Just one more step out into the world

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    August 21, 2010 10:24 AM BST
    Well the electronic world anyways.... small battles, small victories, small steps add up.

    I'm 23 years old, and I'm just now at a place where I can start exploring and expanding on a part of me that's been put in a box and shoved in the basement for a good 10 years and I've only just been able to open it again in these past six months. And it's been an explosion these past six months but hopefully things, and myself, are starting to settle so that thinking straight is an actual viable action. What a crazy thought. And maybe I'll be able to get my head pointed in the right direction (and for your convenience there's two nice handles on the sides of my head that are great for pointing my head where it needs to go).

    I have a story, as we all do I'm sure, and if you really want to hear it, you're welcome to ask, but the parts I'll tell you before I know you will probably be a lot like everyone else's, and the parts that I won't tell you..... well, that'll probably require a lot of trust.

    Honestly, one way or another, I'm glad I found this site, if nothing else to know that I'm not alone. We're not alone.

  • August 21, 2010 11:05 AM BST
    You are most definitely not alone girl.
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    August 23, 2010 1:10 AM BST
    Hi Angela

    Glad you joined the family, lots of good experience and advice - guess that's what sisters are for.

    Hugs Jeri
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    August 24, 2010 6:36 PM BST
    Thanks everyone for your welcome ^^

    Maybe I will start a blog Sue, might be a nice way to start getting little things off my chest.... I actually have an idea about how to make a little interesting blog, I'll see if I can get around to that tonight.

    I think it's great to be here and I'm glad to have found everyone. ^^

    Lots of hugs!
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    August 21, 2010 7:55 PM BST

    Just a thought - what about starting a blog here? A bit of your history, what you're up to now (not literally LOL), add things as you go...
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    August 22, 2010 1:58 AM BST
    Hi Angela-

    Huge hug, girl. You are so very welcome here, it's just the place to be for girls like us. Perhaps your story is somewhat the same as other's, but, as they say, the tune may be the same, but the lyrics are your own. If I may say so, I congratulate you on coming to terms with yourself and moving along in your journey at such a relatively young age, good for you. Perhaps if there had been resources like TGS around when I was as young as you things would have worked out differently for me, not that I'm complaining, it is what it is.

    Please, Angela, if you need someone to confide in, whether it's personal or not, you can always contact me or any of the other mods, and of course, everyone here knows what it's like to be a girl...or a guy...in the wrong body. Once again, you are so welcome, please feel at home.

    Hugs...Joni Mari