I'd never pass. In all the last three years I've worn a beard. Yes, makeup and all, dressed in girl clothes, never shaved it off. It was my belief in myself that made the difference. It was my attitude that day that made it work. It was my mind set that made me a woman, not the clothes, not the walk, not the voice, it was the mind set. So if any of you out there are anxious about going out in public remember that your attitude is all that counts. Dress for it as best you can but revel in being in the clothes you were born to wear. Be the women inside of you. It worked for me, and I've been high on that one time for days now. And I've been filled with the attitude every day since then and feel wonderful.

    Hugs to you all from Chrissy!
    Chrissy Surewater
      July 4, 2006 6:34 PM BST
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    Hi Chrissy

    How you been doing. Your shopping trip sounds good.
    Hope you have many more.
    <p>Karen Brad</p>
      July 4, 2006 7:22 PM BST