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To Hormone or not to Hormone?

  • Hi Girls

    I've been taking a lot of natural hormone products now for about 12 months they have made quite a difference.  I got all my information from a web page that provides a lot of help this is a report based on someone experiences following information she found in a newsgroup and it is very detailed.

    I take Black Cohosh Tincture, Wild Yam Capsules, (and the cream when I remember), Agnus Castus, Saw Palmetto, vitamin e - there were some recommended products not available in the UK and I bought all from Holland and Barrett.  

    The effect - I was losing weight at the same time but gained weight in the breast area and on my hips - as a result I can now fill an A cup comfortably  and my skin feel softer.  I also feel better myself - though that could be a Placebo effect.  The change was sufficiently different that after six months my ex girlfriend saw me with my shirt off and commented and I do not feel comfortable going swimming as a guy anymore  :-[

    But I would say this - it is Male breast - not female breast - ie natural hormones redistribute fat but do not create breast tissue - and my nipples did not change at all. Great cleavage though and if I wear clothes to show it off I definitely do not get read anything like as much.  in fact I have even had someone turn round when I spoke and say - "Bloody hell love, you sounded just like a bloke."  :o

    Some side effects – My nails are much more brittle and I have real trouble getting them to grow unless I wear clear polish or hardener all the time – I am also taking a vitamin supplement for Hair and nails, Vitamin B complex and Evening Primrose.

    There was no loss of libido in fact it seemed to have increased.  I also take zinc because men lose a lot of zinc when they ejaculate.  Yeh I rattle as well  :)

    What this did for me was to confirm that I wanted to go further and I have since bought the real thing on the web from New Zealand – Estradiol Patches and Spironlactone pills (Anti Androgen) – Unfortunately the source has closed down and I am now about to seek medical help and get them legally.  

    After about five months – I am noticing a significant difference, though I am still taking the natural hormones as well. Now breast tissue is developing, my nipples are very sensitive and the is a noticeable decrease in libido, but I’m not worried about that – though I am not going for SRS.

    Hope this helps
    Luv and Huggs Rikki xxx Proud to be Transgender
      November 13, 2001 6:42 PM GMT
  • Hi Irene,
     I want to start on hormones. Is black cohosh a fem hormone and if it is where can you buy it?  What is the cost and how much do you take? Can you buy it over the counter are do you have to go through a Dr.? I just want to inprove my breast and nipples. Thanks.
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Susan    (USA)
      November 12, 2001 11:17 PM GMT
  • Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the reply, yes I do feel a certain euphoria. Some people at work have been commenting how calm I seem, in fact I'll give the herbals a few more weeks and then go visit my doc to see about prescription hormones.
    I wonder if patches or pills are best, I think patches as the cause less strain on the liver.


      November 3, 2001 9:36 PM GMT
  • Two years ago,I realised the only option for me was to go 'all the way'.I fought my way through the 'system',and have now been on hormones for over eighteen months.If it is the right thing for you,you will know it.The effects are as much mental as physical.There is a serenity that comes from within,a wonderful sense of wellbeing.It is hard to describe,and I know others who have tried to explain it to me.
    If,on the other hand,you are not a true TS,apparently you soon find out,as your body will not like it.I have met two people who have been there,and stopped taking them after about two months.
    As for life 'without'? That is my goal.I transitioned at work,and am just waiting...
    Good luck to you,and anyone else thinking of taking the same path.
    Love, Sue.XX
    Sue. X Psychiatrists are like the eunuch in the harem. They know what transvestism is, they can describe it, they can demonstrate it, but they cant actually explain it!
      October 31, 2001 1:06 AM GMT
  • Hi Girls,

    I've recently started taking Black Cohosh, only on week 2, and was wondering if there was somebody else in a similar position.
    I haven't gone the synthetic route as yet, not sure if I want to go the whole way. The dosage I was using lowered my sex drive to the extent that I don't even notice I have a penis! Life without it wouldn't be so bad, I think?



      October 30, 2001 10:42 PM GMT