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I'm not a violent person but

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    I'm not a violent person but I was horrified to hear about that man's death in Brooklyn, NY. He was walking home with his brother; they were are in arm in arm having come from a bar. Some idiots jumped out of an SUV and the man was hit with a bottle and then beat him unconscious with a baseball bat. He died after going into a coma. The idiots were heard yelling anti gay slurs at the man. The man was from Equador, which shouldn't make any difference. He was walking on a public sidewalk with his brother.The idiots from the SUV are still at large (as of this writing). The police have an "all points bulletin" for homicide on the culprits.
    I hope they're caught and tried. Unfortunately, if they are caught and go to prison they won't live there very long. The Hispanic gangs in prison read the newspapers and listen to TV.
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      December 15, 2008 8:45 PM GMT