Hiya peeps

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    October 19, 2009 12:30 PM BST
    Just wanna say a big HIYA

    here goes...
    I`ve been dressing roughly for the age of 12 or 13.
    i got a virus earlier this year that has messed up my testosterone..Yippy
    why Yippy you might ask..well I`ve now started to develop breasts, and im not even taking hormones..how cool is that?
    Im not into looking like a drag queen (don't get me wrong iv a few D.Q mates)
    Im not camp in fact i still have major problems getting into certain gay venues in Liverpool, maybe if i swing a handbag at the door staff or something i might get in...

    errrmm thats all i can thing of at the mo..really in really rubbish at this telling stuff about myself thing, but there you have it. iv had a wee go at it.

    bless ye
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    October 19, 2009 11:06 PM BST
    Welcome Jilly.

    From someone not too far away from you, just down the East Lancs in fact.

    Take no stick off that Suffork Lass, Anna ( only messing Anna !!! )

    You will enjoy it here, you are among friends

    Paula x
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    October 20, 2009 3:00 PM BST
    what perfect timing
    i have just been flicking through the forum and noticed that a few posts mention fenugreek pills
    they sound cool, and holland & barret have a promotion on at the moment so im off downtown tomorrow to grab me a few bottles.

    Im hopping they will grow to a raither nice B-Cup altho i`ve not really ever taken much notice of breasts im not really sure that a b-cup is.

    hay-ho lets see how thing go...MMM a wee bit of a rhyme their
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    October 20, 2009 4:06 PM BST
    thanks for the advice

    i just want to ive them a boost and more shape
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    October 20, 2009 5:05 PM BST
    i sent you a PM explaining things . did you not get it
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    October 19, 2009 10:40 PM BST

    Hi Jilly & welcome to our wee corner of the web. you're certainly in the right place for makin friends....even if you are from Liverpool lol ( just kidding hon). Kick off your heels & make yourself at home.

    Lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    October 19, 2009 11:05 PM BST
    Sorry to be putting the police state into place here, but you must be aware that all new girls must have the morning coffee made.

    Welcome! And NO decaf!

    Mere and Josie
  • October 20, 2009 12:01 AM BST
    does this virus have a name,just think you could bottle it, sell it and make a fortune, save on all the AA's and mones and such quick results in forming noticable breast tissue.

  • October 20, 2009 3:29 PM BST

    don't waste your money, just be thankful for the virus that seems to be doing wonders for you

  • October 20, 2009 4:15 PM BST

    Sorry I was being facesious, most girls in here spend years on anti androgens and mones, and still have very little breast development, but most interested in this virus, thingy, is it a new virus, does it have any other side effects, realy harmful ones, I'm sure it would be of great interest to girls struggling to go up a breast size. perhaps it has less risk than taking mones and androgen blockers, I'm sure any endo worth his salt would be realy interested in it. Even a large pharmecutical company.

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    May 13, 2011 7:59 PM BST



    10th May 2011 got my letter today telling me my first meeting with the Psycho-sexual therapist is on 31st May 2011