Billy Elliott

  • If you have not yet seen this movie, do, because it is one of the best movies I have ever seen - fabulous acting and a very moving story line.

    Basic plot is a about a your boy in the midst of the Miners strike, who finds himself more drawn to learn ballet dancing than the boxing classes he is attending Boxing. His tallent is recognised by the local ballet teacher played brilliantly by Julie Walters, who secretly coaches him.

    The transgendered element in the film is quite small.  Billy has a young friend Michael (I think), who is clearly on the road to transsexualism and becomes progressively more feminine and pretty throughout the film.

    The film deals with the kind of prejudices we all have to face as transgendered (or gay or just plain different)and setting these very feminine qualities in boys against the back drop of rough masculine violence of the miners strike creates great tension as these macho men have to deal with the issues.

    I was a bit miffed by the the final scene though where Billy is now about to perform as an older male ballet dancer.   His transgendered friend is in the audience and looked like a first time crossdresser with no idea of how to use make up. Bearing in mind he was wearing make up as a young boy, by this age in reality he would probably be almost impossible to read.  We still have a long way to go in getting our image presented properly.  
    Luv and Huggs Rikki xxx Proud to be Transgender
      November 14, 2001 10:02 PM GMT