March on

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    Well - here it is March aleady. To bring everyone up to date:
    March is the third month of the year. In ancient times it was the end of the year - eh!
    The 8th starts daylight saving time - rats, lose another hour of sleep.
    The 15th starts National Poison Prevention Week - (lets hope that applies to forums and chat rooms)
    The 17th is Saint Patrick's Day - I wonder if there is a connection? Watch out for bad booze.
    The 20th starts spring - lets hope the weather changes.
    The full moon is on the 11th and the new moon is on the 24th. Take your pick as to which moon make you the loopiest.
    That's about all the news I have - now back to my spot and watch the world go by.
    hugs to all
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      March 3, 2009 9:37 PM GMT