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  • Simiana is Simian with an A on the end. I'm obsessed with monkeys and apes, so when I was thinking about names, I went through various related ideas. Nothing seemed quite right until I thought I'd try Simiana. As it turns out, it is a real name, usually a surname with origins in Italy but it has also been used as a first name, mostly in South American countries. I still haven't fully committed to it as a name, but I do like it. I had considered finding a name that reflected my ethnic heritage (German, Lithuanian, Irish and Scottish), but I never quite found a name that suited me. I will probably keep my real surname (which isn't "Transgender", I only put that because I'm not out of the closet to everyone yet and was worried that someone might "find" me lol).

      February 2, 2015 4:05 PM GMT
  • Devi Anne Strigoica
    The word "devi", long long before Hindus worshipped a diety named Devi was an ancient Sanskrit word that literally meant "female diety". Later through the spred of the Catholic Church and the evolution of the English language, devi the word was transformed into words like deviant, deviate, and devil. Plus, my male name was David, so pretty close still.
    Anne, I'm a big Anne Rice fan, plus my male middle name was Aaron.
    Strigoica. Strigoi is an ancient Romanian word that is roughly translated to what we would know today as vampires (could also mean ghoul, ghost, monster or other undead thing). Adding CA to the end is the feminine way to say it in Romanian.
    Devi - Anne - S.
    This path is all about deviance. My full female name is short for deviance, it's my private little inside joke to the world.
    Also, I was inspired to use the name Devi because I'm a big fan of Jhonen Vasquez and one of the characters in his comics is named Devi (if you know of anything by Jhonen Vasquez or anything by SLG, I swear, the purple hair and pigtails are a total coincidence lol )

    Ps, "Devi Disaster" is sort of a stage name I guess you would say. It's a tattoo and hot rod and biker culture thing inspired by people like Dani Divine, Megan Massacre, Kitty Katastrophe, Candi Chaos and a few others I can't remember right now.


      July 2, 2015 2:25 AM BST
  • My dear ol' mom was convinced she was having a daughter--and she did, just not the way she expected!--and named me Katie when I was in the womb and decorated my nursery in pink. It's weird. She got pregnant later in life (unfortunately lost the baby) and knew instantly she was pregnant. She has a spooky sixth sense about this. 


    Anyhoo, despite the fact the she "knew" she was having a daughter whom she named Katie (because she liked the name) with the middle name Anne (after my aunt), out I popped with little boy tackle. 


    I know for a lot of us, choosing our name is very important. Most of us don't like our given names. It's like buying a car or a new outfit--you want to pick something to reflect who we are. But for me, I opted to go with Katie Anne--even though I don't like the name Katie--because it was chosen for me. I know it sounds hokey, but that means something to me. The feelings my mother had of me in utero were eventually realized, so it felt to me that Katie should, and had always been, my name.

      June 6, 2016 11:19 PM BST
  • At first the name I chose was Jennifer Allison. I always loved both names. But later I found out that if I had been born female, I would have been named Rachael Ann. To me Rachael is a beautiful name, and I like Ann alot. But I didn't want Ann to be a middle name so I combined them to a first name. RachaelAnn. As for a middle name I haven't chosen one. I thought about going Jennifer RachaelAnn. Which is still up in the air. I guess if I go to legally change my name I'll go for the whole thing. As it sits right now, I just go by my male name.



      December 4, 2016 9:15 PM GMT